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Value fit_english

  1. 1. ROA CONSULTING ideagraphic lab Business llillillilmllllill Produced by ROA Consulting ideagraphic Lab V This publication 15 the intellectual properly oi ROA Consulting and @)EE www, businessmodelgame. com 15 protected under irie CCLlCrea! ive Common License) . . -¢ . .
  2. 2. —VALU E FIT ? The Business Model Game includes a Value Fit Test to find out how well the player’s designated product fits the market conditions. Silicon Valley's famous Guru Marc Andreesen, co-founder of Netscape, Mosaic, and Andreesen Horowitz, is well-known for emphasizing the importance of the Product/ Market Fit test as the key to the guidebook of success for start-ups. Using Andreesen Horowitz’s philosophy of the Product/ Market Fit has our motif, we came up with an independent tool called the Value Fit Test for testing a product’s level of fit to the current market conditions. The purpose of the Value Fit Test is to find out “Does my product really fit the needs of the target market? " and whether the value proposition designated for the product can really satisfy an unmet need.
  3. 3. TPT-l/ -SE ‘i f Crc-rate a S'toryBoarc! Filling Out the Preview Note In order to carry out the Value Fit Test’s Product Survey, the player creates a simple storyboard based on the chosen product. Section C must be first filled out using the keywords that best describe the player’s product. This section can also be filled out word for word from the value proposition. Then fill out an appropriate icon image that could best represent the product in section A. Likewise fill out section B with an image sketch that best represents the product. fl : l1'l| 1'1’ Product Name: STORYBOARD BOOK Fm Ffudllcl slim, and Value FM Test Pvuduct Name: =. ... ., u. .. . ,.. ... .. -. :_, , iaeagispric iau idezqrauhiclab gushes, ROA l. '.HULvl9‘fill'. Lv R0-
  4. 4. ZPHASE 2: Creating a StoryBoard Filling Out the Review Note Now we fill out the actual storyboard. 9 Free sketch the user scenario in his or her interaction with the players product in the animation storyboard framework. You can also include smartphone, tablet, ,. l P l P imam uimiui '”, ’§[, " km LUULMJHLL web, and PC screen sketches in between when needed. T?
  5. 5. ZPHASE 3: Conduct Product Survey Product Survey Distribute the storyboards and surveys to the test group. Each survey taker should read the storyboard from start to finish and participate in the survey. The survey is all made up of multiple-choice sections and will take up to 10 minutes including the instruction giving time. The questions are composed of a preview and review section. The preview section includes 4 questions and the review section includes 18 questions. 53.-my HROJIIIKI SDEEEY = i:(o1n1uoI SUEEH In in: Ina: Pnonucri an mm mm mm : In so an an “""' “""' ""“' "" """’ was Mlllmlim El D El E E1 PREVIEW rnzur noixiu an «M mini uemvle :91 line Iloicl D C] D D E] In lllol yiuai um E El E1 D D W" F D“ in D D D D D an lllli Mill! an 3: as emu E El E1 D D ‘ h D D D D D . : - flflllsmllllil2flI. Dl8IHEI! iI! II1l: l:flu E El E1 D D T" Mn" “" "W ““M“’' J“ D D D D D Dl an Alsllvtll oiiua 57:; 5113111131215! D E El D D ‘E "T" ‘'6 ‘''''" 7“ T " T‘ “R W In nu-(2: -new Incl mm aun: -uimin El E1 El D [1 REVIEW iaurfiu maxi urn um mum ‘“"‘” "'“' "W ’“‘‘‘‘T D D D D D W“ M En” D D D D D AIIMEN um: Aw: -1 011913! :29 D D El D D flmmmsifim H“ D D D D D IIINBI| ¥l€#! fllliI01|J| IE! lEWH~: ¢1JtUElAl: K# El E El D [1 “ “H W M X‘-‘mi! am _M“ D D D B D -an-on manual: 1119 as win: min in D E] El D E] uni” a| ,“, ¢,mq D D D D D iiueuniiswl D1IiI! lD1H§! !iD1 misma D E El El D D1 11501 am ass. -ieeamisuu D E El E1 D '4!"mH! !iH= ~’lr°1=" U U U U 5 mm nan :1 um Cl E El Cl Cl WW“ i. ..4.. ... .-«um. .. M nun--kin-cu-i
