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small HIV/AID-Eelisa,Dawson,Matteo, Kevin

small HIV/AID-Eelisa,Dawson,Matteo, Kevin



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GIN project



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    small HIV/AID-Eelisa,Dawson,Matteo, Kevin small HIV/AID-Eelisa,Dawson,Matteo, Kevin Presentation Transcript

    • HIV/AIDs By: Matteo, Dawson, Kevin, and Eelisa
    • A Global Issue
      • Diseases come in all shapes and forms
      • HIV/AIDs slowly disables immune system making body weak against disease
      • An uncured disease that threatens to destroy lives
      • The sharing of bodily fluids is the main point of infecting
    • Effect on the World
      • 3rd World Countries are suffering, they cannot afford the proper health care to treat it
      • HIV hits everywhere across the world, possibly to anyone
      • In 270,000 , children have died globally from the disease
    • Background Info
      • HIV - Human immunodeficiency virus
      • AIDS - Acquired immune deficiency syndrome
      • HIV/AIDS is a current pandemic in the world.
      • 3 rd world countries –like South Africa are heavily affected
      • 29.1% of pregnant women in South Africa have HIV
      • The deaths registered in South Africa alone rose 91% from 1998 to 2006.
      • 60,000 deaths in 2006 in South Africa
    • Chosen Topic
      • HIV is a pandemic in the world, affecting everyone, but more so in South Africa.
      • South Africa is a country where health care is not available to everybody, so more people succumb to
      • the disease.
      • Children are affected by
      • this disease, orphaning children and
      • creating sadness to endure
      • It's a disease with no known cure, so
      • only medicine to lessen the burden is
      • available
    • SOS Children
      • operates in South Africa caring for children who have been orphaned or infected with HIV/AIDS
    • Action of Organization
      • They take care of the children who have been orphaned or infected with HIV, teaching them to practice safe habits, and helping them live a better life
      • They send children to villages that have air drops of clean water, food, clothing to help them become less vulnerable to HIV
    • Pros of SOS Children
      • They still help the children with AIDS live the remainder of their lives happier and better.
      • They help vulnerable children live in relatively safety from getting infected by HIV.
    • Youtube
      • There is conflict of interest in social relations in the discrimination of HIV/AIDs patients out of uneducated views of the disease
    • Interactive Activity
      • Four volunteers for the activity
      • saying symptoms of given card
      • Guess which stage of HIV/AIDs each volunteer is in
    • Symptoms of HIV
      • Enlarged lymph nodes
      • Flu like symptoms
      • May last from weeks to years
      • Rash
      • muscles aches
      • Years later, body tires from the fight and AIDS is developed, the symptoms are a greater vulnerability of diseases and viruses.
    • AIDs Symptons
      • Certain diseases infect person appear that define the transition from HIV to AIDS
      • Fever and/or night sweats
      • Easy bruising
      • Bouts of extreme exhaustion
      • Unexplained body rashes
      • Appearance of purplish lesions on the skin or inside mouth
      • Sudden unexplained weight loss
      • Chronic diarrhea lasting for a month or more
    • Prevention
      • Abstention of sexual activity
      • Testing for the disease to prevent the spreading of the disease
      • Do not share used needles as many unhygienic drug injections are used
      • Caution with blood transfusions
    • Treatment
      • HIV-various meds are used to slow down the process of HIV developing into AIDs, lengthening the process by a span of many years
      • AIDs-the patient is dependent of medicines needed everyday for the rest of their lives that are used to decrease the count of the virus in the body
    • Importance of Being Informed
      • Pandemic disease, not just South Africa.
      • Will help you in preventing this from happening to you
      • To help further engage people in the importance of finding a cure
      • To support the cause!
    • Short Term Action
      • bake cookies, muffins, cake, brownies, etc.
      • with the money raised, donate it to a foundation which advocates issue
      • awareness demonstrations
      • on the disease
    • Long Term Action
      • to give awareness to the people at SAS
      • specifically targeting middle-schoolers with informative demonstration
      • Continue program of donation of goods and funds towards the children and the charity
    • Wiki
      • tells the background information about HIV/AIDs
      • Related
      • what the virus is and how it works
      • the situation in South Africa with the children
      • Link: http://global-community09.wikispaces.com/Hum1+Group3
    • Organizations
      • UNICEF [United Nations Children Fund]
      • SOS Children
      • AIDS foundation South Africa
    • Reflect on Action
      • have already began selling goods
      • made a good chunk of money already
      • Donating goods as well
      • Probably by end of a few weeks, we should have achieved our goal
    • Importance
      • This virus is uncured
      • disease needs research for the well-being of infected persons
      • This virus has decreased the population of humans globally
      • The spreading of the disease can be spread unknowingly in the stage of no symptoms
      • May effect you and your family
    • Why One Should Act
      • People should try to empathize and understand what the people with HIV are living with in poor conditions when they can’t get any form of relief or treatment.
      • Imagine having your parents taken away from you because of the disease and having to support yourself all alone
    • Conclusion
      • This disease has uprooted so many lives, changing the course of lives for the worse
      • To unlock the greatest potential for the betterment of the world, every child needs a future they act in freedom unchained by disease
    • Works Cited
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      • General Resources:
      http://www.avert.org/safricastats.htm - Lots of Statistics about AIDS in South Africa http://www.unicef.org/infobycountry/southafrica_statistics.html - Statistics http://www.pgaf.org/pressreleases/south_africa_stats.html - Facts http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HIV/AIDS_in_South_Africa - Relevant Articles http://www.avert.org/aidssouthafrica.htm - Articles http://www.youandaids.org/About%+Group3&feature=player_embedded Video jj