Finding the 'Why' Behind Talent Management Technology


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A company’s most valuable asset is the people who walk through its doors each day to manage, lead, coordinate and execute. Providing these employees with a first-class experience from pre-hire to retire is the most crucial element to sustaining a successful business and attracting talent that will develop into future leadership, and utilizing cutting-edge technology is a key ingredient to the process.

Join us as Thomas Boyle and Chris Lennon of SilkRoad help attendees discover the “why” behind talent management technology, exploring the capabilities and power of automation and its positive effect on the employee experience and your company’s bottom line.

Register and attend to discover:

The power of technology in talent management.
How utilizing technology can drive better business results and increase ROI.
Why automation of talent management processes can increase engagement and retention.

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Finding the 'Why' Behind Talent Management Technology

  1. 1. You can listen to today’s webinar using your computer’s speakers or you may dial into the teleconference. If you would like to join the teleconference, please dial 1.650.479.3208 and enter access code: 920 653 282 #. You will be on hold until the seminar begins. #TMwebinar
  2. 2. Speakers: Thomas Boyle Director of Product Marketing SilkRoad Chris Lennon Director of Product Management SilkRoad Moderator: Deanna Hartley Senior Editor Talent Management Magazine #TMwebinar
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  6. 6. #TMwebinar Deanna Hartley Senior Editor Talent Management magazine
  7. 7. #TMwebinar Thomas Boyle Director of Product Marketing SilkRoad Chris Lennon Director of Product Management SilkRoad
  8. 8. Finding the “Why” Behind Talent Management Technology Thomas Boyle & Chris Lennon SilkRoad technology July 11, 2013
  9. 9. SilkRoad Contacts • Thomas Boyle • • Chris Lennon •
  10. 10. Todays Topics Talent Acquisition • Recruiting & Onboarding Management Talent Development • Performance & Learning Management 10 The Cost Business Drivers Benefits Benchmarking for Success Common Challenges Key Take Away’s
  11. 11. Distributed Workforces Talent Development HRMS Talent Acquisition Measure
  12. 12. Benefits of a Talent Strategy
  13. 13. Talent Priorities 13
  14. 14. Recruiting Management
  15. 15. The Cost 15 “This large expense is primarily going to agencies and job boards today” -Bersin Talent Acquisition Factbook® 2011 124 billion U.S. spending on talent acquisition 2011. An Increase of 6%. Average spent for every new hire brought into the organization. $3,500
  16. 16. Todays Workforce 7.5 Percent Unemployment Rate 11.7 million Unemployed in U.S 32 % Lack of available candidates
  17. 17. Path to Improvement
  18. 18. Recruitment Metrics Top 3 Recruitment metrics used in organizations Employee RetentionQuality of HireTime to fill Vacancy Rate within Top Jobs Turnover Rate Offer Acceptance Rate Your Brand Strength Individual Recruiter Performance Cost per hire
  19. 19. Business Drivers 19
  20. 20. 1. Volume of resumes make screening cumbersome and costly 2. No centralized database limits metrics and reporting capabilities 3. No way to brand recruitment effort to reflect culture 4. High agency and Job board fees, and no simple/accurate way to manage. 5. No formal workflow process or standard processing 20 Top 5 Challenges
  21. 21. Benefits/Results 21
  22. 22. Recruiting Technology: Benefits Attracting & Engaging Talent • Decrease your job board spend/Automate Job Distribution • Reduce drop off by streamlining the candidate application process • Increase brand awareness, with company career portals and content. • Automate Hiring Workflows & Notifications saving time and increasing engagement. Screening & Hiring • Reduce agency spend by identifying candidates who are already in your database. • Leverage existing employee referral networks for lower cost , better fit referrals. • Increase your quality of hire by including prescreening questions to identify high potential and knock out low performers. • Decrease time to fill with automated workflows and Interview scheduling. • Mitigate risk by capturing and reporting on the proper guidelines.
  23. 23. High Sierra Industries
  24. 24. Onboarding & Transitions
  25. 25. The amount employees cost U.S and U.K companies by not fully understanding their jobs. -IDC International Data - 37 Billion The Cost
  26. 26. 26 25% couldn’t log onto the network 20% didn't know how to find company resources Manager/Team was not involved in onboarding 27% of the time 29% didn't feel prepared the first day 28% didn't have sufficient introduction to culture What Does your Onboarding Process Look Like?
  27. 27. Benchmark: Onboarding Automation
  28. 28. Tools that automate forms management Personalized portals for employees Reporting tools that monitor which employees have completed what forms… Tools that track HR compliance rates Social technology 28 Benchmark: Technology in use
  29. 29. Business Drivers 29
  30. 30. Key Drivers
  31. 31. 1. Manual paper form processing increases opportunity for errors and creates redundant data entry 2. Absence of a formal workflow process and lack of consistency by location, job, and department 3. Lack of overall socialization and connection to company or team 4. Lack of consistency and engagement in new hire processing resulting in delayed productivity 5. Compliance Issues , including Errors in I-9 and W4 processing 31 Top 5 Challenges
  32. 32. Benefits/Results 32
  33. 33. • Increase Day one Readiness by automated the delivery of critical forms and onboarding tasks internally and externally. • Speed time to productivity for new and by providing essential connections and training during onboarding. • Go Paperless: With electronic form capabilities HR teams can eliminate the extra paper associated with administrative responsibilities, reducing costs for their organization. • Increase Efficiency: With automated workflows HR staff can drastically improve productivity; as much as 30%. • Improve Employee Retention with Early engagement to minimize no-shows and new employee turnover. • Reduce legal risks by automated I-9 and E-Verify compliance. Onboarding Technology: Benefits
