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    Ssm Ssm Presentation Transcript

    • Marketing Mastermind March 2009 Edition Presented By: Rajinder Gupta RR1801 A14 MBA 2 nd Semester Lovely Professional University
    • Social Media Marketing A Buzz on the Internet
    • What is Social Media Marketing?
      • Activities that permit marketers to receive large amount of traffic to their websites by establishing attention and links.
      • It is a way of promoting a website, brand or business by interacting with or attracting the interest of current or prospective customers through the channels of social media.
      • To reach the masses
      • Provides a holistic view about the consumers to the companies
      • Understand customer expectations, needs, values and preferences
      Core Idea of SSM
    • Use of Social Media in Internet Marketing Plan
      • Social media are formed by the combination of technology and social activity for a definite purpose.
      • A marketer can achieve a competitive edge by using any or all of these online media – Social networking websites, blogs, groups, pod casts etc.
    • Basic Forms of Social Media
      • Social Networks: These sites allow people to share contents and communicate with their friends by building personal web pages.
      • Blogs: Online journals usually maintained by individuals which show the most recent entries first.
      • Wikis: Acts as a database and allows people to edit information or to add content.
      • Podcasts: Provide audio and video files through services like Apple and iTunes.
      • Forums: Allow people to discuss specific topics of interest.
    • Tactics of Social Media Marketing
      • Developing a powerful profile on the preferred media
      • Developing the content in such a manner that the target audience will really go for it
      • Channeling traffic from other relates sites which are already popular
    • Five pillars of Social Media Marketing
      • Interaction based on Identity
      • Interaction based on Association
      • Conversation initiated by User
      • Conversation initiated by Provider
      • In-person Interaction
    • Key Characteristics of Social Media Marketing
      • Permits People to Contribute and Participate
      • Direct, Open and Transparent
      • Basis for Strong Relationships
      • Targeted at a Community
    • How Social Media Marketing is different from Commercial Media?
      • Social media tools are available at low cost to anyone, whereas commercial media are normally controlled by for-profit enterprises.
      • Commercial media take a relatively long period of time for producing communications compared to social media.
      • cont.
    • How Social Media Marketing is different from ……?(Cont.)
      • Anyone can operate through a social medium whereas production and dissemination of a message through social media requires considerable skills, expertise and investment.
      However there exists a similarity that both Social and Commercial Media are capable of reaching large and small audiences globally.
    • Advantages of Social Media Marketing
      • Management of relationships with existing and potential customers
      • Development of new products and brands
      • Establishment of communities
      • Support and feedback through direct contact with customers
      • Management of company’s reputation
    • Disadvantages of Social Media Marketing
      • The only drawback is that sometimes malicious participants can badmouth a company, thus bringing unwarranted disrepute among customers and online visitors.
      • However, by responding with the right communications, companies can overcome such bad reputation.
    • Conclusion
      • Traditional media have become jaded and customers have lost interest in them
      • SMM is a booming multibillion dollar industry , which provides reliable information to prospective customers through the statements of consumers
      • Best way for marketers and advertisers to reach the masses at minimal cost and in a shorter time frame, through an online mode
      • Provides opportunity for companies to obtain suggestions from customers through two-way communication.