Humandala game v. 2


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Humandala game v. 2

  1. 1. HuMandalasA Real World Uplifting Social Game
  2. 2. About HuMandalasPeaceful collective activities are bringing more loving energy, trust andconnection to the world! Lets make this a part of everyday culture! 
  3. 3. About HuMandalas   then charge it with intentional energy for personal and planetary HuMandalas are techniques to cultivate awareness of our connective field, well being.  We cultivate collective energy with connection, movement & sound in circle ceremonies, aligning biorhythms to the universal patterns of sacred geometry.This is usually a spontaneous activity happening with people of allbackgrounds and for many different reasons...Celebration, start a meeting, as a greeting, personal intentions, group manifestation or any other reason...
  4. 4. About HuMandalas
  5. 5. Game Play/Motivation Points Get started by Posting a Map HuMandala on Twitter! Missions Synchronicity & Stats
  6. 6. Post your connections! Post via Twitter, Facebook, SMS, Smartphone App or Email! Via Text or Twitter, simply send... "Connected a #Spiral #HuMandala w/ @BarackObama & @MittRomney for !Worldpeace #Debate2012"Variables include:  ● @Player ● HuMandala #Style ● !Intention or !Reason ● Date/Time ● Location ● Other Hashtags ● Photos/Video
  7. 7. MapWe are anchoring this energy in the earth andcreating a grid of peaceful consciousness.When a player posts that they did aHuMandala, it goes to a map... ● Photos● Videos● Search by HuMandala variables● View Personal or public timeline
  8. 8. Point System (HuMandala$)When you post HuMandalas, you get points!Players want points because: ● You can gift points to other players● Send direct missions with point reward● Send race missions with point reward● Purchase sponsored missions● Trade points for products & events● Boost your Point Ranking!● People just want points, right? YES!
  9. 9. Accumulating PointsHow do I get points?● For posting a HuMandala● When Mentioned in a post● When your post is Retweeted● When you retweet someone elses post● Completing A.I. missions● Completing User direct/race missions● Featured missions● Receive as a gift from other players● Bonuses
  10. 10. Points - Bonuses Special bonuses help create an environment for exciting, habitual game play.Receive Bonuses for: ● Streaks (Posting multiple days in a row) ● Completing sets of mission ● Posting the Secret HuMandala of the Day ● Turning on friends, new locations & creating new HuMandalas ● Connecting Grid patterns collectively ● Synchronisiies ● Receive many Retweets/Likes ● Elevating your Point Ranking ● For gifting points to others
  11. 11. MissionsDirect Missions ● Send friends on missions and offer accumulated points as rewards! ● "@DLevy2013 create a #StarTetra #HuMandala for !Family w @Mom & @Dad then 20 HuMandala$"Race Missions ● Players post on the mainfeed for everyone to compete in a race ● "#Race create a 3+ Kin #LoveBeam #HeartCharger #HuMandala for !Gratitude w @Oprah then 30 HuMandala$" ● If 30 people offer this race mission, the winner gets 900 points!Sponsored/Featured/Daily Mission ● Paid, admin or popularity created ● Goes to all players of specific ranking or region ● Displayed on Stat pages
  12. 12. MissionsA.I. Missions ● Based on a regions community post variables ● Meet new people & learn new HuMandalas ● Connect with friends that have not played before ● Teach new or old friends HuMandalas they have not yet done ● Connect at popular locations & events ● Connect with popular requested Intentions (From user missions) ● If a twitter user retweets a post, they get a mission. ● Learn the hot spots when visiting a new regionStoryboard Missions ● Complete Mission 1 & get the next in admin created order ● HuMandalas develop in complexity as they are learned. Receive automated missions depending on what you know. ● Festivals are great for HuMandala "Scavenger Hunts" ● Get bonuses for completing Storyboard sets
  13. 13. StatsEvery player has a personal page on our site ie.   ● All twitter users have a page automatically ● Upload profile picture ● Add Personal Bio ● Opt in to Facbook Uploads ● Opt out of system ● Post directly from your page ● View missions yet to be accomplished ● View completed missions ● Current Point balance ● Point Ranking ● Personal Map showing your influence & timeline ● How many of each HuMandala & Intention youve done ● Top 10 lists (Ranking players, Popular & Best HuMandalas) ● Recent & "High Stakes" Race Missions ● Who youve connected with ● Who they have connected with recently ● Daily, Sponsored & Featured Missions ● Synchronicities 
  14. 14. SynchronicitiesIts incredible when someone on one side ofthe world creates the same HuMandala &intention at the same time as someone onthe other side of the world!  We are all connected and will notice many group consciousness phenomena!
  15. 15. Sustaining Abundance &MonetizationSponsored missions Purchasing smartphone app Promotes HuMandala Events & Products Points have intrinsic value and are acomplementary currency
  16. 16. Future Developments SmartPhone App ● Manuel ● Location based notifications ○ In vortex spot or location w/ another player ○ Sonar Map   Google Glasses   Collaborative Videos, Books & Comics Transmedia StoryTelling   Exclusive Events for Ranking Players   Global HuMandala Culture  
  17. 17. Get Started!! Connect a HuMandala Now! Heres a #Spiral Tutorial!            Post your connection, easily on Twitter! "#Spiral #Vortex #HuMandala for the !Planet w/ @DLevy2013 & @OtherPlayer"   and youre in the game...
  18. 18. Help Make it Happen!  Financial contribution via WePay  Software developers, marketing, graphics design   HuMandala Galactivators! (People who share HuMandalas)   Creating a Global HuMandala Culture!   More info about HuMandalas @
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