  34. 34. Yale New Haven
  35. 35. Benefit Timeline Prepare & Orient Integrate Excel Day 1 Day 90 Year 1 Future State Current State Gain 1 Accelerated time to contribution Gain 2 Accelerated Productivity Start Earlier Pre Day 1
  36. 36. Learning & Performance Management
  37. 37. Key Drivers 37
  38. 38. How Closely Tie Performance Evaluation to Employee Development
  39. 39. Learning Management 39
  40. 40. The Cost spent by US organizations on employee training • 56% ($87.5 billion) on internal training • 30% ($46.9 billion) on external services • 14% ($21.9 billion) on tuition reimbursement 40 156 billion 1,182 *ASTD 2012 State of the Industry Report spent per employee • Small companies spend more per employee • Employees averaged 31 hours of training
  41. 41. The Cost “US training organizations grew their spending by 12% in 2012 with similar growth rates expected in 2013.” “Organizations with highly mature L&D functions (we call them High-Impact Learning Organizations) spend 34% more than others.” “Large businesses triple their spending on social learning.” 41 *
  42. 42. Business Drivers 42
  43. 43. 43 Top 5 Challenges • Ineffective tracking of training completion and success rates • Cost of delivering instructor led training • Lack of central management and automation of training programs • Reporting gaps allow lapses in compliance • Difficulty building, re-using, and updating course content
  44. 44. The Incredible Shrinking Training Dept. • Ratio of training staff continues to decline • A sign of the changing role of L&D • No longer ‘the place’ for learning • Instead, facilitate and enable learning • Need new technology skills • Gain expertise in new technologies including social and mobile • Build skills in performance consulting • Work to cultivate strong learning cultures within their organizations 44 *
  45. 45. Automation Compliance Training 45 59% 59% 42% Manual Automated
  46. 46. Are you ready? 46 9% 23% 47% 21% It makes me want to quit. Holy Reporting Batman!!! I have to give up 3 weeks of my life to prepare for this?! Great, let’s go! I’m confident I have what I need. Other (please specify) Professionals’ level of confidence in their audit “readiness.”
  47. 47. 47 Benefits/Results
  48. 48. Automation = Consistency = Increased Safety
  49. 49. High Sierra Industries
  50. 50. Performance Management 50
  51. 51. The Cost Days wasted per year for U.S. Managers dealing with underperformers 51 34 days 350 billion Gallup estimate for cost to the U.S. Economy by disengaged employees • $2,246 per disengaged employee
  52. 52. Business Drivers 52
  53. 53. Tools for Performance Management
  54. 54. 54 Top 5 Challenges • Lack of automation results in a cumbersome process reliant on staff • Inaccurate appraisals and inflated rating scales • Employee dissatisfaction with results and process • Employee goals not aligned with business objectives • Lack of structured engaging development plans
  55. 55. Believe it is important to link a current review with the previous review
  56. 56. Consider organizational influence an important measure of future leadership potential
  57. 57. Benefits/Results 57
  58. 58. Goals Achieved Through Technology Complied with regulatory requirements Standardized process across organization Reduced costs Improved organizational performance
  59. 59. 59 Kearney & Company
  60. 60. Take Away #1 60 Organizations must move from tactical to strategic approaches. Recruiting, Onboarding, Employee Transitions, Performance Management, and Learning and Development are generally viewed as one-time events, not a continuous process. Develop a strategy – goals, philosophy, and technology models to engage and employees, continuously
  61. 61. Take Away #2 61 Recruiting technology can offer a low cost high touch option helping you attract, screen and hire the best talent. Key takeaway: Leverage your brand and your career portal as a way to engage candidates and drive them to the best career opportunities. Recruiting technology can increasing the quality of your applicants while decrease the cost and time it takes to find them .
  62. 62. Take Away #3 62 Improve day one readiness by enabling employees to contribute faster more effectively. Organizational and role alignment : Standardized processes, reduced paperwork and effort, a cohesive framework for geographically dispersed organizations. HR ad L&D professionals can spearhead automation and efforts and assemble multi disciplinary teams to determine which process stand to benefit
  63. 63. Take Away #4 63 Compliance training is an “Achilles heel” for many organizations. Many companies are managing compliance tracking and reporting using a patchwork of technologies and processes. Organizations stand to gain by adopting technology to improve their compliance training, reporting, and audit preparation.
  64. 64. Take Away #5 64 Employees that are engaged and clearly understand their roles and contributions out perform their counterparts. Technology can automate processes that drive employee participation while reducing paperwork. Organizations that are still using paper-based processes have lower participation in performance activities and have a harder time pushing business goals.
  65. 65. Proprietary and Confidential This material is proprietary to SilkRoad, inc. It contains trade secrets and confidential information which is solely the property of SilkRoad, inc. This material is solely for the client’s internal use. This material shall not be used, reproduced, copied, disclosed, transmitted, in whole or in part, without the express consent of SilkRoad, inc. Thank You!
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