Making a sustainable house model


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Presentation explaining how to make a basic 3D model of a house to add sustainable designs for a house that can cope with a cold climate

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Making a sustainable house model

  1. 1. Making a sustainable house Coping with a colder climate Year 7 Hums+ Dangerous World Abbeyfield School – Humanities
  2. 2. Features of a sustainable home for a cold climate • Thick insulation • Solar panels for electricity and heating • Rain water capture for flushing toilets • Large windows for natural light • Wind turbine as renewable energy source
  3. 3. The walls, roof and floors • Mark out 8 squares – all the same size • 18cm x 18cm works well • Carefully cut them out 18cm 18cm
  4. 4. Supporting the first floor • Mark and cut out two strips of card (15cm long and 5cm wide) • Fold them in half lengthways • Place them on two of the pieces of card you cut out for the walls (make sure they are half way up the wall – 9cm) 5cm 15cm 9cm
  5. 5. Supporting the first floor • Using masking tape, stick them down
  6. 6. Attaching the walls • Stick one piece of blank card to one of the walls you added the support to • Repeat this on the other side to make the back and side walls
  7. 7. Attaching the floors • Turn your box over and attach another piece of card to make the floor • Turn your box back over • Slide in another piece of card onto your supports to make the first floor
  8. 8. Ceiling and roof • Now add the first floor ceiling by sticking another piece of card to the top of the box • Take your last two piece of card and stick them together using the masking tape
  9. 9. Your completed basic house • Stick on the roof using two piece of masking tape • Congratulations! You now have your basic house
  10. 10. Showing your sustainable house ideas • Glue your house onto the middle of a piece of card • Now add your ideas to the model to make it into a house that can cope with a cold climate How could you show insulation, solar panels, wind turbine etc? Have a go at making additions for your house • Describe and explain your ideas on the card you have stuck the house on Your house Card base