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HACCP as a Lifespan Extension Management System - Morris Johnson - H+Summit @ Harvard

HACCP as a Lifespan Extension Management System - Morris Johnson - H+Summit @ Harvard



HACCP , a comprehensive self-directed management system which is used to ensure food and pharmaceutical safety can be readily adapted to personalized healthspan and lifespan plan creation and ...

HACCP , a comprehensive self-directed management system which is used to ensure food and pharmaceutical safety can be readily adapted to personalized healthspan and lifespan plan creation and implementation. Preventative, regenerative, enhancement, crisis-management and palliative medicine incorporated into the 12 step HACCP management system life-cycle can manage hazards which contribute to finite lifespan and reduced healthspan by managing 8 critical control domains. Hazard analysis of 6 management domains, including 8 moral hazard sub-domains can empower individuals to create their own personal longevity dividend. It is asserted that the profitability of statistically compliant mortality creates an economic incentive which undermines efforts to shift the global economic paradigm to one which encourages extreme healthspan and lifespan. Adaptation of universally accepted HACCP methodologies can drive transhumanism's fundamental principles and the concept of universally accessible extreme lifespan into mainstream acceptance.

Born at Radville , Saskatchewan 21 Sept , 1955."Citizen scientist" and Chief Technology Officer of Lifespan Pharma Inc. Since 1973 made a career of farming, trucking, oilfield industry work and entrepreneurial business. 1977-79 Director on the board of Bison-Hybrid International Association. 1978 to present time active in public policy development with the Saskatchewan NDP; Provincial Election Candidate for NDP in the Estevan Constituency in the 2007 election. 1982 organized, founded and served as president of the Canadian Bison Association. 2006 acquired a certificate in HACCP system creation and system management from the Food Centre on the University of Saskatchewan Campus. 2006 completed "Longevity Dividend" course directed by James Hughes, IEET. 2005 founded Lifespan Pharma Incorporated, a company which is commercializing a patent and trademarks as well as trade secrets for producing and marketing a new food supplement ingredient CANTERPENE.



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    HACCP as a Lifespan Extension Management System - Morris Johnson - H+Summit @ Harvard HACCP as a Lifespan Extension Management System - Morris Johnson - H+Summit @ Harvard Presentation Transcript

