Transporter Plex Framework @ CA Long Island, NY 2013


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Transporter - A CA Plex Framework to build applications for Logistics

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Transporter Plex Framework @ CA Long Island, NY 2013

  1. 1. Transporter a CA Plex Framework to build applications for Logistics
  2. 2. MAEIL @Islandia, NY Hugo Duarte da Fonseca +351 214229110 Portugal
  3. 3. Agenda Transporter Logistics Framework Background Industry References Trends and Challenges Somes Examples Modules Libraries Docs, Workflow and Alerts Where can be applied Roadmap Partnernship
  4. 4. Background Transporter Logistics Framework Based in Portugal, Lisbon 14 years developing with CA PLEX Started in Shipping Industry Evolved to Logistics and Cargo Transportation Transport Means: Air, Sea, Rail, Road Cargo Type: Container, GeneralBulk, Ro-Ro 50 Projects/Customers in Several countries in Europe and Africa
  5. 5. Industry Transporter Logistics Framework
  6. 6. References Transporter Logistics Framework Integrated with Shipping Lines worldwide MSC Integrated with Ports worldwide Felixstowe Leixoes CMA Lisbon Kline Mombasa Grimaldi Rotterdam WEC Lines Luanda YML Sines MOL IRISL Setubal
  7. 7. Trends and Challenges Transporter Logistics Framework Very traditional Industry, but changing… Paperless Project Efreight by IATA until 2015 – Air Cargo transportation EDI Demands by Ports Authorities and Customs integrations – (US, Rotterdam, Felixstowe) Tracking and transparency of cargo flow (door to door) to shippers (importers, exporters) Digital Business Information available for all stakeholders 24X7
  8. 8. Some Examples Transporter Logistics Framework
  9. 9. Modules Transporter Logistics Framework Sales - Integration with Dynamics CRM Exports Imports Documentation Equipment and Operations Financial – Integration with several ERP’s Reporting Track and Trace Trumping Warehouse
  10. 10. Libraries Transporter Logistics Framework MTRANS Library more than 300 hundred Entities, grouped by: Accounting Equipment Transportation Logistic Operations Sales Shipment EDI Library – more than 50 different standard United Nations messages ALERT Library MREPORT Library
  11. 11. Docs, Workflow & Alerts Transporter Logistics Framework Docs Workflow Manifest Configurable steps BL’s and AWB’s Alerts triggering Loading Discharge Lists Dashboard Financial Documents Analytics – Operational and Financial Alerts & Business Unit EmailsSMTP Data Silos Permissions
  12. 12. Where can be applied Transporter Logistics Framework Managing Business for different players Liners Shipping Agents Freight Forwarders Depots or Terminals Tradings Shippers – ExportersImporters – EDI or Track and Trace
  13. 13. Roadmap Transporter Logistics Framework Web based Solution (upgrade from WinC WinNTC) Hosting at AzureAmazon Warehouse Integration with advanced WMS – a new webbased product for shippers as SaaS
  14. 14. Partnerships Transporter Logistics Framework Looking for Partners for Logistics and Cargo Transportation Business International Experience and Customers Widespread business worldwide Based in Lisbon, but connected to anywhere Partners with INTTRA
  15. 15. Thanks Logistics and Cargo Transportation Expertise Contact us tel: +351 214 229 110