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This is a journey map for start up companies to construct their business model narrative concretely by simulating and brain-storming from Stage 1 to Stage 9.

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business model journey map_english version

  1. 1. Business Idea Pionner? Tweaker? Settler? Single Play? Free-Rider? Two-Timer? No Pass! Pass! Pass! Pass! Pass! STAGE 3 STAGE 2 STAGE 1 Business Model Game Journey Map 2. Do we have the right team members to realize this business idea? 10. What are the potential marketing actions that can be undertaken before launching the product/service? 9. Do any of the team members have a noteworthy background or Does the product or service have a unique point of difference which could create a buzz among potential customers before launching? 11. Who are the external players (persons, institutions, organizations, companies) help the team pursue their business plan? 12. Who are the key stakeholders that are involved or directly participating in the business model and what kind of give and take relationship is formed among them? 13. What are the potential revenue sources to be generated from the various stakeholder relationships that are part of the Key Processes? 14. Excluding the human resources of team members (fixed cost), what other input resources necessary to commercialize the business idea? 15. What is the actual cost of these key resources needed? 8. What is the product/ service’s key value proposition which could provide for the customer’s unmet need? 7. Who is our target customer base? What are their unmet potential needs? 본 저작물은 로아컨설팅의 지적재산권입니다. 본 저작물은 CCL(Creative Common License) 조항에 따라 '저작자 표시-비영리-변경금지의 조건'으로 이용 가능합니다. 1. What is the key concept of this Team Pass! Pass! Pass! Pass! Pass! Market business idea? 3. Once the business idea is selected, which market segment should we position our product/service in? What is the size of this market? Relplacement 4. Who are the direct competitors/potential substitutes of our product/service? 5. What type of market penetration strategy fits our product/service? What strategic channels can be deployed for this type of market strategy? Direction Differentiation STAGE 7 STAGE 9 STAGE 8 STAGE 4~6 Booster Supporter Buzz Maker Product Unmet Needs Customer Segment Key Process Revenue Stream Key Resource Cost Struncture With Who? Market Positioning? Job To Be Done? Value Proposition? Psychographic? Demographic? Market Sizing? " Creating a business model is a lot like writing a new Story. The story’s plot may turn on one of two links in the generic business value chain" - by Joan Magretta Offering