The emerging effects of slide share


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My experiences with slideshare reveal many slideshare effects. This presentation discusses the most important ones. See if they apply to you

  • @xiby
    Thank you dear Gorg for your insightful comment. I look at my friendship with you as an example. We have cared in being honest in making comments, suggesting and disagreeing agreeably. This is almost identical, Mutual respect with honest opinions have always shaped our relationship. Wedo not favor or download unless we know why we do it. Within this context, I fully agree with you. Slideshare has provided the opportunity for us to know each other. I am grateful to slideshare and that is why I cared to write few presentations with their titles carrying the slideshare name.
    Again, thanks Gorg for your inspiring comment
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  • @kanelori Hi Lori, your response reminds me of my recent presentation 'Fixed versus Variable' on slideshare. Analyzing your response fits perfectly within this context. The fixed part is that you had a vision to write Different Work by March, 2912. The purpose was to compile different work experiences in one e-book. The variable part (the discovery part) was you did not know what stories to include, what problems to adapt to, what reactions you would get and so on. For things to emerge they have to be bounded within certain space (a condition of the complexity theory). Your boundary pot was defined by your dream (vision and time). Because of this emergent results surface out, things stretch with hope and shrink by temporary obstacles. It is this stretching and folding that self-organizing behavior emerges. Simple rules (which confine your space) that lead to productive complexity. So, we are in agreement. We can never be in full agreement because we are talking about emerging results in which even small events may lead to drastic changes. Your last response fits well with what I said. Have a nice trip
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  • @DOINAPP It's really nice to have your appreciation of my last comment. Thank you...
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  • @hudali15 Hey Ali, I won't speak for Bas, but looking back now, Bas and I can articulate the themes, the threads, of shared vision. But at the time, in the beginning, there was mostly just a desire to create something--anything--together. My only vision was to spend more time with Bas and a belief that amazing things would emerge from spending more time together. Do we have a shared vision today? Yes, I suppose we sort of do. But it's still more about alignment of who we are and moving in the same general direction. But we have little idea where we're ultimately going. Our vision is more about traveling together joyfully and loving the work we do that it is about knowing where we want to get to. Honestly, a year in, I still don't know where we'll end up. But there's no fear about it now. I know that wherever we end up together will be good and whatever we create together will be great. Now that Daniel and Simone have joined us in our work, the sky's the limit. 'Shared vision' for us is more like standing on a curb at the edge of a street, holding hands, with each of us looking in a different direction to make sure the traffic doesn't hit us as we cross the street. It's because we're all looking in different directions that we're safe, not because we're all looking in the same direction. That might not be the best analogy but that's what popped into my head. FYI, I'm heading off to the airport now for a 4-day holiday with my sister (actually helping her unpack into her new house), so if you don't from me for a while, that's where I am. :-)
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  • @kanelori
    Hi Lori, you come up with a new perspective to the discussion. I like very much what you said ' when people have ample shared positive emotions when together (I like spending time with this person--I'd like to spend some more with them!)'. Great and I agree in full given that spending time with friends is equal to spending time reading their work. Emotionally, we are driven to associate with people we have positive emotions to and likewise; we are willing to read their contributions with positive emotions.
    Your second point is mind-boggling. Here is what you wrote towards the end ' That was a too-long way of saying that, for me, shared vision comes at the end--looking back at what we did together--not at the beginning'.I really have to ponder over this. The definition of vision is A Future Dream That Is Time-Bound. It is a future and not past thing. Is there a better word than shared vision? May be shared experiences or shared memories of learning together. As I said, this is a subtle point that I need to think more about.
    Shared vision takes people to the same goal; yet the paths to that goal may differ. You had a vision with Bas de Baar to write your outstanding co-authored book on 'Different Work'. You wanted to convey the real-life experiences of authors. However; the format of the book and how to take it to the reader must have been a topic of hot discussions between you (the authors). With that said I conclude with being grateful to your profound comment. Thanks, Lori for triggering my mind
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The emerging effects of slide share

  1. 1. Ali AnaniThe Emerging SlideShare Effects
  2. 2. Slideshare isa dynamiccommunity.Groups formand dissolve,friends followand unfollow,interestignites andwanes.
  3. 3. Observingeyes maynotice theemergence ofseveralemergingeffects on thelandscape ofslideshare
  4. 4. Forces that Forces that foster weaken friendship friendshipamong the among themembers of members of slideshare slidesharecommunity community
  5. 5. TheAppreciation Effect
  6. 6. Promotingpresentation The Appreciation Effect
  7. 7. Promoting presentationEmbed The Appreciation Effect
  8. 8. Promoting presentationEmbed The Appreciation Effect
  9. 9. The Freeze Thaw Effect
  10. 10. Co-authored presentations is a great way to foster relationshipJoint authoringhappens whenpeople have sharedvisions
  11. 11. Why followers unfollow?Why friendship loses its warmth?
  12. 12. To keeptogetherpartnersmust walk atthe samepace so thatno one willwalk alone
  13. 13. Exchangedemotionsmust keeppace as well;elseseparationwill result
  14. 14. Stretching andFolding makeneighboringpeople distantfrom eachother. It is thedough ofhumanrelations
  15. 15. The attractors ofslideshare dynamics areusually driven by humandesires of different kind:desires for fame, forinfluence, achievement,recognition, etc.
  16. 16. 93.phpValues as attractorsOne of the key insights of chaos theory is that ofstrange attractors. Is there a sense in which humanvalues can be usefully understood as strangeattractors?A prime characteristic of a strange attractor is that itis defined as the focus of a pattern of seeminglychaotic behaviour. But it is the pattern that signals thepresence of that focus which cannot be identified inany other way. Like strange attractors, human valuesdo not manifest in any tangible manner but ratherthrough interpretations of the way behaviour isgoverned. But the intangible attractor may indeed bea matter of direct subjective experience underappropriate conditions of human development -- aspractitioners of some spiritual traditions would claim.
  17. 17. Non equilibrium Openness Pattern Emergence Emerg Surp Dive ence Pattern OrderDisorder rsity rise Adapted from the next slide Equilibrium
  18. 18.
  19. 19.
  20. 20. Barriers – friends have differentabilities to circumvent barriers.This results in separation of friend
  21. 21. Replacement orsubstitution effect People develop different desires and talents with time. Slideshare members are indifferent. The substitute a friend with a friend occasionally
  22. 22. Wishing to get out of comfort zoneSome people want to stay in their comfort zone and notexplore new friendship. Others want to go through thisexperience.Separation happens
  23. 23. The Increasing Disparity EffectAs disparity increases, friendship decreases
  24. 24. The Butterfly Separation Effect I lost a slideshare friend because of a comment I made. f I meant to write I shi t my interest to type shit of my interest. The lost f caused me the loss of a friend
  25. 25. The 3rd party effectLike wife taking her husband away from friends, so somereaders do. They affect the relationship between twoslideshare members.
  26. 26. The Negligence EffectNever responding tocomments has drivenme to unfollow fewslideshare authors.Again, emotions inoperation
  27. 27. The Cliché Effect Read the same comment for all presentations. Trust is lost; and so is friendship
  28. 28. The Over-Expectation EffectExpectations of readingeach presentation withfull engagement
  29. 29. The Crowdedness EffectFriends lose eachother in the crowd
  30. 30. The Over-Exposure Effect Too many similar presentations of the same kind Singing the same song for long times Trust dwindles
  31. 31. The Luck EffectAttractingtitles orglancing apresentationunintentionally led tostrongbuilding ofrelations ordestroyingthem
  32. 32. The Belonging Effect Members who left decided to rejoin
  33. 33. The Push PullEffectIs in full operation
  34. 34. Some emerging effects drive relationships; in contrast other emerging effectsrestrain the relationshipsDriving Effect Restraining EffectThe Appreciation Effect The Belonging EffectThe 3rd Party Effect The Engagement EffectThe Cliché EffectThe Increasing Disparity EffectThe Butterfly Separation EffectThe Over-Expectation EffectThe Crowdedness EffectThe Negligence EffectThe Luck Effect The Unluck Effect