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Leadership Development in the 2020 Workplace
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Leadership Development in the 2020 Workplace


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Published in: Business

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  • Not the only forces
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  • KEY TO SUCCESS OF SOCIAL NETWORK INSIDE THE COMPANYActively seed, feed and weed. We are often taught that social networks are emergent and self-organizing — they take care of themselves. Baloney. Truly vibrant and growing social networks are carefully tended by the individual at the center of his or her network. These social networks require catalysts to expand — interesting people, ideas and conversation topics that can motivate people to connect with you and become more and more engaged. The people who contribute the most need to be recognized and rewarded. And the people in the social network who are generating negative energy and too focused on their own self-promotion need to be gently escorted to the exit.Other goals:Grow the Cerner networkConnect people around the globe and enable them to work together effectively
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    • 1. Leadership Development in the 2020 WorkplaceYou can listen to today’s webinar using your computer’s speakers or you may dial into the teleconference. If you would like to join the teleconference, please dial 1.866.469.3239 and enter access code: xxx xxx xx. You will be on music hold until the seminar begins. #CLOwebinar
    • 2. Leadership Development in the 2020 Workplace Speaker: Jeanne C. Meister Founding Partner Future Workplace Moderator: Mike Prokopeak, Vice President, Editorial Director, Chief Learning Officer Magazine #CLOwebinar
    • 3. Tools You Can Use• Q&A – Click on the Q&A icon on your floating toolbar in the bottom right corner. – Type in your question in the space at the bottom. – Click on “Send.” #CLOwebinar
    • 4. Tools You Can Use• Polling – Polling question will appear in the “Polling” panel. – Select your response and click on “Submit.” #CLOwebinar
    • 5. Leadership Development in the 2020 Workplace Mike Prokopeak Vice President, Editorial Director Chief Learning Officer magazine #CLOwebinar
    • 6. Leadership Development in the 2020 Workplace Jeanne C. Meister Founding Partner Future Workplace #CLOwebinar
    • 7. LeadershipDevelopment In The 2020 Workplace Jeanne Meister Partner, Future Workplace Future Sponsored by Blackboard For more information, please email or call 888-719-6123 Copyright, 2010 Future Workplace
    • 8. Leadership Development In The 2020 Workplace Available Now on Amazon Research Conducted: 2,200 Panel of Working Adults Segmented By Generation Survey of 300 Leaders of HR/Talent Management 50 plus Personal Interviews Buy On: 800CEOREAD 80061763274-The_2020_Workplace Copyright, 2010 Future Workplace
    • 9. AGENDA1. Three Trends In The 2020 Workplace2. Impact On Leadership Development &3. What Are Forward Thinking Companies Doing?4. What Can You Do Now? Copyright, 2010 Future Workplace
    • 10. Revolutions arehappening faster andfaster. 2010 2020 1990 Information 1980 Internet Revolution Revolution Participative1880 Computer Revolution Revolution Industrial “The information revolution will empower Revolution individuals and democratize everything…” – - Steve Jobs, Apple Copyright, 2010 Future Workplace
    • 11. Three Trends:  Globalization BY 2020: global access to markets and talent will reshape business  Demographics BY 2020: five generations will be working side-by-side in organizations BY 2020: social media will connect  Social Technologies employees, customers, and partners for immediate communication Copyright, 2010 Future Workplace
    • 12. Globalization Changes the World GlobalizationTop 15 Changes for Headquarter Offices 2005 to Country 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2009 change United States 219 197 184 169 181 17%GLOBALIZATION Japan 43 60 49 39 49Financial Times Top Fifteen UK 33 36 41 35 32Country Headquarter in theGlobal 500 Locations over China 8 11 16 35 43 438%the last 3 years. Canada 22 22 23 24 27 France 28 30 32 31 23 18% Germany 19 19 20 22 20 Australia 8 8 11 11 14 75% Spain 9 8 12 14 13 India 5 4 8 13 10 100% Switzerland 12 11 12 12 10 Brazil 5 8 7 11 9 80% Netherlands 9 8 10 8 8 Italy 12 11 8 7 7 42% Russia 4 8 8 13 6 Copyright, 2010 Future Workplace
    • 13. IBM: Building Global Citizenship GlobalizationSkills With Corporate Service Corps Copyright, 2010 Future Workplace
    • 14. In 2009 500 CSC Participants Went to 12 GlobalizationCountries IBM Designated as High GrowthBrazil China Egypt Ghana India MalaysiaNigeria Philippines Romania Turkey Vietnam South Africa Copyright, 2010 Future Workplace
    • 15. Will there really befive generations inthe workplace? 15 Copyright, 2010 Future Workplace
    • 16. QUICK POLL: What Generation Are You? DemographicsTraditionalists Born: prior to 1946Baby Boomers Born: 1946-1964Generation X Born: 1965-1976Millennials Born: 1977-1997 Copyright, 2010 Future Workplace
    • 17. Demographics Working side by side in 2020 5 GENERATIONS 90m MILLENNIALS 70m ??? BABY BOOMERS 50m GENERATION X TRADITIONALISTS 30m GEN 2020 10m >1946 >1964 >1976 >1997 1997 - ?© 2010, Future Workplace Copyright, 2010 Future Workplace
    • 18. • The median age in the US is 36.7 while in Demographics emerging markets… Median age: total: 26.3 years male: 25.3 years female: 27.3 years (2009 est.) Today Generation 2020 0 Millennials 36% 58% vs 70% USA Emerging Generation X 22% Baby Boomers 38% -7% Traditionalists 4% -4% 0% 20% 40% 60% Copyright, 2010 Future Workplace
    • 19. Demographics 2020 Generation 2020 7% +6% Millennials 50% +6% Generation X 20% Baby Boomers 22% -9% Traditionalists 1 0% 20% 40% 60%© 2010, Future Workplace Copyright, 2010 Future Workplace
    • 20. In Just Two Years … Demographics Copyright, 2010 Future Workplace 20
    • 21. Demographics Email Is So Yesterday3/3/2011 Copyright, 2010 Future Workplace 21
    • 22. Diverse Communication Needs Demographics Traditionalists Baby Boomers Generation X Millennials Hub & Spoke Hyper Connected,Communication Guarded through Style Formal through specific transparent, Eye- hierarchical channels channels catching; fun Chunk it down but Wired, Seamlessly Detailed; prose-style give me everything, Online, some f-2-f, connected, In Delivery writing, prefer print, print, f-2-f and some games, Constant Search & f-2-f online Find Mode Relevance to my Relevance to the Relevance to what Relevance to now, Context security; historical bottom line and my matters to me today and my role perspective rewards Accept Traditionalists Independent, self- Collaborative, RarelyProblem-Solving Hierarchical “hierarchy” Reliant Individually Immediate, On-Peer/Manager Annual or Biennial, Demand, Constant Feedback Annual & formal Monthly or Weekly Less Formal need for mentoring & coaching Formal and Go Seek Input & Self-Made, Inform TheDecision Making through proper Involve The Team Agreement From one’s Team channels “network” Frequency OfCommunication In digestible amounts As needed Whenever Constant Copyright, 2010 Future Workplace
    • 23. QUICK POLL: Is Your Organization DemographicsPiloting Social Learning In 2011?(Note social Learning is defined as learning that leverages a hostof social media tools inside the enterprise such as an internalsocial network, blogs, wiki’s, online video sharing, threadeddiscussions)  Yes  No  Yes In 2012  Want To But Trying To Get Buy-In Copyright, 2010 Future Workplace
    • 24. Social Technologies 2008 2011 Web 2.0 playing Predicted over next a major role in three years, they would learning likely use Web 2.0 in function learning functionWeb 2.0 Relationship Model“Groundswell” 9% 87% Creating Connecting Collaborating Reacting Organization Acceleration Blogs Soc Nets Wiki Forums Tagging Crowdsource User Gen Virtual Open Source Ratings MashUps RSS Podcasting Online Comp Basecamp Reviews UniqueSearch Widget Copyright, 2010 Future Workplace
    • 25. Benefits & Barriers Of Social Learning Social Technologies(Based Upon Social Learning Boot CampAttendees & Consulting Clients)• 5 Top Benefits • 5 Top Barriers (Increased) – Confidential Leaks – Collaboration – Confusion on Usage – Peer-to-peer learning – Lack Of Client – Knowledge sharing Understanding – Productivity – Decreased Productivity – Meet Development – Pass Along Wrong Data Needs Copyright, 2010 Future Workplace
    • 26. Technologies Copyright, 2010 Future Workplace
    • 27. QUICK POLL: What Do You See As Top Social TechnologiesThree Workforce Related Issues FacingYour Company Inability to rapidly develop skills to address current/future business needs Lack of leadership capabilities Employee skills not aligned with current organizational priorities Inability to collaborate/share knowledge across the organization Inability to attract qualified candidates Inability to build an engaged/motivated workforce Unable to deploy/realign resources against new opportunities Inability to retain key employees Labor costs higher than competitors Difficulty in modifying staffing levels due to local labor regulations Copyright, 2010 Future Workplace
    • 28. Growing Importance Of Leadership Social TechnologiesDevelopment Copyright, 2010 Future Workplace
    • 29. Think About This As You Explore Social TechnologiesLeadership 2020  5 Generations In The Workplace  % Employees Work Outside Of USA  % of Employees Have A Remote Manager  % of Employees Are with Current Employer Under 5 Years  % Of Employees Report To A Leader From A Different Generation  #1 Reason Employees Leave Their Job Is A Poor Relationship with Their Immediate Manager Copyright, 2010 Future Workplace
    • 30. Leadership 2020 Model:Being This Kind of Leader… Requires These Management Behaviors Collaborative • Inclusive decision making Mind-set • Genuine solicitation of feedback Developer of • Mentors and coaches team People • Provides straight feedback Digitally • Uses technology to connect to Confident customers and employees Global • Has a diverse mind--set Citizen • Prioritizes social responsibility Anticipates and • Builds accountability across levels Builds for the Future • Champions innovation Copyright, 2010 Future Workplace
    • 31. Collaborative Mindset “Being a successful collaborative leader is about delivering results across boundaries.” David Archer & Alex Cameron Copyright, 2010 Future Workplace 31
    • 32. uCern - Realize the Potential of the Network… uCern is… - Cerner’s collaboration network for uCern Member Organizations associates, clients, and partners where healthcare and IT intersect uCern has… - Discussions, blogs, videos, wiki documentation, and social networking uCern’s vision… Current Stats: - Leverage mass collaboration to reduce •Over 4,250 communities covering every topic our clients and associates care about time between DISCOVERY and •Over 26,000 members including over 18,000 clients ADOPTION •3601 Videos , 99,096 Discussions 45,448 Documents, 112,816 Wiki pages Copyright, 2010 Future Workplace
    • 33. Developer Of People “People development is directed at employee, team & community” Brian Schipper, SVP HR, Cisco Copyright, 2010 Future Workplace 33
    • 34. Developer Of People: Cisco: CCMP Self, Team, Community Focus Training, Activities, Assessments, Points based Leverage Quad technology platform Integrated solution to support other corporate initiatives; Rewards, Talent Connection, Collaboration Copyright, 2010 Future Workplace
    • 35. Digitally Confident • Leverages technology to accelerate speed of decision making and business impact 1) Digitally proficient with technology: computer, blackberry w/ Bluetooth, web casts, Twitter, Yammer, FourSquare etc. 2) Leveraging the speed of technology to generate growth (ie: shorter period of time for great ideas to spread like a virus) 3) Utilizes and leverage social networks (Facebook LinkedIn, Twitter, Yammer, ) Copyright, 2010 Future Workplace 35
    • 36. Digitally Confident Web 2.0 usage Study of 743 Companies who say they will leverage the web for learning & development 9% use the web today 87% will use by 2011 Copyright, 2010 Future Workplace 36
    • 37. Global Citizenship • Global citizenship: Understand how to conduct business in a foreign country, develop an increased cultural intelligence and a deeper appreciation of relationships between business & society, as defined in The 2020 Workplace: How Innovative Companies Attract, Develop & Keep Tomorrow’s Employees Today Copyright, 2010 Future Workplace 37
    • 38. Build A Global Mindset: Copyright, 2010 Future Workplace 38
    • 39. Champion Innovative Thinking :A Cisco TelePresenceMeeting Copyright, 2010 Future Workplace
    • 40. QUICK POLL: How Likely Do You Think It Is ThatLeaders Will Be Rated On A Tool Like YELP?  Yes, Likely Now  Yes, In Five Years  Never Copyright, 2010 Future Workplace
    • 41. Every Person Will Have a Reputation Score … starting with leaders3/3/2011www.futureworkplace.comCopyright, 2010 Future Workplace 41
    • 42. Who Would You Rather Work For?Now You Can Rate Your Peers Copyright, 2010 Future Workplace
    • 43. What Can You Do NOW? Understand Trends Clarify Implications To Your Markets Identify Next Practice Benchmarks Build & Recruit For Leadership Competencies 2020 Introduce social tools in pilots and low-risk situations Get to know some Millennials! Consider reverse mentoring with one. Review your HR programs for Millennial friendliness. Open up to allow peer-to-peer feedback Copyright, 2010 Future Workplace
    • 44. Social Learning Boot Camp Details at The Social Learning Boot Camp, March 7-9, 2011 - An Executive Education Programme Taken Directly From Chapter 6: Of The 2020 Workplace book - Partner Is IESE Business School,165 West 57th Street, New York, NY - Experience and use the iPad during the workshop - Learn from peers and subject matter experts what works in re-inventing Learning & Development - Build a business plan for a Social Learning Pilot - Be Part Of An On-going Community Of Organizations Re- Inventing Learning & Development - Email Us: - Copyright, 2010 Future Workplace
    • 45. Let’s Continue the Dialogue… Jeanne Meister @jcmeister Sponsored by Blackboard For more information, please email or call 888-719-6123 Copyright, 2010 Future Workplace
    • 46. Question & Answer Jeanne C. Meister Founding Partner Future Workplace #CLOwebinar
    • 47. Join Our Next CLO Webinar! Thursday, March 10, 2010Improve Employee Engagement by Maximizing Your Learning Investment CLO Webinars start at 2 p.m. Eastern / 11 a.m. Pacific Register at Join the CLO Network: #CLOwebinar