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No.205 english | Huldah Ministry

  1. 1. ULDAH MINISTRY LETTER TO THE BROTHERS AND SISTERS IN CHRIST 【LATE RABBI YITZHAK KADOURI’S ENCOUNTER WITH THE MESSIAH】 1 For Zion’s sake I will not keep silent, for Jerusalem’s sake I will not remain quiet, till her vindication shines out like the dawn, her salvation like a blazing torch. 2 The nations will see your vindication, and all kings your glory; you will be called by a new name that the mouth of the LORD will bestow. 3 You will be a crown of splendour in the LORD’s hand, a royal diadem in the hand of your God. 4 No longer will they call you Deserted, or name your land Desolate. But you will be called Hephzibah (my delight is in her), and your land Beulah (married); for the LORD will take delight in you, and your land will be married. 5 As a young man marries a young woman, so will your Builder marry you; as a bridegroom rejoices over his bride, so will your God rejoice over you. 6 I have posted watchmen on your walls, Jerusalem; they will never be silent day or night. You who call on the LORD, give yourselves no rest, 7 and give him no rest till he establishes Jerusalem and makes her the praise of the earth. 8 The LORD has sworn by his right hand and by his mighty arm: ‘Never again will I give your grain as food for your enemies, and never again will foreigners drink the new wine for which you have toiled; 9 but those who harvest it will eat it and praise the LORD, and those who gather the grapes will drink it in the courts of my sanctuary.’ 10 Pass through, pass through the gates! Prepare the way for the people. Build up, build up the highway! Remove the stones. Raise a banner for the nations. 11 The LORD has made proclamation to the ends of 平成24年 11月 月報 フルダ・ミニストリー ー主に在る とこしえの集いー NOVEMBER 2012 NO 205 Eternal Fellowship News Bulletin We believe in one GOD, in three persons; FATHER, SON and HOLY SPIRIT. We regard the Bible (both Hebrew Bible and New Testament) as the only infallible authoritative WORD OF GOD. HULDAH MINISTRY aims to return to the Word Of God, founded on Hebrew background and to interpret it from Hebraic perspective, acknowledging that Jesus is a Jew and the Jewish-ness of His teaching as a continuation from the Hebrew Bible. The Ministry also aims to put His teaching into practice, to have a closer relationship with the Lord, Jesus Christ, and to regularly have a Christian fellowship so that this- worldly kingdom of God will materialise in the midst of the followers of Jesus here and now, as well as earnestly seeking Christ's Return to establish the otherworldly Kingdom of God on earth. All activities are free of charge and no obligation whatever. Just enjoy our fellowship!
  2. 2. 2 the earth: ‘Say to Daughter Zion, “See, your Saviour comes! See, his reward is with him, and his recompense accompanies him.”’ 12 They will be called the Holy People, the Redeemed of the LORD; and you will be called Sought After, the City No Longer Deserted. ISAIAH 62. The Bible is addressed to the whole of mankind. Nevertheless, its focus is dominantly on Israel and the Middle East. The reason for this is clear; that God has chosen Israel as His people for His great salvific plans of the whole world and as His witnesses to all other nations on earth. In particular, when it comes to the last days, the only two representative cities in the entire Bible are Jerusalem and Babylon. The latter also appears as a code name for Rome. For example, Peter seems to have intentionally used ‘Babylon’ for some reason, instead of directly mentioning ‘Rome’ in 1Pe.5:13. Thus, with a lot of recent information about on-going conflicts, rumours of war and sense of crisis in the Middle East, we are sure that the day when we need to be very watchful of those cities, the nation of Israel and the Middle East has already come. According to a new survey by the Israel Democracy Institute, more than three-quarters of Israelis are optimistic about their country’s future while they are updating their emergency provisions and devices such as gas masks, tinned food and bottled water. They continue to observe many feasts/festive seasons such as the Sukkot”, i.e., the “Feast of Tabernacles”, when they remember the countless number of miraculous interventions of their God ‘Yahweh’ throughout their history. Although today there is abundance of food in all seasons and there is no real need to apprehensively watch out for the rain clouds at harvest time, because of advanced technology in every area of life in democratic countries, the ancient way of celebrating the Lord’s Feasts is helpful for God’s people to spiritually awaken themselves to experience their vulnerability and to open their eyes to their true source of security. It is well known that Israel has numerous times appeared on the brink of annihilation over the past seventy years, but whenever things seemed hopeless, they always experienced supernatural divine intervention. A remnant of Israel always managed to survive, and the state Israel was protected since it was restored in 1948. The purpose of the “Sukkot” is said to be for the Jews to recognize their almighty God as their only option. This eight day autumn feast was observed by Israelis in the beginning of this October. There are many passages in the Scripture to promise a bright future of Israel if only they wholeheartedly return to her God, and this rightfully underlies her optimistic view of the future. Isaiah 62 is one of the famous passages of encouraging God’s people Israel. I