Building Your PLN: Twitter and Blogging


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A fun and easy to learn presentation about the benefits of twitter and blogging in building your personal learning network (PLN) and making your learning more visable for others. We live in a connected world and our students are yearing to learn more about how they can you use these tools to help them personalize their learning. Through modeling teachers have the power to do this. Enjoy!

Gallit Zvi and Hugh McDonald

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  • [twitter] starting our presentation on Building a PLN. Use [/twitter]
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  • [twitter] @gallit_z & I love using kidblog with our classes [/twitter]
  • [twitter] when posting links to student blogs try #comments4kids, #classblogs [/twitter]
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  • [twitter] Quadblogging vid example. Connecting classes around world [/twitter]
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  • [twitter] you can use weebly for so much, for ex [/twitter]
  • Building Your PLN: Twitter and Blogging

    1. 1. Building your PLN: Twitter and Blogging By:Hugh McDonald @hughtheteacher Gallit Zvi @gallit_z
    2. 2. Shape of Dayo Twittero Twitter Exploration Timeo Why Blog?o Blogging Exploration Time using Kidblog
    3. 3. All this… Thank you @courosa
    4. 4. Can Now be found Here!
    5. 5. Gaming Thank you @courosa
    6. 6. Two Players Thank you @courosa
    7. 7. Connections have Evolved Ng&list=FLnYZoKqsu4pKrxdqyjnrNdw&index=9&f eature=plpp_video
    8. 8. Are we where our students are? RQ& Thank you @gcouos
    9. 9. Web 2.0: What it is?• Participation• Collaboration• Changing the way internet can be used in the classroom• Knowing, Wondering, Learning, & Sharing• Twitter, Blogging, Facebook, Google Docs, wikis, youtube etc…
    10. 10.
    11. 11. What it isn’t?• Just consuming information from websites for content
    12. 12. Why Twitter?• “Twitter in 60 Seconds”
    13. 13. Why Twitter?• Connections: Create your own Personal Learning Network (PLN)• Collaboration: Share resources and ideas with like minded teachers & students• Live Chats (#hashtags)• Research: Search for resources you need• Impress your students• Use new sites and resources even they haven’t heard of
    14. 14. Benefits of a Twitter PLN
    15. 15. Where are you joining the Conversation?• 1. Im not interested. I dont get it. In fact, how did I get into this session anyway?• 2. Ive been thinking about it, considering joining in. However, I dont know how.• 3. Im ready to go! Just point me in the right direction.• 4. Ive already joined the conversation, and Im having lots of fun and making connections Denise Krebs
    16. 16. Twitter Time!• Twitter app on your device or go to
    17. 17. Let’s get started!
    18. 18. Add more “tweeps”
    19. 19. Starting Your Twitter PLN
    20. 20.
    21. 21. Hashtag
    22. 22. Some Education Hashtags We Use• #sd36learn• #edchat• #bced• #1stchat, 5thchat etc…• #kinderchat• #geniushour• #choose2matter• #youmatter• #learn365• #elemchat• #edtech
    23. 23. Why Blog with Students?• Authentic Audience• Increased Intrisic Motivation for the task• Engaged Learners
    24. 24. More Reasons to Blog• Share thoughts, ideas, and opinions, & support them with details that make understanding easy. –Pictures, captions, videos• Will learn to communicate effectively
    25. 25. Become better writers, both in content and mechanics.
    26. 26. Become better readers,improving comprehension and the ability to read critically.
    27. 27. Blog to a Worldwide Audience
    28. 28. Take Ownership of their Own Learning
    29. 29. Use Web 2.0 technology as a toolto publish their work to share with their peers, family, and friends.
    30. 30. Blogging Platforms *Personal Weebly Blog ifStudents created own E-Portfoliowebsite.
    31. 31. KidBlog
    32. 32. Express YourLearning Too!!