Valuing, Cultivating, and Effectively Sharing Tacit Knowledge


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Human capital has been defined as the knowledge, skills, and experience that an employee utilizes in the workplace. One element of human capital is an individual’s tacit knowledge, or know-how, beliefs, experiences and values.

With 77 million baby boomers preparing to retire in the near future, and only 44 million Gen Xers to fill the leadership void, the organizations that effectively and purposefully collect, utilize, and disseminate the individual tacit knowledge of their workers will be more effective at achieving their organizational missions.

This webinar focuses on the value of tacit knowledge and how organizations such as Avantas, Boys Town, Caterpillar, Defense Acquisition University and the Peace Corps are successfully cultivating and sharing this knowledge.

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Valuing, Cultivating, and Effectively Sharing Tacit Knowledge

  1. 1. Valuing, Cultivating, and Effectively Sharing Tacit Knowledge Speaker: Jennifer Murnane, Ph.D. Client Relationship Executive Avantas Moderator: Mike Prokopeak Vice President, Editorial Director Talent Management magazine #TMwebinar
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  4. 4. Frequently Asked Questions1. Will I receive a copy of the slides after the webinar? YES 2. Will I receive a copy of the webinar recording? YES Please allow up to 2 business days to receive these materials. #TMwebinar
  5. 5. Valuing, Cultivating, and Effectively Sharing Tacit Knowledge Mike Prokopeak Vice President, Editorial Director Talent Management magazine #TMwebinar
  6. 6. Valuing, Cultivating, and Effectively Sharing Tacit Knowledge Jennifer Murnane, Ph.D. Client Relationship Executive Avantas #TMwebinar
  7. 7. Value, Cultivate, & Share Tacit Knowledge
  8. 8. About Dr. MurnaneØ Client Relationship Executive – AvantasØ Research Partner – Bellevue UniversityØ Faculty - Ph.D. in Human Capital Management
  9. 9. Name That Flick!
  10. 10. Images  from  Mo,on  Pictures  were  removed  due  to  copyright.  
  11. 11. Tacit Knowledge….
  12. 12. Explicit Knowledge….
  13. 13. Explicit Knowledge Example Ø Perform procedure Ø Document in health record
  14. 14. Tacit Knowledge Example Ø Assessing patient demeanor Ø Experience allowing for proper procedure order Ø Knowing “unwritten rules” of medical process
  15. 15. Erin  Brochovich:  (Images  from  Mo,on  Pictures  were  removed  due  to  copyright.)  
  16. 16. Up  in  the  Air:  Images  from  Mo,on  Pictures  were  removed  due  to  copyright.  
  17. 17. About  Schmidt:  Images  from  Mo,on  Pictures  were  removed  due  to  copyright.  
  18. 18. The  Devil  Wear  Prada:  Images  from  Mo,on  Pictures  were  removed  due  to  copyright.  
  19. 19. Why care?
  21. 21. Employee KnowledgeEmployee Created Process
  22. 22. Why care?Ø Lose Tacit Knowledge Ø Hurdles, set backs, & frustrations Ø Waste time trying to re-teach  
  23. 23. Organizational Knowledge = VALUE “The era of retiring baby boomers”Sharing Tacit Knowledge = CRITICAL!
  24. 24. Knowledge Management Knowledge LeadershipØ Control of knowledge Ø Development & Cultivationfrom process standpoint of knowledge Ø Nurtures creation & innovation Ø Improve: Ø Organizational comm. Ø Work practices Ø Sharing behavior
  25. 25. Knowledge Leadership Cultivation- Fostering employee knowledge exchange to adapt to environmental changes and impact organizational performance Enablement- Realization of individual human knowledge role in shaping organization environment; relies on development of tacit knowledge
  26. 26. Ø Education Institution Ø 350 Instructors Ø 500,000 PersonnelØ Tacit Knowledge Strategy Ø Retiree Retention Ø Living Library
  27. 27. Living Library 5-10 minute videos of retiring leadersPOWERPOINTS COURSE MODULES BEST PRACTICES SME’SWIKIS BLOGS
  28. 28. PROBLEMEmployees 5 Years = Required departureVolunteers 2 years per regional assignment
  29. 29. SOLUTION GuruCommunity forums Expert events File library FAQs Expertise exchange
  30. 30. End-to-End Process
  31. 31. Most organizations focus = ROINon Profits = Mission Achievement  
  32. 32. “How did Boys Town cultivate and enable tacit knowledge in the organization to contribute to their mission achievement?”*Full  Case  study  being  sent  to  all  registrants  following  today’s  event    
  33. 33. HOW? Knowledge Sharing Ø Constructive feedback Ø Mentoring Ø Collaboration   Ø StorytellingConsistent Message which aligned with Strategic Plan
  34. 34. Role PlayingØ Training Tool during New Employee OrientationØ Captured on training website for future use
  35. 35. Culture = SuccessSolid tacit knowledge strategy = LongevityStorytelling – Father Flanagan – BoysTown organizational founder
  36. 36. The Path Toward Knowledge LeadershipMovie still are copyright images of their respective studios and rights holders. Use of acelebrity likeness does not imply any knowledge or endorsement of the presentationcontent, presenters commentary, or businesses producing or presenting the material.
  37. 37. Tacit Knowledge Mechanisms   Ø Organizational Newsletters   Ø Strategic plan   Ø Training documents   Ø Memos   Ø Wikis   Ø Mentoring programs   Ø Communities of practice   Ø Non-textual knowledge documents - pictures
  38. 38. “Knowledge leadership is really about getting the best out of your people, their expertise andcreativity. Knowledge and leadership are truly a dynamic duo for the future that will go beyond the immediate fad of knowledge management.” David Skyrme
  39. 39. Human Capital Investment Strategy Leaders
  40. 40. Q&
  41. 41. Join Our Next TM Webinar Tuesday, May 24, 2011 The Analytical HR Professional:A Look at Data-Driven Talent ManagementTM Webinars start at 2 p.m. Eastern / 11 a.m. Pacific Register for upcoming TM Webinars at Join the Talent Management magazine Network #TMwebinar