happened to encounter an interesting notion about God’s hidden message encoded in each of Israel’s Prime Minister’s first name. It is known that the Bible contains a lot of hidden messages and we find the first fascinating example in Genesis 5, which gives a genealogy of the humankind, beginning with Adam and ending with Noah, concerning the people who lived before the Great Flood, i.e., God’s judgment over the world. As Proverbs 25:2 puts it: ‘It is the glory of God to conceal a matter; to search out of a matter is the glory of kings’, so, to examine the Scripture diligently is undoubtedly to be rewarded. According to the genealogy, there are ten men’s names and each of the Hebrew names has significant meaning. As widely known, as a result of studies of the original roots, each name has been found to yield some fascinating messages. The first name is Adam, meaning “man”. The second name, Adam’s son is Seth, meaning “appointed”. The third is Enosh, meaning “mortal”. The fourth is Kenan, meaning “sorrow”. The fifth is Mahalalel, meaning “blessed”. The sixth is Jared, meaning “shall come down”. The seventh is Enoch, meaning “teaching”. The eighth is Methuselah, meaning “his death shall bring”. The ninth is Lamech, meaning “despairing”, or “lament”. The last and tenth is Noah, meaning “rest”, or “comfort”. Putting them together, what emerges is God’s clear message of salvation towards all fallen and sinful human-beings: “Man (is) appointed mortal sorrow. (But) the blessed God shall come down teaching (that) His death shall bring (the) despairing rest (and) comfort”. It is amazing that in the beginning of man’s history God has already revealed His plan of redemption, i.e., Gospel of Christ, and hidden it within a genealogy. This discovery is another example out of many evidence
  3. 3. 3 of the Scripture’s authenticity and integrated design by the God of Creator. Likewise, an unknown person has discovered the same insight hidden in the list of all Israel’s Prime Minister’s first names. Has God encoded a message in them exactly as He did in the men of the Hebrew Bible? There are thirteen Prime Ministers who have served after Israel was established as a state. The first one is David Ben-Gurion, whose first name means “the beloved”. The second is Moshe Sharett, whose first name means “Saviour”. After the second term of Ben- Gurion, the third Prime Minister is Levi Eshkol, whose first name means “He will join”. The forth is Yigal Allon, whose first name means “He will redeem”. The fifth is Golda Meir, whose first name means “Golden Day”. The sixth is Yitshak Rabin, whose first name means “He will laugh”. The seventh is Menachem Begin, whose first name means “comfort”. The eighth is Yitshak Shamir, whose first name is the same as Rabin. The ninth is Shimon Peres, whose first name means “He has heard”. After the second term of Yitshak Shamir, Yitshak Rabin, and Shimon Peres, respectively, the tenth is Benjamin Netanyahu, whose first name means “Son of my right hand”. The eleventh is Ehud Barak, whose name means “I will praise”. The twelfth is Ariel Sharon, whose name means “Jerusalem” and also “Lion of God”. The thirteenth is Ehud Olmert, whose name is the same as Ehud Barak. After Olmert, Benjamin Netanyahu so far serves in his second term. Putting them altogether with some emphases, the unknown discoverer interprets the message somewhat in the following way: “The Beloved Saviour, (Jesus Christ), at the right hand of God, is coming back to join (with His people, Israel), (and bringing laugh) in Jerusalem. (It will be) a golden day, and a day of comfort (when) His people will be redeemed. Praise be to God. Praise be to God”. This encoded wonderful message about the bright future of Jerusalem and the Jews after their long perseverance of awaiting, matches the passage of Isaiah 62 very well. When the Jewish long awaited Messiah appears in Jerusalem to rule over the entire world, it will be a time of the fulfillment of God’s promise, and He at last ceases His unrest and expresses his delight in His people. ‘Hephzibah’ was the name of the wife of the king Hezekiah and also, of a daughter of the prophet Isaiah and of the mother of the king Manasseh. Here God expressed His people as His delighted bride (His wife), and God Himself is their bridegroom. When their Messiah comes, Jerusalem, which has been incessantly afflicted by the other nations throughout history, will be used as ‘a cup that sends all the surrounding peoples reeling’ (Zechariah 12:2) and then, Israel’s relationship with the Lord will be finally restored. In Isaiah’s vision of the future Jerusalem, the historical Zion (Jerusalem, whose Hebrew pronunciation is “Yerushalayim”) opens out into the glorious city of God, in that a ‘new name’ will be given, which probably would be ‘Yahweh-Shammah’ in Hebrew, meaning ‘THE LORD is THERE’ as Ezekiel depicted in Eze.48:35. Isaiah also depicted its new name as ‘Sought After, the City No Longer Deserted’. However, the real glory of Zion will be its inhabitants; ‘the Holy People, the Redeemed of the LORD’ gathered from nations as well as from Israel. God’s plans for His people are to finally bring them to a state where they will no longer be preyed upon and exploited by their enemies, and further they will have an appropriate reward for their toil; living in the presence of God. The Lord who has no one greater than Himself ‘has sworn by his right hand and by his mighty arm’, and without failure, his oath will be fulfilled. Much of what Isaiah confidently envisioned here is