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Somedia Presentation

  1. 1. “Somedia” company presentation © 2007 Somedia
  2. 2. About the company Somedia company was established in November 2006 and is the first on-line full-service publishing company. Its main specialization is creation and support of internet solutions focused on target groups and communities. Somedia company offers a full scope of internet projects including corporate portals, on-line mass media (news portals), information portals (knowledge databases) as well as Web 2.0 (social networks and services) to corporate customers, investors and individual producers. The company has its own platform for creation of projects of any complexity: from simple web-sites to portals with large scale information arrays. We build social networks and offer you to get the hang of the growing world of new media! Slide №2 © 2007 Somedia
  3. 3. Our benefits 1. Unique character of the service Somedia service «on-line full-service publishing company» is unique on the RuNet market. For the first time ever a full cycle of creation of a successful internet project (beginning with a detailed description of the concept to its value recovering) is executed within the framework of one campaign. When addressing to Somedia a client shall shape just general parameters of his/her project: the main idea, for whom this project is intended, how much money he/she is ready to spend for the development and promotion, what income interests him/her. Somedia takes on everything else. Slide №3 © 2007 Somedia
  4. 4. Our benefits 2. Focus on the customer’s target audience The main specialization of Somedia is creation and support of internet projects focused on target groups (communities). That’s why in the beginning of each project we analyze the requirements of the target audience and, based on the results, build further processes. Our main objective we set during each project development is to create a solution that will allow to offer new possibilities to the target audience. Slide №4 © 2007 Somedia
  5. 5. Our benefits 3. Principles of work performance Somedia company treats its clients and partners with due care, thoroughly analyzing the whole business chain of the process. It allows both to substantially reduce the cost of works and increase their efficiency. Each project is supported by an individual analysis and the author’s approach. Stream production? What’s that? Moreover, we like the projects of our clients as if they were our own  Slide №5 © 2007 Somedia
  6. 6. Our solutions We develop, support and promote popular and large-scale internet projects: – Corporate portals – News portals (on-line mass media) – Information portals (knowledge databases) – Web 2.0: social networks and services Some our clients and partners • «Mediakrat» Publishing House • «C-media» Publishing House • «Kukhni i Vannye Komnaty» Publishing House • «Vkusnaya Zhizn» Publishing House • «Troyka-Dialog» Company • Volkswagen representative office in Russia • Renault representative office in Russia • International social organization AIESEC • Intel Company • Happy Web Makers Company • Playfon Company • Next Media Group Holding Company Slide №6 © 2007 Somedia
  7. 7. To implement large-scale and highly loaded projects Somedia company developed a unique platform called Kiwi Pro. Kiwi Pro platform represents a modular software product aimed at internet solutions of any type and level: from a small corporate or promotion web-site to a mass Web 2.0 project or a highly loaded portal like Due to the modular architecture and progressive technological solutions, projects built on the basis of Kiwi Pro can develop continuously but expenditures connected with innovations will be minor. Our product: «Kiwi Pro platform» Slide №7 © 2007 Somedia
  8. 8. Our product: « Kiwi Pro platform» • Wide use of AJAX technology in the user’s and administrator’s interfaces. • Universal statistics system for each service and object. • Partner program : – unlimited number of external marts connected to the general databases of users and content; – personal control panel for each partner. • Three-level system of tags, thesaurus. • Multilevel searching system : – search by context, – search by tags. • High load capacity – more than 10.000.000 hits a day. Maximum load – more than 400 hits a second. • Many servers – cluster operation. • Many languages – support of the unlimited number of languages. • Many platforms – information output in WAP, PDA, Java, Flash Lite, Flex versions. • Own module of contextual, behavioral, tag-targeted advertising (under construction). Outstanding characteristics of the platform : •PHP5 programming language. •MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle databases. •MVC (Model - View - Controller) architecture. •Unit testing on the basis of PHPUnit framework. •Pattern system abstraction that gives a possibility to use different master page and page blocks compliers. •Database abstraction that gives a possibility to use one or several databases. •Object oriented approach to data storage and processing. •Event model of users’ activity processing. •Memory-expansion granularity that gives a possibility to plug in modules developed to be used within the framework of the platform. •Intercommunication of modules and the core of the platform via API. •Embedded system of allocation of access rights to data and platform functionality. •Embedded randomizing system. Slide №8 © 2007 Somedia
  9. 9. Our product: « Kiwi Pro platform» • «Favorites» - storage of links to internal and external content • System of paid accounts and premium services • Stream radio and TV based on Microsoft products • Personal wallets and internal money recharged by SMS, e-money, credit cards, payment terminals of «Elexnet» type • Internal advertising for users promotion paid through the single wallet • Bulletin boards including personal ones • E-commerce: on-line shops including personal ones • Integration with corporate software (for example: 1С, Best, Galaktika, etc.) and external databases (for example: tourism, real estate, autos, etc.) Platform main services: • Single user’s profile • Customized design of profiles (CSS editor/pattern system) • Circles of friends • Personal blogs • Integration with external blogs (import/export, updating) • Communities • General and personal forums • File hosting • Photo hosting • Video hosting • Audio hosting • Three-level rating system of users and content • Three-level tag system • Content ranking on the principle of SMI 2.0 (for example:, • Internal mail • Import/export of e-mail addresses • Users database dispatch Slide №9 © 2007 Somedia
  10. 10. Scheme of work Slide №10 © 2007 Somedia
  11. 11. Scheme of work To begin working over the project it is enough for us just to understand its general idea: about what the project is, on whom it is focused, how much money you are going to spend for the development and promotion, what income from the project you are expecting. Step 1. You shape the project idea Slide №11 © 2007 Somedia
  12. 12. Scheme of work We use your ideas as a basis, add our creativeness and market knowledge and create a concept of an in-demand, popular and marketable internet project. Step 2. We turn the idea into the «Concept of the project» Slide №12 © 2007 Somedia
  13. 13. Scheme of work To understand the market in full scope we carry out a large- scale marketing research. We study: – Analogous and similar projects from the point of view of their success and perspectives – Demands and preferences of the target audience – Tendencies in the industry – External factors – Promotion mechanisms – etc. Step 3. We carry out a marketing research Slide №13 © 2007 Somedia
  14. 14. Scheme of work We take the marketing research and the concept of the project as a base and develop a business plan of the project where we describe the following: – Situation on the market – Target audience – Success factors – Project marketing – Income sources – SWOT analysis – Organizational structure – Financial model Step 4. We develop a business plan Slide №14 © 2007 Somedia
  15. 15. Scheme of work To make the project popular we shall focus on users’ requirements. That’s why we pay special attention to interface design. We make interfaces friendly as much as practical. Approved interfaces and the above mentioned requirements to the project functionality are recorded in the main technical document - «Requirements specification». Step 5. We design interaction with users and draw up a «Requirements specification» Slide №15 © 2007 Somedia
  16. 16. Scheme of work Success of any project depends mainly on its design that shall be modern, stylish, high-quality, unique and meet the expectations of the target audience. Somedia team includes real professionals creating original and high-quality designs meeting the requirements of customers and users. Step 6. We develop the corporate identity and web-site design Slide №16 © 2007 Somedia
  17. 17. On the basis of the «Requirements specification» and agreed interfaces Somedia programmers customize and upgrade Kiwi Pro platform services, encode the design and integrate it into the platform in the form of patterns. One of the advantages of Kiwi Pro platform is the fact that you can work with the content and even administer the structure on yourself without our assistance. Almost all actions concerning site administering can be executed by an inexperienced in programming employee. Scheme of work Step 7. We program Kiwi Pro platform, customize the services Slide №17 © 2007 Somedia
  18. 18. Scheme of work Step 8. We carry out testing and fill the databases with content A ready and functioning web-site undergoes a step-by-step testing jointly with the customer and representatives of the target audience. Simultaneously content managers of Somedia editors office fill the database with users and content (texts, photos, video clips, audio podcasts) and generate discussions in blogs and communities. Slide №18 © 2007 Somedia
  19. 19. Scheme of work Step 9. We develop a promotion plan and PR policy During project development Somedia promotion and PR specialists develop a media plan and a program on project promotion that can include different media channels both on-line and off-line. Also we develop all necessary media carriers and promotion materials: banners, leaflets, merchandise, presentations, etc. Slide №19 © 2007 Somedia
  20. 20. Scheme of work Step 10. We develop a brand book and a media kit Within the framework of preparation to the promotion we develop all presentational and marketing materials: – Brand book – Project presentation – Price sheet – Commercial proposal for advertisers – Sponsorship package – etc. Slide №20 © 2007 Somedia
  21. 21. Scheme of work Step 11. We are responsible for the commercial components of the project One of the major components of any project is its commercial department. According to the business plan of the project in development Somedia undertakes all tasks related to income planning and sale of the project services: placement of advertisements, sponsorship, paid partnership, premium paid services for users, etc. Slide №21 © 2007 Somedia
  22. 22. Scheme of work Step 12. We execute functions of an editorial board If the Customer desires, Somedia can act as a creative editorial board and content management office. Our moderators will control adherence of users to the standards of ethics, remove all forbidden content and ban intruders 24 hours a day 7 days a week. In order to make a project a fully valid mass medium, within the scope of Somedia a separate editorial board comprising professional copywriters that will write professional articles on the given subject can be arranged. Slide №22 © 2007 Somedia
  23. 23. Scheme of work Step 13. We support and develop the project Somedia provides daily and, if necessary, 24-hour support for the project users. To maintain and increase users’ interest in the project we keep in touch with the audience, receive feedback and develop the project. Thus we make the project more and more popular and commercially successful. Slide №23 © 2007 Somedia
  24. 24. Scheme of work Somedia uses its best endeavors in order the created by us projects to be both popular and famous among users and to bring profit to their owners. Working over projects we always seek for new chances for profit increase and reduction of expenditures for maintenance and development. Step 14. The project becomes successful and begins to bring profit Slide №24 © 2007 Somedia
  25. 25. Advantages of our scheme 1. We can begin working over your project right now 2. You don’t have to search for people and create a project team 3. You save a lot of money at all stages of project implementation 4. You get a professional and creative approach to your project from Somedia team 5. You work jointly with an experienced and competent team 6. We are responsible for your project at all stages Slide №25 © 2007 Somedia
  26. 26. Somedia has expertise in the markets that begin to feel a need in each other nowadays. We become partners and guides for many leading companies opening up new opportunities to them: Media companies: TV channels, internet publications, radio stations, printed publications, multimedia publications Telecommunication companies: mobile and fixed lines providers, internet and content providers Entertainment industry: film, music, game rights holders, producing centers (TV, films, music, fashion) Large advertisers: advertising agencies, FMCG, telecom, finances, auto, real estate, service sector Government institutions: ministries, authorities, public organizations Slide №26 © 2007 Somedia
  27. 27. Alexander Sergeev Telephone: +375 (29) 6777-485 E-mail: Slide №27 © 2007 Somedia