English for HR Managers: Language for Training and Continuous Professional Development (CPD)


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  • English for HR Managers: Language for Training and Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

    1. 1. HRM WebinarSession 3- Training and CPD
    2. 2. Morning walk in Estoril HRM Webinar THE LANGUAGE of TRAINING AND CAREERS
    3. 3. SUMMARYReview of language from the last sessionThe language of careers and developmentStaff training and developmentCPD-the longer term viewTraining and quality management
    4. 4. Review-The Language ofPerformance Appraisals attendance Review individual performance punctuality Plan future work and role organization Set up and agree specific individual goals Identify development needs time-management Give on-the-spot coaching to the individual relationship with colleagues Allow the exchange of feedback relationship with clients Focus on longer-term career progression motivation Increase motivation Set up objectives for future action Set up development strategy and CPD
    5. 5. Excerpt from Job SpecificationThe post holder will be responsible for:•Developing existing relationships with our existing client base•Working closely with the sales manager and team to expand our client portfolio•Leading the marketing team for our western European region•Giving direct input to the innovations manager and his teamYou will report directly to the Marketing Director and keep her informed of alldecisions made, as well provide regular reports to her and the CEO.You will set up and hold regular meetings for all senior staff on a weekly basis.
    6. 6. The Aptitude/Competency Matrix Positive 1 2 ATTITUDE Staff member Negative 4 3 High Low COMPETENCE
    7. 7. Careers, personal skills and qualities Put these events in Lucy’s career in chronological order. She was offered a position as assistant to the marketing director of Wilcos-a retail company. Before graduating Lucy applied for a number of jobs. She attended a second interview conducted by a panel of managers. She attended the interview but thought she hadn’t got the job. While she was unemployed she took some courses on marketing with the Open University. She’s been working in Russia for six months. She was dismissed after arguing with her boss. She was shortlisted for an interview at Tula Marketing. She was unemployed for six months. She performed well and moved to Russia. She graduated with a degree in marketing from Lancaster University.
    8. 8. Lucy Looker graduated from Lancaster University with adegree in marketing and before graduation she applied for anumber of different jobs.She was offered a position as assistant to the marketingmanager at Wilco’s but was dismissed after arguing with herboss, after which she was unemployed for six months.During this period she took a number of courses onmarketing with the Open University.She was shortlisted for an interview for a job at TulaMarketing but wasn’t successful the first time around.However, she was asked back for a second interview andwas offered the position in Russia, where she been for thelast six months. She performed well in the interview and hasrecently completed her first performance appraisal.She said that one of her goals is to attend as many trainingsessions as she can to continue developing as a marketingexecutive.
    9. 9. on the job trainingoff the job trainingapply forattend an interview Recruitmentbe appointedshort-listtake a sabbaticalbe unemployed Employmentretireearly retirementbe hiredresign Retirementdismissmake redundantIn every company, Human Resources (HR) training in many employee-related and legally-related topics is mandatory, especially for managers andsupervisors. We need to equip our employees to handle their employeerelations responsibilities competently. But, for maximum positive impact andlearning, we need to make the training motivational and engaging.
    10. 10. Employees receive the training necessary to do theirjob.Employees receive training needed on newtechnologies.Training opportunities are fairly allocated across staff.Supervisors support employee efforts to learn outsidethe job (e.g. conferences, continuous education,membership in trade and professional organizations)High priority is given to providing appropriate training.
    11. 11. Staff training and developmentThe term training refers to the acquisition of knowledge, skills and competencies as aresult of the teaching of vocational or practical skills and knowledge that relate tospecific useful competencies. innovative Creating and offering professional development memorable opportunities is and integral part of HR management. practical convincing Staff training should have impact. hands-on entertaining Making opportunities available is an important useful responsibility for managers. informative stimulating CPD adds value to both the individual and the transferable organization. motivating team-building
    12. 12. on the job training Employees appreciate the chance to develop knowledgeapply for and skills without ever leaving work. And, you canattend an interview customize the job training employees receive to yourbe appointed workplace needs, norms, and culture. Internal job trainingshort-list and employee development bring a special plus. Unliketake a sabbatical external job training, examples, terminology, andbe unemployed opportunities can reflect the culture, environment, andretire needs of your workplace.off the job training This relationship is a win-win for all parties: the employeeearly retirement who seeks __________, the ______, and organizationsbe hired that employ the ______pair. _____ is also a powerfulmentor form of job training and can contributeresign experience, skills, and wisdom to a ______employee todismiss increase and expand employee development.make redundant ______, whether with the boss or another experienced employee, is key in employee development within your organization.
    13. 13. Internal External Both Cost effectivementoringperiodic in-house training from internalsourcesperiodic in-house training from externalsourcesseminarsconferencessessionspresentationspromotionstransferlateral move
    14. 14. Sergey’s notes for some possibilities for Lucy’straining plan.Customer Service Management – in-houseBusiness Communications- external sessionsBusiness Admin & Mgmt- in-houseTeam Leadership-mentorBusiness Admin, Other – in-houseTeam Building-external, weekend paintballingPC Skills – Databases-in-house externalPC Skills – Project-in-house external Sergey LiminovManagement-in-house sessions-consultant HR DirectorPC Skills - Project –internal-external provider Tula MarketingManagement-mentorMarketing Related –externalSales Related-internal –Sales Team LeaderDeveloping Brand Awareness-internal-consultant
    15. 15. CPD-the longer term view Developing personal mastery The learning organization TQM Quality assurance Career phases Job satisfaction Skills flexibility Skills diversity Extending and stretching repertoire of skills Career progress Add value A few things to think about What role does CDP have in your organization? What differences in PD characteristics and motivation characterise your staff at different phases in their careers? How is the impact of CPD evaluated in your organization?
    16. 16. Training and quality management For consumers of your products or services it is the actual experience of what your organization has provided which determines their definition of quality. To ensure staff are able to meet the needs of their roles To motivate staff to deliver the organization’s objectives To avoid the cost of lost business opportunities To help staff meet their potential To raise staff morale-people prefer to be creative, innovative, adaptable and productive To retain staff and clients
    17. 17. support@humanenglish.com