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Introduction to SGI VC

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  1. 1. SAMHO GREEN INVESTMENT, INC.Investing in Green Growth Projects Worldwide<br />8TH Floor Hanmaru Bldg, 24-5 Yeouido-dong<br />Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, Korea 150-877<br />Phone: (+82) 2-3453-5500<br /><br />
  2. 2. Table of Contents<br />Company Profile Pg. 3-12<br />SGI Executive Summary<br />Investment Target<br />Track Records<br />Appendix Pg. 13-33<br />SGI’s Experts<br />SGI’s Extensive Network<br />Reference Letters<br />
  3. 3. Company Profile<br />SGI Executive Summary <br />THE 1st &THE ONLY VENTURE CAPITAL IN KOREA <br />TO FOCUS ON THE GREEN SECTOR<br />KEY FEATURES(Ref. Page 14-31)<br /><ul><li>Investment and Risk Management: Avg.15+ yrs Experiences
  4. 4. In-House Technical Management: Avg. 20+ yrs Experiences
  5. 5. Broad Network of Advisors and Government Agencies</li></ul>CURRENTLY OPERATING THREE FUNDS<br /><ul><li>SGI Green Growth Fund
  6. 6. LP: Korea Finance Corporation
  7. 7. Target Industries: Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency and Co2 Emissions
  8. 8. MIFAFF-SGI Green Growth Fund
  9. 9. LP: Ministry for Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
  10. 10. Target Industries: Renewable Energy and Eco Friendly Agirtiech
  11. 11. Jeonnnam Green Energy Fund
  12. 12. LPs: JeonnamProvincial Government, Ministry of Knowledge Economy and Small & Medium Business Administration
  13. 13. Target Industries: Renewable energy Projects/Companies in Jeonnam</li></li></ul><li>Company Profile<br />In-House Technical Management<br />SOLUTION PROVIDER FOR ENVIRONMENT, ENERGY & SUSTAINABLE DEVEOPMENT<br />IN-HOUSE TECHNICAL MGNT’S INTERGRATED SERVICES<br /><ul><li>Prepare &Assist Target Portfolio
  14. 14. Analyze markets and technologies
  15. 15. Conduct feasibility studies (market player, regulatory framework, risk assessment)
  16. 16. Identify, assess,and prioritize potential targets portfolios
  17. 17. Preliminary valuation analysis ofattractive portfolios
  18. 18. Assist Deal Execution & ImproveEfficiency
  19. 19. Assist due diligence and prospectus development
  20. 20. Provide technical information and directions
  21. 21. Develop controlling tools and cost saving opportunities
  22. 22. Sustainable Development Research
  23. 23. Coordinate and support high-tech R&BD projects
  24. 24. Provide technical expertise in energy and environmental business
  25. 25. Environmental regulatory services</li></li></ul><li>Company Profile<br />In-House Agricultural Management<br /> IN-HOUSE PROFESSIONAL CONSULTING <br />IN AGRICULTURAL FIELD<br />KEY FEATURES <br /><ul><li>Develop an investment strategy in agriculture field
  26. 26. Conduct research and a market analysis in food and agriculture
  27. 27. Plan and execute long-term investment strategies for SGI fund
  28. 28. Develop an agricultural business model with government and private sector
  29. 29. Provide consultancy service for agricultural organization and government
  30. 30. Assist due diligence and prospectus development
  31. 31. Provide technical information and directions
  32. 32. Develop controlling tools and cost saving opportunities</li></ul>Joseph M. Choe IExecutive Director<br /><ul><li>Management consulting in agricultural, fisheries, and livestock industry
  33. 33. CEO/Management consultant, Korea Agriculture Marketing Institute
  34. 34. Projects ; Pulmuone, New Zealand Zespri Kiwi, JejuFicus Extract, </li></ul>Jeonnam Organic Rice, JejuHaemuljuk<br /><ul><li>Author, Columnist and Trainer of agricultural management
  35. 35. Career 17 years ; MBA from California Sate University of Long Beach</li></li></ul><li>Investment Target<br />Company Profile<br />Environment Friendly Agritech based on greentech<br />Green Infrastructure based on mature technologies <br />Greentech Commercialization and <br />Early Stage Development<br />
