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Senior Project Product Work Log
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  • 1. Product Work Log Name: Joe Hulen Date ________________ Product : Hosting a youth wrestling tournamentDate/Time: Activity: Create flyers for both youth Comment/Suggestion11/26/11 and beginners tournaments s:45 minutes Ask Judkins more Commentary: questions before Needed more information on what starting something. needs to be on flyer11/27/11 Activity: Worked on flyers some Comment/Suggestion1 hour more. Filled in the details I was s: Make sure missing yesterday. everything is perfect. Commentary: these seemed like an easy task at first, but taking longer than I thought it would.11/28/11 Activity: Finished flyers and Comment/Suggestion2 hrs volunteer forms s: Make it easy and Commentary: surprised by the set up the volunteer form today from coach workstation where Higgins. Lots of running around the coaches are so I trying to gather information don’t have to run back and forth so much12/16/11 Activity: Set up and held weigh ins Comment/Suggestion2 hours for the youth tournament tomorrow s: really showed me Commentary: this was a long and what the coaches boring process. I see what the coaches went through every have to go through on a weekly Friday morning for bases. the high school kids.
  • 2. Comment/SuggestionDate/Time: Activity: this included a lot. I set up s: get some good12/17/11 the gym, held second weigh ins, sleep the night11 hours divided up bout sheets and brackets before you are at a to the tables, I refereed, coached, and tournament all day. finally helped clean up. To day was just a help day with me so Judkins could show me what I was up for tomorrow Commentary: It was a lot of fun, but I am really tired.12/18/11 Activity: I did a lot of the same Comment/Suggestion7 hours stuff as the day before. I had to make s: glad I had the a lot of adjustments to problems with run through brackets and kids who showed up tournament the day but weren’t registered and other before with Coach issues. Ran the tournament in a good Judkins. amount of time. Commentary: the tournament ran fairly smoothly and I had a good handle on every thing.4/9/12 Activity: Writing my speech for Comment/Suggestion3 hours presentation s: I am glad I Commentary: very easy to do because picked a topic I of my knowledge of my product and really knew about to its components make this a lot easier. Activity: Set up and held weigh ins for the youth tournament tomorrow Commentary: this was a long and boring process. I see what the coaches
  • 3. have to go through on a weeklybases.
  • 4. Comment/SuggestionDate/Time: Activity: put together slide show s: I plan to make4/ 11/12 based on my speech this slide show with2 hours Commentary: no words what so Making sure every slide matched a ever topic I needed to cover on my rubric.4/16/121 hour Activity: added everything to my Comment/Suggestion wiki account s: try not to miss Commentary: cutting it kind of close any important days because I missed some school but of school right before coming to Mrs. Tillery today to help present projects me finish anymore