    • HACCP AS A LIFESPAN EXTENSION MANAGEMENT SYSTEM “Empowering Self-Directed Health-span/Life-span Extension” Presented by Morris Johnson “CITIZEN-SCIENTIST” CTO OF PHARMA INC. Box 33, Road 707 S, Beaubier, Sk., Ca., S0C-0H0 Canterpene (at) gmail.com, 701-240-9411, 306-447-4944
    • HACCP? Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points Food and pharmaceutical safety Adopted worldwide in 1980's Comprehensive Integrated System Key Element: Critical Control Points (CCPs)
    • 12 step life-cycle Manages 5 Key aspects Preventative Regenerative Enhancement Crisis management Palliative
    • +Safety System supported by QA/QC Management Six-Sigma DMAIC error correction cycle < 6 per 1 million LEAN Eliminate waste Reduce variation “Open source access” to published research is QA/QC tool
    • 1-Assemble HACCP team You are your own HACCP Coordinator (System Administrator)
    • 2-Describe product and process Your History: Statistics Health and Family Personalization (profiling): Genomic Metabolomic Microbiomic Biomarker
    • 3-Identify intended use What life stage are you at ? Infancy/Childhood Youth/Adulthood, Mid-life/Old-age Your life plans ?
    • 4-Schematic process flow Diagram 6 hazard analysis domains: Nutrigenomics Metabolomics Microbiomics Environomics Epigenomics Psychomics
    • 5-On-site Verification personalize everything
    • 6-Complete a Hazard Analysis Pre-requisites Analyses before plan is operational Record cycle of events HACCP is not paper bound e-health data management technology make this an Operating System
    • 7-CCP Determination: Aubrey de Grey’s “7 deadly sins of biology” (SENS): 1-Junk inside cells, 2 Junk outside cells , 3-Too few cells, 4-Too many cells, 5-Chromosome mutations , 6-Mitochondrial mutations, 7-Protein cross-links, I suggest 2 more: 8 Regulatory mutations & 9 microbiota (Metagenome)
    • 8-Set Critical Limits for hazard reduction Biological pathway limits are: Science-driven Modified by: “Moral Hazards”
    • 9-Patient-Centric Monitoring Narrow AGI renders this function invisible Integration of structure , form and function (Data, Devices , software and infrastructure ) Consumer acceptance of intrusive and pervasive devices ? e.g. clothes, jewelry and implants Social , Privacy , Civil and Criminal law issues
    • 10-Establish Deviations Corrective/preventative measures (CPM) Recall Plan Core System Resources My Inspiration for “HACCP for Humans” AKA “ARLA” “Advanced Regenerative Lifespan Augmentation “ (Patent Pending)
    • 11-Verification / Validation Chosen procedure(s) operating as originally designed or intended? Hazard sufficiently controlled ? Regulatory bodies functions? Assistance from emerging AGI technologies.
    • 12-Record /Document Management and Audits System-wide open-source data ”Managing all risks at CCP’s within the 5 domains of medicine while designing / running simulations and hot-patching bio-code would make an AGI happier than a pig in shit”
    • RECALL PLAN PALLIATION and a funeral VS: CRYONICS and ENCHANCMENT Upgradable humans - a new economic paradigm. Re-work, a first step towards self-directed evolution Making the market value of life and health more valuable than death
    • Periodic Audit/Revision User-defined: Self or third party Continuous improvement: “just Me and my AGI enabled agent” A challenge and a business opportunity: “Commercializing an operating system needs that token commercialization person”
    • Pre-requisite domains for Health Management 6 “Omics” pre-requisite domains. Bullets added as system audits justify them. Canada’s food safety HACCP system Has 6 domains and 72 bullets
    • 1-Nutrigenomics All molecules small and large drive the ‘Omics. No distinction between: foods, supplements and pharmaceuticals.. They just have different temporal and activity coefficients e.g. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ Marshall_Protocol
    • 2-Metabolomics Metabolic feedback loops: Subclinical inflammation “Metabolic syndrome” Personalized metabolic loops: Modeled Generated Predicatably managed
    • 3-Microbiomics Distributed biofilms : metabolomic , epigenomic nutrigenomic Ethno-Endogenous Exogenous DIY
    • 4-Environomics Physical Stress Biological Stress Chemical Stress Social Stress 5-Epigenomics USA Patent Number 6541680 Nutritional methyl supplements………
    • 6-Psychomics- “Dog in the manger” “moral hazards” The biological Moral Hazard: The Placebo Effect Non-biological Moral Hazards: Political Military Economic Legal Regulatory Theistic Social Cultural
    • "The Longevity Dividend" Measuring the value of life VS death QALY cost of regeneration VS palliation: Pension and insurance industries “Third Bridge” technologies You bet your life depends upon it HACCP makes the “longevity dividend” : Sustainable Affordable
    • HACCP 4 “ARLA” TAKE-HOME POINTS Extreme health-span and life-span extension requires: A robust management system with history of use Mainstream adoption for universal accessibility Moral hazard control to save the boomers Money to commercialize the science AGI technology to grow the system Open-sourcing to enable Citizen-Science A SWOT analysis as a first step
    • “HACCP 4 ARLA” method And system creates a Novel Comprehensive Health Records and planning Data-set. “Open sourced” compiled database with Encrypted IDs, analyzed, mined yields the capacity for Individuals to self-direct their own Robust Personal Lifespan/Healthspan Management program in a Six-sigma and Lean manner. Current systems do not empower you.>>>> With HACCP “YOU” control everything “Product, Process, Premises, Personnel”. Become a Citizen-Scientist and Experience the “Longevity Dividend” with Me.
    • I’d like to thank Alex Lightman and H+ for Inviting me , as well as my Sponsors: my Company Shareholders & Partners http://hplusmagazine.com/articles/forever-young/hemp-victory-over-aging
    • What we are not What we are: Strong Science ,Trademarked and Patented
    • This Presentation has been Open Source Reviewed
    • Thank You…..Questions?