  36. 36. Investment Target<br />Company Profile<br />Waste Energy<br />Organic, Combustible<br />Wind Energy<br />Battery and Fuel cell Technologies<br />Green Vehicle<br />Energy Efficiency<br />Sustainable Energy<br />Solar Cell: DSSC, Organic TFSC<br />Fuel Cell: PEMFC, Microbial Fuel Cell<br />Nano Technology<br />MEMs, Home Application, Structural Composites<br />Organic & printed electronics(OPE)<br />Display, RFID, TFT, Lighting, Film<br />Greentech Commercialization & Early Stage Development<br />
  37. 37. Investment Target<br />Company Profile<br />Green Infrastructure based on mature technologies <br />W2E plants (Organic / Combustible) <br />Bio-mass plants<br />Wind-power facilities<br />Solar facilities<br />Bio-fuel plants<br />Green buildings<br />
  38. 38. Investment Target<br />Company Profile<br />Environment Friendly Agritechbased on greentech<br />Eco-friendly pesticides / fertilizers<br />Glass greenhouse / Plant Factory<br />Clean agricultural water quality<br />Clean processing facilities<br />Cold Chain System<br />Plant growth-promoting<br />Farming system within Resource circulation (Recycling)<br />Restore contaminated land<br />
  39. 39. Track Records<br />Company Profile<br />Waste-To-Energy<br />Utilizing waste steam supply business , Hansol Paper Co., Ltd. (2009)<br />Develop Biogas-to-LNG and CO2 recovery process (After 2007)<br />PFI projects –Implement food waste recycling facilities, Yeosu/Kyeongju/Kimcheon(2007)<br />Food Waste/Livestock BioGas projects(2006)<br />Food Waste treatment project, Dontan (2006) <br />Provide treatment and recycle facility of livestock waste, Yeoju (2004)<br />Install and operate pilot plant of sludge recycling, POSCO (2004) <br />Develop the availability of hard polyurethane powder as the fuel of cement plasticity furnace (2004)<br />Streamline and enhance incinerating plant for waste ties (2003)<br />Provide consulting services for upgrading the process of pyrolyzing plastic waste (2002)<br />Implement 3MW LFG-to-Energy plant, Keumgo landfill (2001)<br />Provide consulting services of pretreatment available for using plastic waste as subsidy-fuel in cement plasticity furnace (2000)<br />(Continued)<br />
  40. 40. Track Records<br />Company Profile<br />(continued)<br />Implement 6.5MW LFG power generator, Sudokwon landfill (2000)<br />Provided process consulting for recycling nylon waste (1999)<br />Profile and supply mixed plastic waste (1999) <br />Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) Projects<br />Conduct FS of CDM project from wasted olive oil, Tunisia (2008)<br />Conduct FS of LFG-to-generation and CDM, Vietnam (2007)<br />Conduct FS of bio-diesel CDM project, OO(2006)<br />Greentech<br />Development of Enhanced Bio-reactor Landfill Process (2007) <br />R&D and patent application of super-critical bio-diesel process(2006)<br />Development of Biogas energy system by using anaerobic digestion(2006)<br />Development of LFG commercializing technology by using 250kW gas engine (2003)<br />
  41. 41. Track Records<br />Company Profile<br />Bio-Energy<br />Managing Jatrophafarming business as BD feedstock (100,000 ha), Philippines (After 2007)<br />Provide feasibility study of Jatropha& Cassava farming business, Negros, Philippines (After 2007)<br />Design, construction and management of Bio-diesel production plant, Malaysia (200,000TPY) (2007)<br />Planning feedstock sourcing and industrialization for economical bio-diesel production (2006)<br />Environment Friendly Agritechonology<br />Manufacturing business of environment friendly fertilizer and livestock feed using swine blood, Fine Co., Ltd. (2009)<br />Greenhouse project utilizing renewable energy (2009)<br />Cereal manufacturing business using environment-friendly agricultural products, CR Food Co. Ltd. (2009)<br />Agricultural product packaging business using waste materials, Powerpack Co. Ltd. (2009)<br />
  42. 42. SGI<br />Appendix<br /><ul><li>SGI’s Experts
  43. 43. SGI’s Extensive Network
  44. 44. Reference Letters</li></li></ul><li>Appendix<br />SGI’s Experts<br />Investment Group – Key Personnel<br />Taesoo Yang I CEO<br /><ul><li>M&A, Buyout and Strategic Restructuring
  45. 45. Executive Managing Director, I&D VC
  46. 46. Director, Tong Yang Venture Capital Corp.
  47. 47. Director, Korea Environmental Venture Association; Auditor, Korea Core Industrial Technology Investment Association (KITIA)
  48. 48. Career 25 years; BA degree from Yeonsei Univ.; Master degree from KAIST</li></ul>Soobong Cho I Executive Vice President<br /><ul><li>Risk Management, Credit rating, Stock Valuation, Feasibility Study
  49. 49. Strong relationship with domestic & foreign financial institutions
  50. 50. Executive Managing Director, National Information & Credit Evaluation (NICE, Leading Credit Rating Agency in Korea) ;
  51. 51. Member/Advisor of Risk Committee, Kookmin Bank, Coal Industry Promotion;
  52. 52. Member of BOD, Dunn & Bradstreet Korea, NICE Pricing Services
  53. 53. Career 25years; Seoul National University; KAIST</li></li></ul><li>Appendix<br />SGI’s Experts<br />Investment Group – Key Personnel<br />Kyung-ChulMin I Director<br /><ul><li>Negotiating, structuring of equity related agreement, investments and placement
  54. 54. General Manager, Investment Division, Ray & Investment, Inc.
  55. 55. Investment Manager, I&D Venture Investment, Inc.
  56. 56. Investment Manager, Seoul Capital Holdings, Inc. (CRC)
  57. 57. Career 12 years; AjouUniversity</li></ul>Myung-Hwan Kim I Director<br /><ul><li>M&A, Venture / Private Equity Fund Managements
  58. 58. General Manager, KTB Capital, Co., Ltd.
  59. 59. Assistant General Manager, KTB Network Co., Ltd.
  60. 60. Korea Technology Finance Corporation
  61. 61. Career 13years; Seoul National University</li></li></ul><li>Appendix<br />SGI’s Experts<br />Investment Group – Key Personnel<br />Yong-SooJeong I Director<br /><ul><li>M&A, Venture / Private Equity Fund Managements
  62. 62. Director, KTIC Global Investment Advisory
  63. 63. Director, Yellow Production, Co., Ltd.
  64. 64. Director, KTB Entertainment, Co., Ltd.
  65. 65. Venture Capitalist, KTB Network, Co., Ltd.
  66. 66. Career 8years; Seoul National University</li></ul>Insoo Um, CFA I General Manager<br /><ul><li>Venture and M&A investments / Financial Analysis, Business valuation and financial modeling
  67. 67. Principal Investment Analyst, Hyundai Securities Co., Ltd.
  68. 68. Venture Invest Manager, Ray & Venture Investment, Inc.
  69. 69. Career 7years; Hankuk University of Foreign Study</li></li></ul><li>Appendix<br />SGI’s Experts<br />Technical Group – Key Personnel<br />Sang-Bong Lee I Technical Engineer<br /><ul><li>Waste-to-Energy, CHP, Hydrogen Fuel Cell, Environmental engineering
  70. 70. Professional engineer of energy and environment; Principal Investigator of E program; Advisor of MOE and Energy management corporation in Korea
  71. 71. CEO & president, EnE Management; Vice President, ECO solutions; Team manager, Samsung Corporation
  72. 72. Career 24 years; Hanyang University ; M.S. degree from KAIST</li></ul>Jang-KeunLee I Technical Engineer<br /><ul><li>Waste-to-Energy, Biomass Energy
  73. 73. CEO, SamhoEnviro-Tech; Environment & Renewable Energy Pioneer; Mechanical Biological Waste Treatment; Refuse-derived Plastic Fuel/Refuse Derived Fuel
  74. 74. 2008 Seoul Environment Award; Advisor, Korean Environment Ministry (MBT policy)
  75. 75. Career 33 years; GyeongnamUniversity</li></li></ul><li>Appendix<br />SGI’s Experts<br />Technical Group – Key Personnel<br />Min-Seon Kim I Technical Engineer<br /><ul><li>Biomass energy, wind power, solar cell, resources development; </li></ul> due diligence<br /><ul><li>Managing director, EnE management; Director, ECO Solutions; Senior technical manager, Samsung Corporation
  76. 76. Career 20 years; Yonsei University</li></ul>Jun-Hyun Kim I Technical Engineer<br /><ul><li>Solar cell, fuel cell, advanced materials, R&D program; due diligence
  77. 77. Director of Consulting, EnE management; Project Manager, ECO Solutions; Chief Engineer, Samsung Corporation
  78. 78. Career 16 years; KonkukUniversity</li></ul>Il-byoungChoi I Technical Engineer<br /><ul><li>Fuel cell, process engineering, advanced material; due diligence
  79. 79. General Manager, EnE management; Team Leader, Samyang Corporation; R&D Director, Shinkang Corporation
  80. 80. Career 15 years; KonkukUniversity</li></li></ul><li>Appendix<br />SGI’s Experts<br />Key Personnel<br />Seong-uk Go I Jeonnam Division General Manager<br /><ul><li>Certified Public Accountant
  81. 81. Accounting, Tax, management Consultant / Accounting Firm
  82. 82. CEO ,Vice President / Venture Businesses
  83. 83. Auditor or Analyst / Venture Capitals and Credit Evaluation Company
  84. 84. Career 25 years; BA degree from Seoul National University</li></li></ul><li>Appendix<br />SGI’s Extensive Network<br />Government Agencies<br />Government-Related Organizations<br />Korea Finance Corporation<br /><br />Small & Medium Business Administration<br /><br />Presidential Committee on Green Growth<br /><br />Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency<br />Ministry of Knowledge Economy<br />Korea Venture Capital Association<br /><br />Ministry of Environment Republic of Korea<br />Korea Core Industrial Technology Investment Association<br /><br />
  85. 85. Appendix<br />SGI’s Extensive Network<br />Advisory Group<br />Yi, Chang-Jin Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology<br />Yun, Sung-Cheol Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology<br />Yi, Kang-hee Gwangju Institute of Science & Technology<br />Kim, Chang-Joo Seoul National University<br />Organic & Printed Electronics<br />Park, Nam-Gui Korea Institute of Science & Technology<br />Kim, Kyung-Gon Korea Institute of Science & Technology<br />Jin, Sung-Ho Busan National University<br />Solar Cell<br />Kim, Hyung-Jun Korea Institute of Science & Technology<br />Kim, Soo-Gil Korea Institute of Science & Technology<br />Chang, In-Seop Gwangju Institute of Science & Technology <br />Fuel-Cell<br />Yi, Kun-Hong Pohang University of Science and Technology<br />Park, Jae-Kwan Korea Institute of Science & Technology<br />Jin, Sung-Ho Busan National University<br />Nano-Tech<br />Song, Yeong-Chae Korea Maritime University<br />Yi, Jin-Seok Bio Energy R&D Center<br />Yun, Mu-Hyeok Korea Energy Management Corp.<br />Clean Tech<br />
  86. 86. Appendix<br />SGI’s Extensive Network<br />Institutes<br />Universities<br />KIST<br />(Korea Institute of Science & Technology) <br /><br />KAIST<br />(Korea Advanced Institute Science &<br /> Technology)<br />KRICT<br />(Korea Research Institute of Chemical <br />Technology) <br /><br />GIST(Gwangju Institute of Science &<br /> Technology)<br /><br />KETI<br />(Korea Electronics & Technology<br /> Institute) <br /><br />Seoul National University <br /><br />KIER<br />(Korea Institution of Energy Research)<br /><br />Yonsei University <br /><br />
  87. 87. Appendix<br />SGI’s Extensive Network<br />R&D Institutes<br />KIST (Korea Institute of Science and Technology)<br />KIST is one of the premier multi-disciplinary research institutes in Korea. KIST was founded in 1966 by Korea Government to research, develop, and transition creative, original technologies that are necessary to advance nation’s science and technology base. More than 600 research scientists and technicians are working for developing the future technologies in KIST. They are involved in R&D projects such as Nano-technology, Energy & Environmental technology, Thin-film materials, fuel cell, organic electronics and so on. <br />Technology Focus Area<br />Nano-Technology<br />Nano Materials: 0D-1D hybrid nanostructures, nanoparticles, nanopowder, dielectric ceramic materials<br />Nano Devices: nano-sized semiconductor and low-dimensional structure, Si-based quantum dots, next-generation optoelectrical devices<br />Spintronics and Nano-bio<br /><br />Material Science &<br />Technology<br />Hybrid materials: organic materials, CNT-polymer materials, materials for electronics<br />Thin Film materials: light-element based thin film, opto-funtional thin film, memory materials and devices<br />Energy materials: SOFC, organic solar cell, hybrid thin-film battery<br />Energy & Environment<br />Fuel cell for power generation, transportation, and portable power sources<br />Clean energy and environmental technology<br />
  88. 88. Appendix<br />SGI’s Extensive Network<br />R&D Institutes<br />KRICT (Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology)<br />KRICT was established in 1976 to improve the competitiveness of the chemical industry and promote the establishment of new national scale industries by developing and disseminating original chemical technologies and relevant convergence technologies. KRICT has concentrated on four major research areas: Green Technology, Advanced Chemical Materials, Innovative Drug Candidates, and Chemistry based Fusion Technology for contributing to the growth of the domestic chemical industry and is now endeavoring to develop key chemical technologies to secure a sustainable future.<br />Technology Focus Area<br /><br />Advanced Materials<br />Energy materials for solar cells, fuel cells and secondary batteries, and environment-friendly coating materials<br />Key materials for displays and printing process-based devices<br />Materials for semiconductors and electronic components such as flexible printed circuit boards and film and coating materials<br />Nano-bio convergence technology<br />High performance polymer materials and composite materials<br />Bio-Organic Science<br />Drugs for anti-cancer, metabolic diseases, infectious disease, cardiovascular diseases, cerebral diseases, and inflammatory diseases<br />Green Chemistry<br />Petroleum displacement technology, environment-friendly chemical technology, chemical biotechnology, and biorefinery technology<br />
  89. 89. Appendix<br />SGI’s Extensive Network<br />R&D Institutes<br />KETI (Korea Electronics and Technology Institute)<br />KETI has contributed to the reinforcement of international competitiveness of the electronics, information, and other related components industries, by fostering the R&BD necessary for technological innovation and support of small and medium enterprises. In order to realize high value-added business with industrial technology, and to strengthen national competitiveness, KETI is conducting field research and business development under an autonomous and responsible management. KETI intensively develops specialized areas, and creates the basis to improve specialized research. <br />Technology Focus Area<br /><br />Display<br />Flexible display (LCD, OLED, E-paper), flexible device & display driving circuits, printed electronics devices<br />Display components & materials – nano materials, printed electronics materials & process, solar cell component materials, OLED & transparent electrode technology, LED & next generation lighting technology<br />Green energy,- CNT, nanowire, nanopatterning, thin film solar cell<br />Electric power IT<br />Energy IT<br />Convergence<br />Components<br />Electronic materials and device – electronic ceramics & composites film materials, high performance piezoelectric materials and their application module<br />Convergence sensor and device<br />
  90. 90. Appendix<br />SGI’s Extensive Network<br />R&D Institutes<br />KIER (Korea Institute of Energy Research)<br />KIRE has devoted itself in R&D on clean and new energy technology and its efficient use with a long term view on future energy security, since its founding in 1977. It contributes to national economic growth by developing industrial core energy technology and deploying outcomes.<br />Technology Focus Area<br />Renewable Energy<br />Thin film solar cell of silicon and CIGS, BIPV<br />Fuel Cell – electrodes, electrolyzer, MEA<br />Hydrogen energy research for PEMFC and MCFC<br />Bioenergy – Biodiesel, bio-echanol, biogas<br />Solar thermal and Geothermal<br />Wind Energy<br /><br />Energy Efficiency &<br />Materials Convergence<br />Building energy and industrial energy<br />Reaction and separation materials – ceramic membrane<br />Energy conversion and storage – organic photo-electric materials, MEMS<br />Climate Change<br />Technology<br />GHG – CO2 capture technology<br />Clean fossil energy<br />Wastes energy<br />
  91. 91. Appendix<br />SGI’s Extensive Network<br />Universities<br />KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)<br />KAIST was established in 1971 as the nation’s first graduate school specializing in science and engineering education and research. KAIST has continued to be Korea’s foremost center for mid- to long-term R&D projects with national and international significance. Nowadays, KAIST has selected Energy, Environment, Water, and Sustainability (EEWS) as important initiatives for future.<br />KAIST have set up eight institutes (KIS) to concentrate the research capabilities in advanced fields; especially in semiconductor, nano technology, eco-energy, and optical science and technology. In terms of ownership of intellectual property rights, KAIST holds 2,94 domestic patents and 724 international patents.<br />Technology Focus Area<br />Function polymer for LED, PV cells, and OTFTs<br />Functional nonporous materials, bio-inspired nano materials<br />Nano-photonics: metal-dielectric TF, VCSELs & Photonic crystals, photonic semiconductor and devices<br />Cell engineering <br />Chemical and<br />Nano-science<br /><br />Materials<br />Energy materials: lithium rechargeable batteries, thermoelectrics, SO/PEF FC, solar cells<br />Nanocerimics, nano and functional materials, flexible and advanced nano devices<br />Plasma & thins film, display materials, composite materials<br />Energy and Environment<br />Sustainable energy for merging NT and ET<br />Fuel cell and secondary batteries<br />
  92. 92. Appendix<br />SGI’s Extensive Network<br />Universities<br />GIST (Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology)<br />GIST is, established inGwangju by the Korean government in 1993, a research-oriented graduate school with superb laboratories and research centers and faculties. GIST has produced Nation's highest number of papers/professor published in SCI-listed journals during the recent consecutive 12 years.<br />The partnership between SGI and GIST will be highly available to this investment process with the help of GTI under GIST.<br />Technology Focus Area<br /><br />Material Science<br />Semiconductor and optoelectronics materials<br />Organic materials for optoelectronics<br />Energy related materials<br />Environmental Energy<br />Microbial Fuel Cell – Membrane, Process<br />Nano Technology<br />Nanobio material and electronics - high resolution display & MEMs<br />Femto-Nano Science – Nano-semiconductor, organic electronics<br />Mechatronics<br />Intelligent Transport System & Intelligent Manufacturing System<br />
  93. 93. Appendix<br />SGI’s Extensive Network<br />Universities<br />POSTECH (Pohang University of Science and Technology)<br />POSTECH has been conducting various researches in both fundamental and applied sciences, most of which are government/industry commissioned projects, since founded in 1986 by the financial support of POSCO. <br />POSTECH is actively engaged in R&D as it supports over 60 research centers on its campus. Through all this, POSTECH has a lot of IP and future-oriented technologies of power influences on the industry. POSTECH is also actively supporting utilization of its research outcomes and venture businesses by its professors and researchers. As part of such effort, the POSTECH Venture Business Co., Ltd., and the Business Incubation Center are actively encouraging potential technologies to be commercialized. <br /><br />Technology Focus Area<br />Polymer synthesis & physics: nano-structured polymers; polymers<br />Nanostructured electrode<br />High thermoelectric material, electronic & magnetic structures<br />Nano-materials, -electronics, and –bio system<br />Nano-photonics, -plasmanics, - biotechnology<br />Semicondornanorods, fuel cell, aerospace material, information materials<br />Self-assembled soft materials, nano-hybrid, and emergent materials<br />Materials &<br />Nano-Tech<br />Energy &<br />environment<br />Environmental energy: thin film, fuel cell<br />Environmental materials<br />
  94. 94. Appendix<br />SGI’s Extensive Network<br />Governmental Agencies<br />Korea Finance Corporation<br /><br /><ul><li>Leading policy-based fund of funds and direct investments designed to contribute to the sound growth of the finance industry and national economy
  95. 95. Presidential Committee gathering and arbitrating other ministries policies
  96. 96. Advisory to all Korean Green Growth Policy</li></ul>Presidential Committee on Green Growth<br /><ul><li>Part of Korea’s central government overlooking foreign trade, energy/resources, and industry
  97. 97. LP through Korea Venture Investment Corp(KVIC)’s Korea Fund of Fund</li></ul>Ministry of Knowledge Economy<br /><ul><li>Part of Korea’s central government overlooking environment industry
  98. 98. Sharing the information about environmental technology, law, statistics and etc</li></ul>Ministry of Environment, Republic of Korea<br />
  99. 99. Appendix<br />SGI’s Extensive Network<br />Government-Related Organizations<br />Small & Medium Business Administration<br /><br /><ul><li>Providing support to start-ups & mid-sized enterprises for financing, marketing, and technology</li></ul>Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency<br /><ul><li>Part of Ministry of Knowledge Economy promoting international trade and investment
  100. 100. Providing information of other country’s investment climate and data of foreign companies
  101. 101. Premier association that represent Korean Venture Capital Industry
  102. 102. Providing information of Private Equity Investment and VC Community</li></ul>Korea Venture Capital Association<br /><br />Korea Core Industrial Technology Investment Association<br /><br /><ul><li>Incorporated association established in accordance with the “Act on Special Measures for the Promotion of Specialized Enterprise for Components and Materials”
  103. 103. Providing information of Core Industrial Technologies and Companies</li></li></ul><li>Appendix<br />Reference Letters<br />Korea Venture Capital Association<br />
  104. 104. Appendix<br />Reference Letters<br />Korea Core Industrial Technology Investment Association<br />
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