  6. 6. JPHASE 42 Calculate Individual Value Score Value Fit Matrix The survey results are to be represented on the Value Fit Matrix on the right. The main concept of the matrix is that a value fit and consumer drive occurs when the user’s perceived benefit is greater than the perceived cost. b’s Motivation Theory _ otive= Need + Drive § Need m Drive - B > C 0 1 2 3 4 5 . . Val Val Val Recommend R -U - Need Is generated when the user feels a Benefit 5,, ,'. 'f. una F: e 3‘ - When Benefit>Cost, user perceives Value and Drive occurs
  7. 7. ZPHASE 5: Calculate Individual Value Score What are the 5 Values? Though it is not recorded on the survey taker’s sheet, each question is actually separated in to 5 categories of benefit and costs. When we evaluate the value fit test results, we categorized each combination of benefit or cost under these five types of values shown in the chart below. 5Twes°*Va'ues % Benefit 2 Attention Generation, Benefit of Expectation, Cost of Expectation, Value Expect, VE 0 w Value Useful, VU Value Fun, VF lfi Re-Use, R Recommend, RD Customer Acquisition Need-Driven, Pain Releaser Want-Driven, Candy Customer Retention, Stickiness Customer Acquisition, Network Effect, Buzz, Viral BE Benefit of Usefulness, BU Benefit of Fun, BF Benefit of Re-Using, BR Benefit of Recommending, BRD CE Cost from lost Usefulness, CU Cost from lost Fun, CF Cost of Re-Using that hinders re-use, CR Cost of Recommending that hinders recommendations, CRD
  8. 8. Scoring System In order to interpret the results of the Product Survey, the following scoring system is used: 1 pt for Not at all, 2pt for Not Really, 3pt for Kind of, 4m for Yes, Spt for Definitely . Add up the points for questions in the same category. The matching category for each question is shown on the right. ex I feel daunted by the initial purchase cost of the product (CF, CU)I If the person checked ‘kind of‘, give 3 points to each Cost Fun and Cost Useful category / Pl-I/ -SE 6 1 Calculate Individual la| ue Score ideagraphic lab ROA r-.171 we PRODUCT: PRODUCT SURVEY ~-—- PREVIEW I Eel? -7ll0lXlE‘_l 2131 55-011 59-IEII aie xiieoii mieoi dclci « - are X1l§E Aiesiia ass at as : ’ét°| Ci — deal zoixi 922:». visa» as xiieeoii niee : ’.’_| El - - 0|1Il§§ Aieaiioisi oiuiai ens :7IIXl7<l meal - REVIEW ( : §.El§. E§ ‘%7IlX| 2131 421-2011 §EILlEl I xiiuiaie 7101 erasici - » 1ll%0l | —l0II7ll see 2 e E101 sari -- XtI§ nee siaii 271 xieoioisie %°Jl°| eraser: an - ll| §% gear OISIIQ $71 an 53.. oi ziigoi 212:1: age xiiniie 517-? e are >4 2:1 . &?0I|7ll $8811 :1 94:2 — E81 JSIXIYXCI Jil’f| .°&El 2§o1:i : is1:1 "I? -Jiltl www zmriessnioaeigamepam
  9. 9. ZPHASE 7: Calculate Individual Value Score Score Calculation for each Benefit/ Cost Category After adding up the points in each of the 10 categories (BE, BU, BF, BRD, CE, CU, CF, CR, CRD) for each survey taken, add up the results of individual surveys by each category. Below is the equation for generating the Value Score of each category in the Value Fit Test. Total number of Added Points of all Survey Takers for Category A Value Score of Category A = ninumber of survey takers) x ninumber of questions in Category A)
  10. 10. 1PHASE 82 Calculate Individual Value Score Final Value Score Generation& Mapping Now we take the generated Value Score for each category and map in onto the Value Fit Matrix. Place each of the Value Tiles on the square representing corresponding score for that category. e. g. If the Score Value is 3.4 for BU and 2.6 for CU, place the Value Useful (VU) tile on 3,3 (><, y) of the Matrix. Value Value Value Ilecnlnmuul Re - Use Expect Useful Fun
  11. 11. TPH/ -SE 9? Check Pass/ Fail , Level Clearl Start ove r Map all five Value tiles on the Matrix according to the steps outlined in 5 I‘ Phase 8. 4 If 3 or more of the tiles are located on the DRIVE area of the Matrix, the product passes the Value Fit Test. If not, the product fails Level III 3 5 and the player must backtrack to Level I and II to restructure the 3 business plan. 2 1 0 0 1 2 3 4 5 BENEFIT I’ Value Value Value Expect Useful Fun Recommend Re-Use 11
  12. 12. STORYBOARD BOOK For Product Survey and Value Fit Test l Product Name: Business lllllllltllzfitlllflll www. businessmodelgame. com I Company l Written by l Dale ‘ ll of Sheets ideagraphiclab EONSULYWG 12
  13. 13. PREVIEW Product Name: Business | Ll[lfl][%ME[l[l][% www. businessrnode| game. com ideagraphic lab uuuuuuuu N6 13
  14. 14. /, .,w, ,.. ,;, ,é? /,5,/ ,// ; / .2 . . . ,¢/ ,w/ ,w. _p. .,2»/ é/.7//4/, /// /4 /2. . 1 / /// /,4./ ../ // /// .,/ /z/ ,/i, .K5 uZ_§: mz_uu <om nm_u_; um. mmwu_ Zoo mEm9muoEmmm: _m: o sass gfiga muufimsm u—O3UO. _n_ 14
  15. 15. Product: Business lflllllllrlliitillllll ideagraphiclab ROA wwvv busiriessmodelgarne com CW5 , L~, ,.m 15
  16. 16. Prod ct Business ideagraphic lab u : www. businessrnodeIgame. com SEE,
  17. 17. Business -]-Y ‘ 1 r ideagraphiclab CONSULTING 1 Subject I Assessor: PRODUCT: Not at all Not Really Kind of Yes Definitely -- PREVIEW ( to be answered after reading just the Preview page) I feel curious about this product I feel that this product will be useful This product feels mundane, I feel bored by such products I don’t feel any impulse to use this product ---- REVIEW ( to be answered after reading the whole Storyboard ) I know this product is going to be entertaining This product can help me I feel daunted by the initial purchase cost of the product I don't completely understand this product I don't think I can properly enjoy the intended effect of this product lwant to suggestthis product to a friend n‘. busii1(: ‘.sn1<xlc| g.1n1c. oon1
  18. 18. Business llllllllttflillllllt SEEEEY I have an intention to keep using this product This is a product that is essential to some people This product looks easy-to-use The installation and sign-up procedures in the preparation stage of this product is too cumbersome I want to ask people around me whether they new such a service existed I feel daunted by the cost per usage of the product I feel an emotional attachment to this product I regret the time wasted on using this product I feel daunted by the effort and cost put into using this product I end up frequently using a certain function of this product] this product has a certain addiction to it There are difficult aspects to this product which are hard to appeal to the general population I don't trust this product enough to recommend it to others Not at all Not Really Kind of Yes ideagraphic lab ROA CONSULTING Definitely m'. busiriossmnLlclgnI11c. onIr1 18
  19. 19. -7 ‘T l 7.”. l -7 1.7, r ’ ‘. l<'i r iii : r| Ti I/ "A. Jtl . -l. v .4 For more Information on BIVIG practice/ education and business coaching/ consulting, Contact Bmg@roaconsu| ting. co. kr www. businessmodelgame. com
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