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Summerschool unified communications

  1. 1. Microsoft® Lync™ Charles WhittonBusiness Development Manager Worldwide Sales (
  2. 2. What our Customers want …
  3. 3. History of Microsoft Unified Communications “This new release puts Microsoft on a rapid path to deliver voice software that does much more than a network PBX and with much less cost.”
  4. 4. OCS, OCSR2 and Lync since 2005 “14” Delivers (2H 2010): • Integrated conferencing experience • Enhanced 9-1-1 for NA • Survivable Branch Appliances • Call Admission Control • More options for devices (incl lower cost) • Call Park, Malicious Call Trace, etc • Additional data center survivability options Telephony Unified and Conferencing: Voicemail Audio, Video, WebOCS 2007 OCS 2007 R2 Instant• “Anywhere Access” Messaging • Desktop sharing• IM & Rich Presence • Dial-in audio conferencing• Desktop integration • Higher resolution video• Voice features for mobile workers • Single Number reach• Unified messaging with Exchange 2007 • Attendant Console• Audio and video conferencing • Response Groups• Web conferencing (LiveMeeting client) • SIP Trunking
  5. 5. Microsoft Unified Communication
  6. 6. Dutch UC market
  7. 7. Common Communication SilosThe Microsoft Communications Offering Instant Video Web E-mail and AudioMessaging (IM) Voice Mail Conferencing Telephony Conferencing Calendaring Conferencing Instant Telephony and Messaging Unified Voice Mail E-mail and Conferencing: Calendaring Audio, Video, Web Authentication Authentication Authentication Authentication Administration Administration Administration Administration Storage Storage Storage Storage Authentication Authentication Authentication Authentication Administration Administration Administration Administration Storage Storage Storage Storage Compliance On-Premises In the Cloud
  8. 8. Microsoft Business Productivity Infrastructure Best Productivity Experience The Cloud On Your Terms Across PC, Phone, and Browser Online On-premises Enterprise Unified Business Enterprise Content Collaboration Communications Intelligence Search Management Unified Business Platform
  9. 9. What is Lync 2010?
  10. 10. New Connected Experience Single client experience for IM, Voice, Video, Data Sharing Incoming call Conversation WindowCommunicator IM & Video Meeting/Application Sharing/Whiteboarding Microsoft Confidential
  11. 11. Demo
  12. 12. Communication InnovationÒther native functionality: • Conference recording Instant Messaging and Presence Audio, Video, Web Conferencing Enterprise Voice and Telephony • Activity Feeds • Skill Search • Federation • Drag and Drop adding to a conference • Personal Control of Voice mail, Sim ring, Group ring, etc. • Location recognition • 1 click conference scheduling, escalate to conference • Much more ... Microsoft Confidential
  13. 13. Cross Platform Support for Lync 2010Options for those who use Macs, mobile phones, browsers, and other devices Connect with Mac users ▪ “Lync for Mac” Communicate through mobile phones ▪ Lync Mobile, iPhone app, Nokia Reach through the browser ▪ Lync Web App Experience Lync through numerous devices ▪ Polycom, Plantronics, Jabra, Aastra and more…
  14. 14. Offer Choice in VoiceTake advantage of interoperability to replace, enhance, or add voice options Replace ▪ Full and Seamless UC Experience through Lync ▪ Case Studies: Sprint, Colombian National Police, Server 2010 and Lionbridge ▪ Highly Cost-effective to Purchase and Manage Enhance ▪ Allows Employees to Use PC or Phone for Voice Calls ▪ Case Studies: AT Kearney, Royal Dutch Shell Add ▪ Eliminates Costs for Conferencing Services ▪ Provides Rich Roster Controls ▪ Can Use PC for Full Audio, Video, and Web ▪ Case Study: Intel Conferencing Experience
  15. 15. Lync as a Multi vendor environment
  16. 16. Lync Partner Eco System Microsoft ▪ Driving the Lync2010 platform Technology Partners ▪ Driving specific H/W S/W based solutions System Integrators ▪ Driving to sell Projects / Customer Deployments Providers, Hosters, Telco’s ▪ Driving Infrastructure solutions such as Lync SIP trunking
  17. 17. Three Phases to Rolling Out UC Deploy E-mail, Deploy Unified Deploy Enterprise Presence & Instant Conferencing Voice Messaging Consolidate voicemail Collaboration and 3rd party solutions
  18. 18. Designed for On-premise and the Cloud Deliver Lync based on your business priorities • Predictable costs, fast deployment, and up-to-date software • Hybrid deployment: Lync Server on-premises (w/ PBX replace) & Exchange and SharePoint Online Instant Conferencing Voice PBX Replace Messaging (A/V/Web) Lync Online (Cloud) √ √ 2011 Lync Server (On-premises) √ √ √ √
  19. 19. Lync Capabilities Deliver Value Capability Lync Lync Online Server Reduce Travel Expenses 4 Save 5%-30% Reduce costs through converged communications Save 30%-Reduce travel via A/V/W conferencing Yes Yes Reduce Audio Conferencing Charges 4 95%Reduce audio conferencing service changes Partial Yes Save 50%-Reduce PSTN calling charges via VoIP Partial Yes Reduce Telephony Charges 4 70%Retire separate PBX systems (some or all) Yes Save 40%-Shared workplace, home and mobile communications support Partial Yes Reduce Cost of Communications Systems 4 60% Save 15%- Lower Real Estate and Facility Costs 4 Drive adoption through ease of use and Microsoft Office 30%Instant messaging and presence in Office and SharePoint Yes YesClick to communicate, seamless escalation Yes 1 Yes Improve End-User Productivity Up to 30 min/dayAd hoc A/V/W conferencing (inter-organization) Partial YesClick to call via VoIP Yes 1 Yes Resolve Customer Issues Faster Up to 50%Skills-based people search in Lync client Yes 2 Yes 2 Varies by 1 Except PSTN calling Attract and Retain Employees customer 2 With SharePoint on-premises Deployment, migration, interoperability, extensibilityEmbed communications in LOB applications Yes 3 Yes Complete Projects Faster By 10%-20%Embed communications in Server applications YesIntegration with on-premises room video systems Yes Shorten Sales Cycle Up to 20%Integration of voice capabilities Partial Yes Varies byConsolidate management of communications functions Partial Yes Reduce IT Admin, Migration Costs 4 customer 3 client only 4 savings amounts based on actual customers.
  20. 20. Beyond Lync 2010Creating the most desirable productivity experienceFrom the development of To the rise of the To the emergence of the minicomputer… personal computer… the Internet…A combination of increasing power, capacity, and speed is driving a newgeneration of software.Analogy:  Traditional  Unified Comms  Lync Hosted in Telephony On Premise The Cloud
  21. 21. Communication Redefines Productivity Lync is Ready Now We’re All In