Smart Consultancy India Ahmedabad


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Smart Consultancy India is a leading provider of consulting services related to the design, implementation, adoption and support of On-Demand Software & IT Solutions for small scale companies to corporate organizations.

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Smart Consultancy India Ahmedabad

  1. 1. Smart Consultancy India Smart Consultancy India is a leading provider of consulting services related to the design, implementation, adoption and support of On-Demand Software & IT Solutions for small scale companies to corporate organizations. The Main Services Provided Smart Consultancy India Application Development / Maintenance, mobile application development, Technical Support, Online Chat Support, Admin on Demand, Data Migration, Data Management, Data Entry, Mobile Application Development, Telemarketing, Email Marketing, Recruitment Process Outsourcing, Legal Process Outsourcing, Outbound Projects, Training, Custom Application, Customer Relationship Management, Social Training, Knowledge Process Outsourcing, staffing, etc.
  2. 2. Smart Consultancy India About US VISION MISSION VALUES Smart Consultancy India is a skilled consulting hard with main meeting point & competencies lie in the areas of tax consultation, auditing & accounting, legal suggestion and administration consulting services. Our deliberate objective is to provide customers with strongest and the majority complete level of service. We designed and put into service confirmed preeminent practice solution important to superior conclusion assembly, faster process, enhanced quality and compliance. To this effect we provide vendor independent consulting services, including access to our cost-effective near-shore possessions where desirable. The goods and services we have to vend are alert on our clients' needs and goals. We provide solutions that meet the needs of our clients and become sound financial investments for them. We look for opportunities to help amplify the strengths of those we server: our clients, staff, management, and community.
  3. 3. Smart Consultancy India SERVICES BPO Service KPO Service ITOutsourcing ServiceRPO Service Call Center Service IT Outsourcing Service IT Soft. Development
  4. 4. Smart Consultancy India Smart Consultancy India Ahmedabad BPO Service BPO industry has seen a recent boom in India. It is effortless to make strategies. Excluding implement the strategies is an unusual task. In the BPO Service progression of expansion, it possibly will not be reasonable for the companionship to contemplate well on all area of operations. Here comes the role of a third party service provider which helps company in focusing more on middle production. The Indian BPOs tender wide range high quality services and that too at much cheaper costs than other countries' BPOs. So, what are you waiting for? In order to fulfill any of the above mentioned services go for an Indian BPO today. The BPO organization elected must what's more contest the value strategy. Just as there are three open quality strategies, there are three broad categories of BPO partners. Some BPO group’s delivery surprising client experience, several focuses on efficient and effective processes and some crank through high volume service relations for the lowest possible price. It is unworkable for anyone firm to allocate some establish of each come within reach of they can only do one well or all unsuccessfully. BPO Service
  5. 5. Smart Consultancy India Smart Consultancy India Ahmedabad KPO Service KPO include processes that require superior information search, systematic, analysis and technical skills as well as some judgment and decision-making. It is basically an offshoot of business process outsourcing (BPO). One can call it a high-end commotion, which is likely to boom in coming years. The whole conception of KPO Service Provider is information driven. It means that it is a permanent process of making and dissemination of information by bring together the information industry leaders to create knowledge and see importance in information and its context. It knows how to be said with the purpose of the growth and development of the BPO production led to the important augment of the KPO Company. The winner and substantial domino effect achieve by many organization in outsourcing outfitted tasks have led them to contract out high end comprehension and ability severe responsibilities. Knowledge process outsourcing entitle for the application of skill, social contact and expertise relatable to a sky- scraping level area of interest. These prerequisites are being discovered and tapped by leading businesses across the globe consequential in the outsourcing of high-end process to low-wage destination. Hence Knowledge practice Outsourcing involves offshoring of knowledge demanding business processes that have need have generalized domain expertise. KPO Service
  6. 6. Smart Consultancy India Contact US 001. Mauryansh elanza, Nr. Parekh, Hospital Shyamal Cross Road, Ahmedabad - 380009 Gujarat.(INDIA) Contact: 8154003013 Email: