The Evolving Data Sphere - David Orban - H+ Summit @ Harvard
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The Evolving Data Sphere - David Orban - H+ Summit @ Harvard



David Orban ...

David Orban
Chairman, Humanity+
Advisor, Singularity University
Founder & Chief Evangelist, WideTag, Inc.
Intelligence Augmentation, Decision Power, And The Emerging Data Sphere

Human civilization depends on our ability to manage its increasing complexity. Behaviors, processes, and decisions that in the past were tolerated by the complex adaptive system we call Earth, are now more and more showing unforeseen consequences in unexpected places.

Many of our theories about the workings of the world are hampered in their predictive power by the lack of data, and suffer garbage-in, garbage-out effects. New interconnected sensor networks, fast, and ubiquitous communications, and the parallel power of our massive software systems are the never too soon answer to this need, and promise to revolutionize the way we understand, and act upon the planet.

The data sphere we are building, developing through every traceable action of millions of people, and billions, soon trillions of devices, designs a fine-grained picture of necessary understanding, and empowers us to believe that we can indeed aim to evolve our civilization, and to move it to the next levels of complexity, and achievement of human potential.

David Orban is an entrepreneur and visionary. He is Chairman of Humanity+, Advisor of the Singularity University, a Founder of WideTag, Inc., a high technology start-up company providing the infrastructure for an open Internet of Things. David shapes the strategic vision of its technologies by developing the policies and communication steps necessary to enable constructive progress. He is further a Scientific Advisory Board Member for the Lifeboat Foundation. David cuts across the limits of deep specialization to contribute to the new renaissance. He explains, “My vision is at the crossroads of technology and society as defined by their co-evolution.” David Orban’s personal motto is, “What is the question I should be asking?” This concept is his vehicle to accelerating cycles of invention and innovation in order to build the new world ahead.



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The Evolving Data Sphere - David Orban - H+ Summit @ Harvard The Evolving Data Sphere - David Orban - H+ Summit @ Harvard Presentation Transcript

  • David Orban The Evolving Data Sphere H+ Summit @ Harvard 12-13 June, 2010
  • What Will Keep You Human?
  • David Orban Chairman, Humanity+ twitter @davidorban Joi Ito View slide
  • View slide
  • <start>
  • <1>
  • What
  • Fred Armitage William Gibson The future is already here. It is just not evenly distributed yet
  • Aswers beget questions Questions Ignorance Kevin Kelly - Answers
  • What Do We Know? Gaspa
  • What’s On Your Radar Banksy / Robbiedangerous
  • Spime = SPace + tIME Bruce Sterling
  • Evolving Devices
  • 1
  • A Granular World IPv4 ≈ 10 9 IPv6 ≈ 10 38 Atoms ≈ 10 80
  • Drawing Fine Lines Wonderlane
  • 2
  • Necessary Autonomy Platform Orders of magnitude PCs ≈ 108 Mobiles ~ Humans ≈ 109 Spimes > 1012
  • Around Us Already Ryan Harvey
  • 3
  • Network Evolution Generation Isotropy Access Web data knowledge Web 2.0 applications social Spimes sensors world
  • Redundancy Needed NASA JPL
  • 4
  • Changing Dialog Generation Bandwidth M2M Index Industrial apps Kb/s 1% Realtime Web Mb/s 10% Spime Networks Gb/s 99%+ M2M index: M2M/M2H, communications among machine in proportion to those with humans
  • Decision making µµ
  • 5
  • Not blind anymore Object # sensors Mobile phone 10 Car 50-100
  • Awareness Volvo
  • </1>
  • <2>
  • Who
  • kandinski Bruce Sterling Forget trying to pass for normal
  • </2>
  • <3>
  • Why
  • David Rose Integrity is the most important value
  • The Anthropocene 1% 2% terrestrial humans vertebrates pets in the wild cattle 99% 98% 10.000 BC Today
  • Unsustainable badjonni
  • Sense The World bazusa
  • Sensing The Technium Nite Owl
  • Adapt aussiegirl
  • </3>
  • <4>
  • Examples
  • claren44 Larry Smarr Failure of imagination is a fundamental human defect
  • Current
  • • Spreading the Idea. Involve people. First Quarter Action Plan
  • Future
  • Transportation A.M. Kuchling
  • 4G Communication rmforall
  • Energy joyseyshowaa
  • Quantified Self I Don’t Know Maybe
  • </4>
  • <5>
  • When
  • Randy Stewart Bre Pettis Things are changing faster than we can die
  • A process, not an event 1 < IoT< 25
  • Advanced Collaboration Foxtongue
  • </5>
  • <6>
  • What should happen
  • David Orban Alex Lightman In the future many groups will rule the world for 15 minutes
  • Earth Aussiegirl
  • Strange Place And Time aussiegirl
  • Planetary Co-evolution will_hybrid
  • Free To Be Human me’nthedogs
  • Humanity+ bingbing
  • </6>
  • <end>
  • david@ @davidorban