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The neighbourhood-and-giving-directions The neighbourhood-and-giving-directions Presentation Transcript

  • THE NEIGHBOURHOOD AND GIVING DIRECTIONS Designed By: Iin Hermiyanto Presented for Anisaa’s teachers’ English training 08/18/11 [email_address]
  • WORD POWER: Places Match the words and the definitions. Then practice asking the questions with a partner
    • What is a …….?
    • 1 . barber shop
    • drugstore
    • bank
    • subway station
    • department store
    • parking lot
    • laundromat
    • gas station
    • bakery
    • travel agency
    • It’s a place where you ……
    • keep your money
    • make a reservation for trip
    • buy medicine
    • Take a train underground
    • park your car
    • wash and dry your clothes
    • get fuel for your car
    • buy clothes
    • buy bread
    • get a haircut
    08/18/11 [email_address]
  • WORD POWER: VOCABULARY 08/18/11 [email_address]
  • 08/18/11 [email_address]
  • Look at the picture again and write 08/18/11 [email_address]
  • CONVERSATION The neighbourhood 08/18/11 [email_address]
  • GRAMMAR FOCUS 08/18/11 [email_address]
  • PAIRWORK PRACTICE A s k and answer questions about the neighbourhood map below! Example: A: Is there a Laundromat around here? B: Yes, there is. There is one across the park 08/18/11 [email_address]
  • HOW DO I GET THERE? 08/18/11 [email_address]
  • 08/18/11 [email_address]
  • GUIDED PRACTICE : Look at the map again and complete the sentences with the correct place! 08/18/11 [email_address]
  • PRACTICE: Student A: you are at Jenny’s apartment. Ask your partner how to get to these places: post office, café, newsstand, bakery, health club, clothing store, video store 08/18/11 [email_address]
  • PRACTICE: Student B: you are at Jenny’s apartment. Ask your partner how to get to these places: laundromat, restaurant, grocery store, shoe store, souvenir shop, subway station, flower shop 08/18/11 [email_address]
  • Example of the conversation
    • A: I need to send a letter for a friend in Indonesia. Is there a post office around here?
    • B: Yes, there is one around here.
    • A: How do I get there?
    • B: Go out of the apartment to Green Street and the post office is next to this apartment.
    08/18/11 [email_address]
  • 08/18/11 [email_address]
  • REVIEW: A. Look at he picture. Then circle the correct words to complete the sentences 08/18/11 [email_address]
  • REVIEW : B. Look at the picture. Write sentences with the words in the box 08/18/11 [email_address]
  • REVIEW: C. Look at these two maps. There are ten differences. Write about them as in the examples 08/18/11 [email_address]