happening now. The promised Saviour, Jesus Christ has come to Zion, the gospel has been proclaimed worldwide, and the final stage of the ultimate great pilgrimage to Zion has begun. For the sake of Jerusalem we have to boldly pray for the completion of God’s promises as Isaiah did. ‘I delight greatly in the Lord; my soul rejoices in my God. For he has clothed me with garments of salvation and arrayed me in a robe of his righteousness, as a bridegroom adorns his head like a priest, and as a bride adorns herself with her jewels. For as the soil makes the young plant come up and a garden causes seeds to grow, so the Sovereign Lord will make righteousness and praise spring up before all nations’ (61:10-11) is Isaiah’s proclamation of how praiseworthy the Lord is for His glorious grace, since Isaiah, having experienced his sin pardoned through a touch of a live coal, has already tasted the blessings of the age to come, i.e.,
  4. 4. 4 the age to be brought by the Second Coming of The Lord. With this in mind, acknowledging what is going on among the Jews in Israel is essential. I have come across an interesting article about the late Rabbi Kadouri’s encounter with the Messiah and his revelation shortly before his death. To encapsulate some information all together, Rabbi Yitzhak Kadouri, sage and Kabbalist, passed away at the age of 108 on 28th January 2006. He is included among the five rabbis known as “Israelis Greatest Kabbalists” in the rather orthodox website Kabbalah World. In 1990, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schennrson (known as the Rebbe among his followers, a prominent Hasidic rabbi) told Rabbi Kadouri that he (Kadouri) would live to see the coming of the “Meshiach”, the Jewish Messiah. As some of the Rebbe’s followers had believed the Rebbe to be the Jewish Messiah, his remark indicated that the prophetic mantle would have been officially passed to Rabbi Kadouri. Despite his great prestige, Kadouri retained his modest lifestyle to the end of his days, spending them in study and prayer. Not so long before his death, an amazing encounter took place and thus the most venerated Rabbi in the 20th century, Kadouri was saved. The following article reveals how he showed his disciples the name of their Messiah: ‘The rabbi had told his disciples that he had actually met the Messiah in a vision just a few months before he died. He told his disciples that he would leave a written note with the mystery code of the identity of the Messiah written out. And he had them promise that this note was not to be opened until one year after his death. That note has since been opened and reveals that the name of the Mashiach is Yehoshua! The name commonly used for the Rebbe, Yeshua, is simply the Aramaic appelation of the same name. [Proof of this can be found in the Tanakh where Yehoshua Ben-Nun is referred in the Aramaic of the Scriptures as Yeshua.] The name was revealed in the following acronym: "He will lift the people and prove that His word and law are valid." The first letter of each of the words in the above sentence was strung together to form the name of the Messiah. In Hebrew, that sentence was made up of six words whose first letters formed the name Yehoshua. This is a profound development and reportedly is causing a quite stir within the ultra orthodox Jewish community in Israel…The rabbi reportedly revealed other things learned from his encounter with Messiah…But at least he got the name 100% right! And there is no other name under heaven by which we must be saved! This is obviously a great end-time witness to the Jewish people’ (, posted by bibleprobe,). The reliability of the article’s source is said to be confirmed. The name “Yehoshua” is “Yshua” in Hebrew and “Iesuas” in Greek, which later was anglicised “Jesus”. This intriguing account does not yet end here. Further prophetic utterances follow. Kadouri prophesied several things; a coming wave of natural disasters in the world, the temple being rebuilt in Jerusalem, finally the Messiah appearing to the world and so on. Adding to the fact that the news that Kadouri gave the name of the Messiah has shaken many people in Israel, he also predicted a timescale that when Prime Minister Ariel Sharon (whose name is referred to as the twelfth one above) died, the Messiah would come back. At that time when Kadouri passed away Ariel Sharon had fallen into a coma after a severe stroke. According to Wikipedia, he suffered his first mild stroke in 2005 and was released after two days. But on 4th January 2006, in the evening before his scheduled cardiac catheterization, he suffered a second, much serious stroke. He underwent a complex operation after his arrival at the hospital and subsequently other operations followed. Many had thought that he would pass on fairly soon. However, he remained in long- term care, staying in a persistent vegetative state with slim chance of regaining consciousness up to today. Last year his death was mistakenly declared but he has still been in the same condition for the last six years. This so far appears as if the Lord is allowing Sharon to remain alive to fulfill Kadouri’s prophecy. NEWS-NEWS-NEWS-NEWS-NEWS-NEWS-NEWS-NEWS-NEWS-NEWS-NEWS-NEWS This month, a money gift of US$**** has been sent to Frederic in Burundi as an aid for one of his ministries; helping numerous disadvantaged and neglected refugees scattered in his neighbouring countries. He has just returned from an out-reach to them. Pray for the Lord’s salvific work through his and his coworkers’ earnest commitment.