The blue ocean strategy of time


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It is puzzling that time is a key factor in finding blue ocean space and yet time was hardly exposed to Blue Ocean Strategic analysis.

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  • @Beerli
    The best approach is an applied approach. Your examples are an extremely valuable addition to the presentation. The main source of time is wasted time doing the wrong things in the wrong place at the wrong time.
    You throw a question in my mind: if people and the young generation in particular are wasteful in using their times then would an author expect good readership and a good number of views? You make me think loudly, Cathy.
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  • I have recently seen two things which relate to this. The first was a short TV programme on a smartphone app where you can book yourself into a virtual queue and then turn up when it says so you don't have to waste time in a real queue! Secondly, I read several articles on te internet about the amount of time wasted at work and as it turned out in all of the reviews older workers use time more productively than younger workers who tend to fritter time on social networks or chatting but don't see that as a problem. It is costing companies millions. So yes, we have positive ways of managing time because of technology and bad ways of managing time because of technology. Maybe because some people do not know how to make a distinction between at home time and workplace time? When it comes to views - you sometimes have to let time do the work!
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  • @ah_livia Dear ah-livia, Precisely. The comments for this presentation are the sweetest thing about it. It increased my delight to offset the pain of poor number of views. Your comment simply adds considerably to my delight. Thank you, dear ah-livia
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  • Ali Anani, the valuable discussions between you & your commentors have greatly increased my understanding of this presentation. btw: Thank you for your thought provoking phrase 'presentation slide increase also increases the (delight / pain) ratio.' I agree! :)
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  • @RodKing
    Rod, every response from you is a delight. Million thanks
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The blue ocean strategy of time

  1. 1. The Blue Ocean Strategy of Time Ali Anani
  2. 2. Time is a key competition factor
  3. 3. Time has also a delight/pain ratio.Thanks to Dr. Rod King who introduced meto this definition
  4. 4. Ti Is amenable to Blue Ocean Strategicm analysise
  5. 5. Raise Eliminate Create Reducethe the pain of delight the painvalue of time from of timetime time
  6. 6. Raise the value of timeDo not usebig blocks oftime.Grinding Usetime is like secondsgrinding andminerals. minutes,The finer it is but notthe better. hours
  7. 7. Raise the Reducevalue oftime the pain of time Reduce the pain of waiting, Reduce all delivery sources of time, travel pain time and caused by response time time
  8. 8. Raise the Reduce Eliminatevalue of the pain of the pain oftime time time Eliminate waiting times, accelerate Do the delivery, maximum door-to- possible door delivery, internet applications and so on
  9. 9. Raise the Reduce Eliminate Create the pain ofvalue of the pain of time delighttime time from time Create ideas for people to benefit from Creativity their times. is most welcome
  10. 10. Four Actions Framework: Key to Value Curve Reduce All pains resulting from time such as waiting timesEliminate Create/All possible pains Creating Benefits forresulting from time- Blue Ocean for customers that arerelated factors Time delightful Raise The value of time by using minimized time units
  11. 11. Dr, Rod King very kindly made the following comment and even provided his template to add to the presentation. I am very grateful to Dr. King.Ali, Y are welcome. Please feel free to go ahead and ouuse any version of my Universal Problem Solving(UPS) Canvas. Also, I had prepared but not yetpublished a Blue O cean Strategy (BO S) Canvas whichis based on the UPS Canvas. Ill soon send you a copyof that BO S Canvas which summarizes, on a singlepage, the methodology for developing a Blue O ceanStrategy.
  12. 12. If you do not manageyour time then youcannot manage others’time.This presentation aimsat improving the selftime management sothat you may be able tomanage other peoples’times.
  13. 13. The Self “Time StrategyCanvas”
  14. 14. Blue Ocean Story (BOS) Canvas: Translate Great Business Stories, Plans, Strategies, and Tactics into Reality Continuously Maximize Customer Delight and Minimize Customer Pain Blue Ocean Red Ocean (“To be time value (“As Is” Industry: factors) Value Factors/Strategy Canvas) We reinvent management of Disposable time is not properly time utilized (Story unique in Get Proposition) using time Time is not a competing asset Tactics/4 Actions Stress build-up due to  Eliminate improper utilization of  Reduce time  Increase Family ties are tense  Create (-) PAIN (Cost) (+) DELIGHT (Value: Differentiation; Revenue) Too much waste of time Relaxed mind and body Procrastination (Trade-off/ Improved productivity Stressed body and mind Value Factors/ Happy family life Customer Unable to reduce the stress of Experience) others Lowered productivity Prevalence of negative thinkingUncontested Market Space Where Competitors Are Irrelevant BLUE OCEAN Vision/Challenge: Based on W. Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne’s book, “Blue Ocean Strategy”Copyright 2013. Dr. Rod King. &
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