Inflation of expectations


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Management of change may draw great lessons from the management of inflation.

  • So, Magdalena I am going to try your "Magical suggestion". What crystal do you suggest? Is opal OK?
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  • Without a solid anchor, inflation expectations can take on a ‘life of their own’, with potentially damaging social consequences. So... :-) You might want to try a Feng Shui tip that is believed to lift your mood and spirits. This philosophy says that anything that brings your eyes up will bring your spirit that way as well, so hanging something from the ceiling that catches your energy and attention will do exactly that. Many people who follow this modality hang a crystal from the ceiling, so give it a try. That could be just the thing to put you back in a sparkling mood. :-)
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  • @Beerli
    Thanks Sally for writing a great post on expectations, in which you embed the presentation.
    Here is the link for interested readers
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  • @Beerli
    Yes, I agree Sally this is a tough topic as evidenced by the effort the presentation took me to write. I also agree that the comments enriched this presentation to the extent I would have styled and structured it differently only if I had access to the comments before I wrote the presentation.I am in a position like somebody is chasing his shadow.
    I appreciate your comment and willingness to cover it in your blog if you may relay it to teaching technology. After all, technology affects our expectations. The question is how students and teachers expectations are affected by technology? Online exams and interactive materials are just to examples that influence the two sides of the equation. Thanks, Sally for your honest evaluation.
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  • You have created a very complex presentation but with your anecdote and clear explanations of the diagrams then we are able to injest this information and think about it. Managing expectations is critical to a lot of situations but in a classroom you argue a strong case for making it an important priority. It is not just about setting working and marking it - it is about teaching human beings! The comments here are evidence it's a presentation which provokes deep consideration. Well done. I'll think of a way to relate this to my tech blog so I can post it on there.
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Inflation of expectations

  1. 1. Ali Anani
  2. 2. One route from A to BA B
  3. 3. A 2nd route from A to B B A
  4. 4. A 2nd route from A to B B A Tarzan jump is invariably unlikely
  5. 5. A 2nd route from A to B B A C A will go downhill to C before eventually moving up to B
  6. 6. A 2nd route from A to B B AThe journeyfrom A to Cand then C toB is full withemotional C A will go downhill tochanges C before eventually moving up to B
  7. 7. The Emotional Journey of Change Emotions Emotions Shock Denial Excitement Anger Hope Guilt Acceptance Understanding Depression
  8. 8. The Emotional Journey of Change Emotions Emotions Shock Denial Excitement Anger Hope Guilt Acceptance Depression Understanding Inspect the trough of the curve. What do you notice?
  9. 9. You notice that a verystrong negative emotion(depression) is adjacentto a mild positiveemotion (understandingon a trough
  10. 10. This proximity leads to highunpredictability for any change inone emotion will affect the otherin a highly complex way. This leadsto chaos. Depression Understanding
  11. 11. Change is linked toexpectations
  12. 12. This inspiresthe borrowing an idea from long-runPhillips Curve
  13. 13.
  14. 14. Without getting into details, when opposites areadjacent to each other a stabilizing line willencounter chaos Positive Negative Sensitive to minor changes Stabilizing Line
  15. 15. The fixed line is extensible tomany systems that are affectedby expectation. This line isNOT limited to the PhillipsCurve only
  16. 16. Changes are linked to expectations. This is same as expectations of inflation Inflation Unemployment Positive Negative Stabilizing Positive feedback loopNegative Linefeedback loop Highest LowestNegative -ve Positive +veexpectation expectation Negative Positive attitude to attitude to Change Change
  17. 17. Expectation Curve The theory is pretty simple: the higher your expectations of a thing, the deeper your dissatisfaction/disillusionm ent when experiencing the thing itself skunk-blog/2008/4/26/disillusionment- curve.html
  18. 18. I accepted under pressure a part-time job as alecturer in a A story to illustrate this point private university further¨ I gave the first open book exam. I still rememberhow students reacted in disbelief of the new realitythat they could harmlessly open a book during anexam¨ All students, except for two, finished the two-hourexam in one hour¨ The two remaining students complained that timewas not enough
  19. 19. The students reported to other teaching staff howthey had two hours to solve such an easy exam andwere allowed to open books on top of that¨ The staff accused me of giving an easy exam sothat students would enroll in my class¨ I corrected the exam and the class average was 16out of 30¨ The staff who complained about me alluring thestudents to enroll in my classes had a different view(guess it)
  20. 20. This time they warned me of the forthcoming troublethat students had high expectation and that theypay high fees and therefore would revolt againstme¨ I challenged them if one student would complain.The trick was to manage the students’ expectations¨ As I went in the class I asked each student toestimate his mark. The class average was 23 out 30
  21. 21. I went on to tell the students that I was goingto solve the exam first¨ The realization of the students that theexam was within their domain and that theydid not give enough serious thinking to theexam grew as I went on solving it¨ Having finished solving the exam, I asked tostudents to reevaluate their possible grades¨ The average dropped to 12 out of 30
  22. 22. I distributed the exam papers and not a singlecomplaint was made¨ The students expected an average of 12 andthey got 16. That exceeded their expectations.Had I distributed the papers when theiraverage expectation was 23 I would have runinto trouble
  23. 23. The dissatisfaction/disillusionment curve explains my storyvery well
  24. 24. of exam Declining expectations post exam Waked up to the tricks of exams Improved Chaos results in Exam subsequent trigger exams My students example falls into this shape Low expectation, that raised the bar to the top of the curve
  25. 25. Greed escalates. Taming the expectations of students tamed also their greed for even higher grades in future exams. Tomorrow’s Today’s expectationsexpectation Stabilizing Line s Of expectations Sensitive to minor changes
  26. 26. Tomorrow’s expectations arebased on todays resultsLower the results of today so thatyou may tame the results oftomorrow
  27. 27. We need to add the stability line This way we may manage change leaning upon the experiences we gained from trying to manage/mismanage inflation