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8.16 tm silk_road_finalslides

  1. 1. Compliance Training is Ruining My Business! Speaker: Chris Lennon Director of Product Management SilkRoad technology Inc Moderator: Daniel Margolis Managing Editor Chief Learning Officer magazine #CLOwebinar
  2. 2. Tools You Can Use•  Q&A –  Click on the Q&A panel (?) in the bottom right corner –  Type in your question in the space provided –  Click on “Send.” #CLOwebinar
  3. 3. Tools You Can Use•  Polling –  The poll will appear on the right side of your screen –  Select the best option for each question –  Click on “Submit” #CLOwebinar
  4. 4. Frequently Asked Questions1. Will I receive a copy of the slides after the webinar? YES 2. Will I receive a copy of the webinar recording? YES Please allow up to 2 business days to receive these materials #CLOwebinar
  5. 5. Compliance Training is Ruining My Business! Daniel Margolis Managing Editor Chief Learning Officer magazine #CLOwebinar
  6. 6. Compliance Training is Ruining My Business! Chris Lennon Director of Product Management SilkRoad technology Inc #CLOwebinar
  7. 7. Compliance Trainingis Ruining My Business!Presented by: Chris Lennon,Director of Product ManagementAugust 16th, 2011 2-3 PM EDT
  8. 8. We’re Proud to Say… 97% Renewal Rate 5 Million Users 62 of the Fortune 5001500+ Customers Award-Winning Customer Service 80+ Countries 8
  9. 9. SilkRoad technology Life Suite SilkRoad  offers  the  most   comprehensive  suite  of   talent  management   solu8ons  on  the  market.   Our  complete  suite  allows   human  resource   professionals  to  strengthen   and  personalize  employee   experiences  at  all  touch   touch  points  
  10. 10. Introductionso  Who am I?o  Who are you?o  How compliance training can ruin your business. 10
  11. 11. Poll #1o  Where are you on the spectrum of compliance training? o  1. Holy guacamole! Were supposed to be keeping track of this stuff?? o  2. Im so overwhelmed I want to curl up in a ball and hide under my desk! o  3. Im fine until we have an audit - and my family will hate being around me for a week. o  4. No sweat, we have this thing licked… whats all the hubbub about? o  5. Im only on here because Im a CLO groupie 11
  12. 12. Example #1o  January 2011 - Pharmaceutical company closedo  Deltex Pharmaceuticals Inc., of Rosenberg, TXo  U.S. Food and Drug Administration consent decree o  Prohibits manufacturing and distribution until compliant o  Violations of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act involving manufacturing and distributing unapproved, adulterated, and misbranded drugs. o  Recall and destroy drugs that were manufactured and distributed since Oct. 31, 2008 o  Penalties of $2,500 per day if fail to comply with consent decreeo  Source: www.FDA.gov (http://www.fda.gov/NewsEvents/Newsroom/ PressAnnouncements/ucm240272.htm) 12
  13. 13. Example #2o  June – October 2010 – Charter Bus company shut downo  RLT Tours, LLC of Long Pond, PAo  U.S. Department of Transportations Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA)o  Violations of federal safety regulations: o  Hours of service requirements for drivers o  Insurance requirements o  Vehicle maintenance standards o  Drug and alcohol testing complianceo  Source: pocononews.net (http://www.pocononews.net/news/2011/ February/24/24Feb11-2.html) 13
  14. 14. Poll #2o  What drives your compliance training? o  1. Federal Agency (HIPAA, 21 CFR Part 11, etc.) o  2. Vendor Driven (equipment, tools, software, etc.) o  3. HR – general legal (sexual harassment, ethics, etc.) o  4. I don’t know, I’m just attending this webinar so my boss thinks I’m busy. 14
  15. 15. Gateway Computerso  Once the 4th largest computer manufacturer in the world o  Large cow-spotted building o  Over 20,000 employees o  Over 280 locationso  Gateway brand still existso  Export Regulations 15
  16. 16. Gateway: Export Complianceo  Annual Export Compliance Training o  Company wide o  All sales and customer service staff trainedo  Classroom Training and Paper Based Exam o  Tests created by legal / export department o  Tracked by spreadsheet o  Failed tests – schedule retake and make–up classes o  Hard copies filed for audit reference later 16
  17. 17. Gateway: Lessons Learnedo  Company wide initiatives are sometimes the most efficient way to manage if an LMS is not in placeo  Spreadsheets and filing cabinets are very difficult for audit trackingo  Work with subject matter experts but have instructional designers create the material and exams o  Verify wording is clear o  No trick questions 17
  18. 18. Gen-Probe Incorporatedo  Global leader in development, manufacture & marketing of Nucleic Acid Tests o  Diagnose infectious disease o  Screen donated human blood o  Ensure transplant compatibilityo  NASDAQ: GPROo  1300 Employeeso  San Diego Headquarters 18
  19. 19. Gen-Probe: Certification Training o  Training Needs o  Procedural (SOP) o  Hands – on proficiency component o  Employees trained once per SOP o  New Requirements o  Revisions o  Employees must be trained prior to performing job
  20. 20. Gen-Probe: Training Administration Before After50+ Database Admins 1 Administrator 20
  21. 21. Gen-Probe: SAGEo  Managers set requirements and monitoro  Compliance training assigned by: o  Job Title (core minimum requirements) o  Individual Inclusion/Exclusion (to customize) o  Org. Unit (company-wide requirements)o  Easy reporting o  Supervisor reports – assure employees are compliant o  Administrator reports – validation and accuracy o  Reports in the hands of an auditor within 60 seconds
  22. 22. Gen-Probe: Audits o  At least 14 audits since Jan 1, 2009 o  Regulatory bodies (FDA / TUV - Europe) o  Partners o  Vendors o  Auditors like the LMS o  Immediate visibility o  Clean reporting o  LMS administrators run all requested reports o  Filter out non-compliance based training o  Auditors provided paper copy 22
  23. 23. Gen-Probe: Lessons Learnedo  “Training is the glue that bonds the employee’s job description to what the employee is actually doing.”o  Learning Management Systems are very helpful in managing compliance o  Be sure your system is flexible enough to accommodate your different certification cycles o  Never let employees fall out of compliance! o  Make sure employees know they are accountable for staying in complianceo  Involve management staff o  Let them take ownership o  Managerial level dictates what the employees need based on job title o  Provide easy to use tools to help themo  Partner with your Quality organization o  Don’t be afraid to ask why/why not when it comes to what compliance means o  Building the partnership helps assure the right thing is being done o  Smooth audits - everyone is on the same team 23
  24. 24. Children’s Memorial Hospital o  Chicago, IL o  Region’s top provider of pediatric specialty care o  More than 146,000 children served in 2010 o  1100 pediatric specialists o  70 pediatric specialties 24
  25. 25. Children’s Memorial: Trainingo  Educational Requirements related to patient safety o  Physicians o  Nurses o  Allied Health Staff o  Employeeso  Computer based training moduleso  Staff observationo  Mandated by regulatory agencies o  Joint Commission o  CMS 25
  26. 26. Children’s Memorial: The Numbers o  Approximately 3500 employees complete compliance training annually o  Approximately 20 compliance courses per year o  Direct observation for about 1000 employees o  Excellent way to validate competence o  VERY time consuming 26
  27. 27. Children’s Memorial: Initiativeso  Consistency within departments o  Standardized validation forms and templates for competencies o  Ongoing processo  Implementing assessments to allow employees to “test out” of courses 27
  28. 28. Children’s Memorial: Lessons Learnedo  Make sure program reflects organizational needso  Make education easily accessibleo  Have resources in place to assist with questions 28
  29. 29. For More Informationo  www.silkroad.como  Gen-Probe case study o  SilkRoad.com > Resourceso  www.Gen-Probe.como  www.ChildrensMemorial.orgo  Chris.Lennon@silkroad.como  sales@silkroad.com to set up a personalized demo 29
  30. 30. 30
  31. 31. Question & Answer Chris Lennon Director of Product Management SilkRoad technology Inc #CLOwebinar
  32. 32. Join Our Next CLO WebinarFostering Learning Beyond the Classroom Thursday, August 25, 2011 CLO Webinars start at 2 p.m. Eastern / 11 a.m. Pacific www.clomedia.com/events http://network.clomedia.com/ #CLOwebinar