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Personal Branding | How can it help you?


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A presentation I've made for Your Future event in Belgium. Focused on

A presentation I've made for Your Future event in Belgium. Focused on

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  • 1. Personal branding: Can it help finding a job?
  • 2. A Bit About Myself • Humanist Technologist • Growth Rookie/Hacker • Product & Digital Strategist at Alpsquare/Talentsquare • Former President of AIESEC International • Blogger ( • TEDx Speaker: The Questions That Moves Us Forward • Travelled to over 40 countries • Currently living in Brussels, Belgium
  • 3. Ok, let’s start!
  • 4. What do you want to take out of this workshop?
  • 5. Personal branding is all about how we market ourselves to others.
  • 6. Let’s take a deeper look at the concept of branding.
  • 7. Branding is not about logos.
  • 8. Brand is a collection of experiences and perceptions made by consumers.
  • 9. Hey! But these are company brands, not people.
  • 10. Famous people should not count…
  • 11. Branding is not about being worldwide famous. It’s about branding yourself to people on your field, or people to that matter to you.
  • 12. Your personal brand is all about who you are, what you do and how you communicate it
  • 13. REMEMBER: If you’re not branding yourself, others will be doing it for you.
  • 14. Personal branding is all about finding yourself. It’s not about finding a job.
  • 15. Everyone can find a job. Not everyone can find what they’re really passionate about.
  • 16. Ok, let’s do an exercise
  • 17. If you were to be an animal, which animal would you be and why?
  • 18. If you were to be a product, which product would you be and why?
  • 19. If you could live someone’s else life for a single day, whom would you choose?
  • 20. Sorry, time’s running out, so we will have to stop with the questions now. But point being: Get to know yourself. And knowing yourself is not about listing strengths and weaknesses.
  • 21. Ok, once I find what I am really passionate about, what I would love to do in life and what can be my biggest contribution, how do I create awareness about my brand?
  • 22. Get to know who’s on the field • Follow the blog of experts • Engage in conversations with them • Find which are the social networks that can bring you closer to influencers
  • 23. Talk about what you are passionate about • Create a blog • Write article for other magazines (guest blog) • Engage in conversations with peers and colleagues • Find groups, meetups of like-minded people
  • 24. Activate your network • Know who’s who in your network • Ask friends, colleagues or peers to connect you with different people • Don’t forget their birthdays (Facebook wall post does not count :P) • Go to events related to your field and network
  • 25. Keep on learning • Invest on online courses, on your personal development • Go to learning events. • Keep an open mind to bring new ideas and insights and leverage your expertise.
  • 26. Food for thought • Your personal branding is also generated by what others say about yourself. • Your accomplishments will speak for themselves. Be great at what you do • Personal branding is not about being famous. Find out to whom you want to matter.
  • 27. Thank you! Hugo Pereira