The lagaan of performance


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People will perform if they are glued towards a great and honest purpose. See the proofs

  • @AvishekKumarJha
    Thanks, Avishek. This is the first comment from an Indian on this presentation. Many thanks and highly appreciated comment.
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  • @ali anani..i liked the way u described the movie.
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  • @manuvrsaxena
    Manu, I am really moved by the depth of your comment. I couldn't say what you said better. I have no doubt that your organization is a story of success.
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  • @hudali15 Sir,I am touched with the last slide 'Great & Honest Purpose'.. I believe that in any organization -Transparency, Clear Business Objectives, Clear Expectations and A Well Maintained Channel of Communication Between Employer & Employees can catalyze the performance of employees and growth of the company.

    Again a very impressive and knowledgeable presentation...Thanks!
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  • @hudali15 Dear Ali, so far I have watched two videos on YT. The one you quoted and the other on I loved both, even without subtitles. As for the movie itself, I found three DVD versions on Amazon, but, unfortunately, none of them is available for delivery to Brazil. I'll keep searching on. Ultimately, 'the greater the purpose is, the greater the performance is', isn't it?
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The lagaan of performance

  1. 1. The LAGAAN of PerformanceManagerial lessons from India Ali Anani
  2. 2. LAGAAN is not only a greatmovie; it is also a lesson for organizational performance
  3. 3. The story: A small town in Indiasuffers not only from a droughtbut the whims of British control.People of the town were asked topay double tax. A young man ofthe town protests he is given achallenge – if his town can win acricket match against theBritish, there will be no tax to pay.But if the town loses, it will haveto pay triple the tax.Would people accept?
  4. 4. The big challengemake people eventually acceptthe challenge
  5. 5. The people won the challengeHow?
  6. 6. The first managerial lesson
  7. 7. The known equation thatPerformance = Ability X DesirabilityIs not quite adequate
  8. 8. There is missing the gluing factor, which is
  9. 9. The Grand Purpose to direct peopleto the same goal
  10. 10. Now,Performance = Ability XDesirability x PurposeThe greater the purpose is, thegreater the performance is
  11. 11. Influencing factors on the peoples’success are:AbilityDesirabilityPurpose
  12. 12. Graphically, these may bedepicted as follows:
  13. 13. Desirability Purpose
  14. 14. And, in a fractal form
  15. 15. Ability of Crowds Desirability of crowds Ability of Teams Desirability of Teams Ability of Desirability of Individuals Individuals Ability Performance Desirability of Leader of Leader Purpose of Crowds Purpose of Teams Purpose of Individuals Purpose of Leader
  16. 16. Performance has many otherdefinitions as well
  17. 17.
  18. 18.
  19. 19. The performance equationEmployee performance is a function of three critical factors:Clear expectationsAbilityWillingnessThese three factors must be present for an employee to achieve the expectedresults. This reality is expressed in the performance equation shown here.
  20. 20.
  21. 21. The SecondManagerial Lesson
  22. 22. Work is a threering circus:Ability,Desirability, andPurpose.-- Ali Anani
  23. 23. Differentiate between short-lived pleasure and long-term risk by playingthe equation circus right
  24. 24. The proof is by using abold metaphor
  25. 25. Sleeping with a wifeor a night girlNight is not right here
  26. 26. Sleeping with a night girlLack of desirability stems fromLack of trustRisk involvedNo purposeMoney-basedShort-lived pleasureagainst long-term riskAnd feeling regretfulafterwards
  27. 27. After sexRisk Desirability Before sexRisk Desirability
  28. 28. Have a lasting purpose to have alasting performance.If not performance shall end uplike melting icicles; if once itmelts that is the end of it
  29. 29. People will perform if they are gluedtowards a great and honest purpose