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    Josie's bedtime story Josie's bedtime story Document Transcript

    • Josie's Bedtime Story Fluffles and the grumpy worm Let me tell you a story. It's all about a little rabbit, Fluffles. Fluffles bounces through the long green grass of the park every day, singing a little ditty of a song to himself. He hums and hums as sweet a little tune as you've ever heard, and as he hums, and bounces, he smiles at all the creatures he sees, beaming from ear to ear. Fluffles is such a happy rabbit that he makes all the other creatures lives brighter. But there's one grumpy old worm, Pritchard, who every day when he sees Fluffles bounce past, smiling and humming, wriggles around and frowns his best frown right at Fluffles. You see, Pritchard likes being grumpy, he doesn't want to be happy and smiley, and he certainly doesn't want anyone else being happy and smiley. One day Pritchard is waiting right by his favourite patch of dirt for Fluffles to come past, ready with a frown he's been working on for days. He waits and waits, but there's no sign of Fluffles. There's no humming, not even the familiar thud...thud...thud of rabbit pads hitting the ground. Now Pritchard is really annoyed, "Who does that rabbit think he is? You can't just bounce past every day and then one day not turn up! It's just rude." So off he goes to find Fluffles and give him a piece of his mind. Pritchard looks high and low, but Fluffles is nowhere to be found, eventually Pritchard gives up, wriggles back home, and just frowns at an old leaf. The next day, as Pritchard is tending to his favourite dirt patch, he hears that thud...thud...thud, sure enough bouncing over the hill comes Fluffles, smiling and humming. Pritchard works up his best frown, and as Fluffles is about to pass by, smil- ing at the little worm, he stops. Prithcard is so taken aback, he forgets about his frown, and stares confused at Fluffles. "You missed me didn't you?" says Fluffles, "You see, however much you frown at me, I know it makes you happy to do it, so I know you're not really feeling grumpy inside, frowning at ME makes YOU happy. So every day I'll come past, and I'll smile at you, and as you frown back I'll know that you're happy."
    • Josie's Bedtime Story Charly and the fish bullies Let me tell you a story. It's about a bird called Charly. Charly's favourite thing to do was fly. She flew all day, first up really high, as high as she could go, then down low, swooping between trees and through hedges. She couldn't be happier. Charly lived next to a little stream, it was such a busy stream with fish coming and go- ing all day long, but it was very nice. All the fish always said hello and waved their fins as they past by Charly's nest. Everyone knew each other, and everyone looked out for one another. One day, at the beginning of summer, some fish arrived in the stream. They were very mean and loud, and everyone thought they were just big bullies. They teased the other fish and splashed water at Charly when she was flying. Charly and the other fish were very sad. The stream had always been such a lovely place, but now these bullies were ruining it for everyone and no-one wanted to be there. "Something has to be done" Charly thought. She knew that the only way to stop a bully was to show them you weren't afraid, but she had to tell everyone. She decided she wasn't going to be scared and flew out of her nest. She ducked and dived flying up and down above the stream, and as the mean fish tried to splash water at her she just swooped away from it. And as she flew she squawked, "I'm not afraid of you mean fish! You're just bullies and I'm not scared of bullies! And no-one else is either. So if you can't stay here and be nice then just go away!". All the other fish in the stream heard Charly squawk and came out from where they were hiding, they swam about and joined in with Charly. The bullies were so surprised that they stopped their splashing and were all very quiet. Eventually everything died down and everything was silent, the mean fish did not know what to do. Charly swooped down and landed on the bank next to them. "So what do you have to say?" said Charly to the bullies.
    • "We're sss-sorry" stuttered one of the fish, "we didn't realise we were so mean, we promise we'll be nicer in the future." The other fish nodded with him. "Do you really mean that?" said Charly, "because if you do you should tell everyone why you were such bullies.". The fish turned around to face everyone and said together, "we're very sorry, we prom- ise we'll be nicer in the future. We were just nervous about getting along and didn't want to feel like the outsiders. We want to live here with everyone and be happy.". And with that the stream was peaceful again and everyone was happy. But everyone always remembered that day and the lesson that however scary a bully is they're just scared themselves.