The iceberg of opposites


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This presentation describes how to restore your balance and moderate your views to negative experiences and exaggerated positive ones as well.

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  • @FAX50
    Sorry dear as I have just noticed your lovely second comment. I wish if you would elaborate more on your experiences of learning.
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  • @ah_livia
    Ah_livia, I thank you for your observant comment. This presentation reflects me and so it is very dear. I thrived on your absorbing understanding of its theme. As for the viewership, I get much less views than before. However; how many presentations stand the test of time. I have a presentation that drew few downloads and views. Now, it has 156 downloads and more than 6000 views. The beauty of ideas stay. This is what I care for. A comment like yours strengthens my belief.
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  • Ali Anani,

    Thanks for suggesting this presentation. It has a wealth of insight. Your beginning montage of duality photos at the start of the presentation was simplistically superb! I also liked how your strong image/ content connection continued throughout the presentation.

    Slides 14 & 15 asked some provocative questions.

    After months of observation I “learned” that Slideshare viewers appear to primarily like & grant high viewership to “redundant presentations” (topics they’ve already seen a million times before) and popular presenters” (for these viewers it seems that they are more concerned with “who” made the presentation rather than the content of the presentation.)

    Finally, thank you Ali Anani for gracing us with your nuggets of insight at the end of the presentation. I found all of your quotes very interesting and thoughtful!
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  • @juaomaya
    Juao, I wish all readers would have your spirit, including me.
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  • @hudal15 Thanks again for writing The Iceberg of Opposites. @Beerli Thanks a lot for commenting about it. Yes, I'm deeply moved
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The iceberg of opposites

  1. 1. The Iceberg of opposites Ali Anani
  2. 2. Sunrise Sunset
  3. 3. Hope Depression
  4. 4. The iceberg of difference
  5. 5. Stress of The Iceberg line Selfdark ideas stability More Self-renewal Stress Self-loss and chaos
  6. 6. Self-loss and chaosNegative feedback loop are your trap Avoid it
  7. 7. Self-loss Be aware of the and negative negativity chaos Negative thinking patternLeading to Accepting more the negative negative thinking thinking pattern Feeling guilty about it
  8. 8. Negative Guilt feeling feeling Negative negativity
  9. 9. The way out of this trap
  10. 10. For every negative idea there is a positive hidden value The edge of differences Negative Positive idea idea Sunrise Sunset
  11. 11. You do not like your jobChange your dark glasses into light ones
  12. 12. You complain from having low number of viewsDo not get stuck in negativity
  13. 13. Try to reach the edge of differences by asking positively
  14. 14. What lessons I learned from poor viewership In what ways I am a better presenter?
  15. 15. How did other authors do it?What topics attract the readers?
  16. 16. What metaphors help me to attract readers?Like the flower that attracts bees how may I color my presentations and send inviting messages to attract readers?
  17. 17. The more you ask positively, the morelikely that you would reach the point of turning chaos into new order and new-found self
  18. 18. A lighter’s light is enough to illuminate your way in darkness. Look for the light of hope Ali Anani
  19. 19. In very bright sun you get blurred.Don’t blur with very bright hopes. Dim them a little. Ali Anani
  20. 20. In darkness, I find out what threw me in this situation. That enlightens me Ali Anani
  21. 21. When you fall look up to see the peak for you to reach Ali Anani
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