Brown - Digital Divide - Jenny, Bengi, Willy

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  • 1. Decreasing the Digital Divide By: Jenny. Bengi. Willy. DDD
  • 2. Interactive Activity
    • Four audience members will come up
    • You will form two groups of two
    • One person in each group is going to receive a dictionary, lined paper and pencil
    • The other person in that group is going to receive a laptop with on and a word document
  • 3. Your Job: copy down every definition and part of speech of your specific word **Copying and pasting is acceptable on computer (:
  • 4. It’s a race to see who finishes first. The people with the laptops or the people with the dictionaries?
  • 5. Group #1 Look up: yaws
  • 6. Group #2 Look up: zwieback
  • 7. Who finished first?
  • 8. Discuss: What does this have to do with digital divide?
  • 9. Digital Divide in Shanghai
  • 10. Part One Background
  • 11. Why is this issue a global one?
  • 12. What’s the main problem?
  • 13. How’s this issue affecting the world?
  • 14. Now we’re going to show you a video
  • 15. What’s being done to stop, prevent, and fix this issue?
  • 16. Part Two Case Study
  • 17. Interactive Activity
    • Discuss the graphs with your table group.
    • What do they tell you about digital divide?
  • 18.
  • 19.
  • 20.
  • 21.
  • 22.
  • 23.
  • 24. Why did we choose this topic?
  • 25. Now we’re going to show you another video
  • 26. What organization is working on this issue?
  • 27. One Laptop Per Child: http:// /en/
  • 28. What exactly are they doing to combat this issue?
  • 29. What do we like about this organization?
  • 30. Here are two final videos about two other organizations and what they are doing to help
  • 31. Part Three Action Plan
  • 32. Our goal is to raise awareness, and possibly fundraise to try to overcome the digital divide. We know that as 8th graders, raising money may be a little hard but we’ll try anyways.
  • 33. What is the purpose?
  • 34. Why should people know about this issue?
  • 35. Short-Term Plan
  • 36. Long-Term Plan
  • 37. What information does our wiki contain?
  • 38. Our wiki:
  • 39. Things you can do to get involved in this issue are…
  • 40. How is our action plan going so far?
  • 41. Part Four Conclusion
  • 42. Why is the digital divide important?
  • 43. Why should you care?
  • 44. Why should you work towards solving it?
  • 45. We Can.
  • 46. Part Five Works Cited
  • 47. http:// =2&ik=679a97ff26&view= att&th =11f5e5feab0a6dfe&attid=0.1&disp= inline&zw http:// =2&ik=679a97ff26&view= att&th =11f5e5feab0a6dfe&attid=0.3&disp= inline&zw http:// =2&ik=679a97ff26&view= att&th =11f5e5feab0a6dfe&attid=0.4&disp= inline&zw http:// =2&ik=679a97ff26&view= att&th =11f5e5feab0a6dfe&attid=0.5&disp= inline&zw http:// =2&ik=679a97ff26&view= att&th =11f5e5feab0a6dfe&attid=0.6&disp= inline&zw http:// =2&ik=679a97ff26&view= att&th =11f5e5feab0a6dfe&attid=0.7&disp= inline&zw http:// =2&ik=679a97ff26&view= att&th =11f5e5feab0a6dfe&attid=0.8&disp= inline&zw http:// =2&ik=679a97ff26&view= att&th =11f5e5feab0a6dfe&attid=0.9&disp= inline&zw http:// =2&ik=679a97ff26&view= att&th =11f5e5feab0a6dfe&attid=0.10&disp= inline&zw!Global_Digital_Divide1.png file://localhost/C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/zhouh.BDO/Desktop/Digital%20Divide%20Article.htm http:// =B6AQv2l6UsM http:// =W7A1tbnm2Ic http:// =qt1rdqf6mHA http:// =r8GQyiyleKU
  • 48. Thank You For Listening (: