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How to Identify and Hire ‘A’ Players Who Will Drive Success
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How to Identify and Hire ‘A’ Players Who Will Drive Success


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Not all employees are created equal. Research shows that “A” players outsell their peers by at least 48 percent in sales positions, have a more positive effect on customers than other employees, and …

Not all employees are created equal. Research shows that “A” players outsell their peers by at least 48 percent in sales positions, have a more positive effect on customers than other employees, and deliver superior team performance when included in a work group. A small team of “A” players can run circles around a giant team of “B” and “C” players.

Identifying great candidates usually starts with an impressive resume, but that only provides part of the story. To gain more insight into a candidate’s past performance, a scientifically valid, objective assessment is needed to provide a fuller picture. Hiring managers can greatly improve the odds of hiring “A” players by using scientifically validated surveys created by industrial psychologists, to help screen potential applicants. By discovering what previous managers and colleagues openly say about a candidate’s strengths, weaknesses and behaviors, “A” players can be selected 90 percent of the time!

Learn how automated online reference-checking has introduced a way to capture behavioral feedback from five references in two days for each job candidate. Also, see a demonstration of how this software infuses consistency, reliability and validity, and how to identify which candidates display the characteristics of an “A” player.

What will participants learn?

How to identify and hire “A” players.
How to capture behavioral feedback from five references in two days for each candidate.
How to infuse consistency, reliability and validity into each reference check.
How to identify developmental needs of each candidate.
How to provide information to hiring managers that influences decisions.

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Revolutionized Assessments for Business How to Identify and Hire “A” Players who will Drive Success SkillSurvey Pre-Hire 360™
  • 2. Making an Impact – Identifying “The Players” Goal of today’s Webinar • Continue to drive HR’s position in the organization – seat at table • Focus on understanding key drivers in your organization – Impact HR can have on bringing candidates who support those drivers • Reevaluating your current process and impact bad hires can have on your organization • Have you view the final steps in the hiring process a different way • Revolutionize the way HR and your customers work together
  • 3. HR Can Make a Major Impact • Screening to the top 2-3 candidates • Tools in the toolbox – Job application, resume – Phone interview – Prehire candidate self assessments • All from the candidates perspective • Last tool – the reference check One thing in common?
  • 4. The History of a Reference Check • Historically – One of the most important steps – Hiring managers talked to previous managers • How are they day to day? • Nuances? • What challenges do they have and what can I do to make them A+ players? • Actionable Information from References: – It usually supported the final decision – Sometimes this information help understand how this this candidate might succeed – Rarely did this information scientifically predict behavior of any kind – Made HR lawyers very nervous
  • 5. Necessary for making informed hiring decision Historical Phone Checking
  • 6. The Lawyers Get Involved • References spoke freely to me: – “ I wouldn’t ever work with them again” – “run for the hills….bad seed that took us 6 months to recover from..” – “best golfer ever – we play almost every day at 4” • The 1990’s and the new millennium – Legal issues arise – HR cracks down and bans reference checking • What are the options? – Outsource the process – check the box
  • 7. Results of Outsourcing • 4 simple answers • Does it really help make a decision? Key Success Traits • Interpersonal Skills • Teamwork • Honesty • Dependability • Integrity
  • 8. The Lawyers Get Involved • The 1990’s and the new millennium – Legal issues arise – HR cracks down and bans reference checking • What other options? – Stop doing it? • If you do try and reference check: • Countless hours of phone mail tag, email tag, phone mail tag • Weeks and weeks of time – All for no actionable information
  • 9. • Bad Hire has an impact • Various by organization and by job role – Hard dollar cost – base salary, benefits, on board training, exit costs – Internal team turmoil – Customer satisfaction – Compliance (Finance – SOX issues and the Fed’s) • For sales roles – Cost of lost revenue – Asset is time – time is lost forever • For clinical roles – HCAHPS and reimbursements Impact of a Bad Hire
  • 10. Dependable Employees Absenteeism is a chronic problem among U.S. retail employers • Conservatively costs $3,600 per hourly employee per year and $2,650 per salaried employee per year • A company with 5,000 hourly employees has the potential to reduce costs by over $7.9 million per year (3.2% of total payroll) • Results in lost productivity, high-cost replacement workers, and excess staffing Results in reduced ability to meet demand leading to dissatisfied customers
  • 11. Employee Retention in Retail Is Turnover Really a Fixed Cost?
  • 12. Can we make an impact by identifying behaviors before they are hired? Can HR Make An Impact?
  • 13. The Results are in……. 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 Minimal Moderate Great Percent DevelopmentalNeed 10 + years of statistics prove out - SkillSurvey References Perceive Candidates in the following categories 5-10 % High Risk Candidates 10-15 % Moderate Risk for Success Candidates 80-85 %Validated Low Risk
  • 14. Should be a Poll Question: Can We Identify Them? D’s and F’s are a must to avoid
  • 15. Categorize the Candidates 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 Minimal Moderate Great Percent DevelopmentalNeed The A’s, the B’s, the C’s, the D’s, the F’s 5 % D and F’s
  • 16. The D’s and F’s We all know someone like this Who hired this guy? Are you kidding me? - Not a team player - Gives 70% at best - Terrible with customers
  • 17. The Hard Cost of Bad Hire – Real ROI The U.S. Department of Labor currently estimates that the average cost of a bad hiring decision can equal 30% of the individual’s first-year potential earnings. That means a single bad hire with an annual income of $50,000 can equal a potential $15,000 loss for the employer. Question for the attendees: Can you think of one person your team hired recently where you made a mistake? Hiring manager override gone bad? Example – RN $60,000 x .3 = $18,000
  • 18. • Finding the B’s and C’s • Seems to be many in pool • The interview: – Seemed ok, better than most – Something nagging – ….3 months later – C – player – I knew it The B’s and C’s "I noticed that the dynamic range between what an average person could accomplish and what the best person could accomplish was 50 or 100 to 1. Given that, you're well advised to go after the cream of the cream. ...A small team of A+ players can run circles around a giant team of B and C players.“ --- Steve Jobs
  • 19. The B’s and C’s are Hard to Identify A players B and C players
  • 20. Large Percent of Candidate Pool 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 Minimal Moderate Great Percent DevelopmentalNeed The A’s, the B’s, the C’s, the D’s, the F’s 15 % B & C’s 80 % A’s
  • 21. B Player is Singled Out and Hired B Player is Chosen • Some gaps • No show stopper issues • Onboarding plan • Know the issues before day 1
  • 22. Less than one minute 85% Response Rate Confidential Reference Feedback Two Days or Less Identify Avoid Validate Skeptical?
  • 23. The Real Cost of Bad Hire – Cream of the Cream • Hiring for Mediocrity • Driving to the A player on every candidate • Cost of B’s and C’s – HCAHPS – Customer Satisfaction – Sales – Avis – we try hard to be the best (#1) • Must focus on the A’s • Identify those who can be B+ players
  • 24. What is the Problem? • Most candidates do a nice job presenting themselves during interviews – All are team players – All show up for work and don’t text, sit on Facebook all day – Most are ethical and always do the right thing • Most candidates are well rehearsed in the question/response mode – Books, job seeker sites – Experience interviewing all the time • Your only view today is from the candidate’s perspective – Really need a true 360 review from those who saw the behavior in the past
  • 25. Phone interview Face to Face Personality / Behavior Assessments Resume From Candidate Perspective – Today’s Approach I’m terrific I work really hard, weekends too! I interview well I’m a Team Player Recruiter Candidate
  • 26. Phone interview Face to Face Personality / Behavior Assessments Resume From Reference Perspective – Today’s Approach She’s terrific I would hire her again, yes! She works hard She’ a Team Player Recruiter Reference
  • 27. Phone interview Face to Face Personality / Behavior Assessments Resume A New Perspective – The New Paradigm Dependability Interpersonal Skills Personality Work Ethic Teamwork Integrity References Recruiter
  • 28. Comparison Online Solution Typical Phone Check More references 5+ business references 50% of which are former or current Supervisors 2 to 3 Faster 1 to 2 days 5 to 10 days Guide Hiring Managers Previous managers assisting in leading interview No Pauses a hiring decision 5% - 10% of candidates < 1% of candidates? Passive sourcing tools 5 references per candidate – warm leads Not Applicable Compliant/Legal Risk Supports compliance with EEOC and OFCCP Uncertain/Inconsistent
  • 29. Why You and a Better Process? • Improve – Quality of Hire – Hiring Manager’s Interview Effectiveness – Efficiency – Passive Sourcing • Drive – Compliance and Consistency • Elevate Recruitment’s Role
  • 30. Improve Hiring Manager’s Interview Effectiveness • Lack of consistency for hiring managers • Managers looking for differences in candidates • Probing questions driven by previous managers’ comments
  • 31. Patient Satisfaction - HCAHPS
  • 32. Behavioral Interview Questions
  • 33. Improve Efficiency – Time and Money RecruitersSourceCandidates Screen to top 3 candidates
  • 34. • Improve efficiency – time and money • Six Sigma  From 60 work weeks to 4.8 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 Telephone SkillSurvey Work weeks to reference check 2,272 job candidates Solution resulted in a 92% Reduction in Time Spent reference checking Exclusive Case Study: Improved Efficiency – Time and Money
  • 35. Science Compliance Risk Science and Compliance
  • 36. Science Compliance Risk Drives Risk to Levels Lawyers Smile About
  • 37. Increase Compliance and Consistency • It is all about the science - Validity of survey questions – Do the questions validate what you are actually asking? – Do the questions help predict future behavior? – Are the questions being asked in a way that reduces risk? • Sample question – What high school did you go to? • SkillSurvey reference feedback shows no differences between sub-groups – Helps support your efforts to remain EEOC and OFCCP compliant • Standardized process
  • 38. • Clear ROI for Finance and Budgets – Quality of Hire – Turnover – Efficiency – Passive Sourcing • Elevate Recruitment’s Role Why You and a Better Process?
  • 39. 1 minute 5 minutes 10 minutes 2 seconds
  • 40. Survey Availability Job Level ► ▼Job Family Entry- Level Hourly Clerical Professional Supervisor Manager Executive General        Production      Sales        Marketing      IT        Operations      Customer Service       R&D     Admin       Finance       Legal       HR       Engineering      Education     Healthcare       
  • 41. Step 1: Enter Candidate Data
  • 42. Step 1a: Select Survey Send email to candidate
  • 43. Sample Libraries: Finance
  • 44. Other Libraries: IT
  • 45. Other Libraries: Customer Service
  • 46. Other Libraries: Healthcare
  • 47. Step 1a: Select Survey Send email to candidate
  • 48. From: org name Recruiting Sent: Thursday, November 06, 2008 12:57 PM To: Patrick T Subject: org name Selection Process Information Dear Patrick T, Thank you for your continued interest in the Major Account Sales position with org name. As already explained to you, a critical step in the selection process is reference checking. org name uses web-based reference checking for this purpose. Please click on the link below. It will open a web page where you will input your reference. You will also be able to review a sample of the questions being asked and the email that will be sent to your references. Your references will be emailed a reference survey and their responses will be submitted directly back to SkillSurvey. No one will see your references' individual responses because all responses are electronically aggregated together to produce one summary report. Note that all references will be responding as individuals, not as representatives of any company or organization. Please click on the following link (URL) to begin: Step 2: Candidate Enters References Automated Email From Recruiter to Candidate Explaining the Process
  • 49. Step 2c: Candidate Confirms References and Signs Legal Waiver Proof of Consent “…I hereby release any such person, their company, and any affiliated officers, directors, agents, and employees from any and all claims I may have arising out of the disclosure of such information…”
  • 50. The Surveys: Job-Specific, Behaviorally-Based Questions
  • 51. Job-Specific, Behaviorally-Based Would you like to learn more about job openings at Your Org name?
  • 52. Drive Warm Candidates to Career Page
  • 53. Step 4: Aggregate Reference Responses into Actionable Intel
  • 54. Validated Candidate – Good Fit
  • 55. Validated Candidate – Good Fit
  • 56. Pause or Avoid this Candidate – Low Scoring
  • 57. Professionalism
  • 58. Interpersonal Skills
  • 59. Patient Satisfaction - HCAHPS
  • 60. Verbatim Comments
  • 61. Verbatim Comments
  • 62. Passive Candidate Database
  • 63. • Clear ROI for Finance and Budgets – Quality of Hire – Turnover – Efficiency – Passive Sourcing • Quickly Implement and Easy “Win” for HR • Elevate Recruitment’s Role in the Organization Why You and a Better Process?
  • 64. Sample Clients Sample Clients
  • 65. SkillSurvey Usage and Growth
  • 66. About Us: SkillSurvey • Providing Reference Solutions since 2002 • Inventor of web-based reference checking – Patent pending • 43,212 Candidates in September 2013 – September 2012 – 29,111 – Over 1,000,000 candidates entered since 2008 – Over 5,000,000 people experienced the SkillSurvey process • 770+ customers • 330 surveys in current inventory – 23 different job families – Cynthia Hedricks, PhD, Chief Analytics Officer – 92 Surveys for Healthcare roles, 22 Surveys for IT roles, 12 for Sales roles, 10 for Customer Service roles, 22 for Finance roles, 15 for Retail roles, 13 for Education
  • 67. Contact SkillSurvey Jack Kramer, Executive Vice President Field Operations 610-947-6300 x 1203