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The question fixed versus variable prices lead to the generation of four creative selling ideas

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  • @Magdalena-Maria GROSU
    Thanks Magdalena for your lovely comment. Yes, deciding between alternatives may favor fixed or variable loans.
    I thank you for adding a great example to the presentation.
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  • When you need to take out a loan, whether it’s a home loan, car loan or personal loan, you have a choice between fixed-rate and variable-rate terms. Both types of interest rates can be beneficial depending on many factors, including your current financial situation, your comfort level with fluctuating rates and your credit score.
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  • @RodKing
    Rod, your comment leaves me speechless. I felt particularly bitter about two presentations that I expected them to receive more enthusiasm and discussions: this one and the more recent one on Influencers Reaching Ideas. Your comment compensated me more than I merit and turned the low Delight/Pain ratio to a one skewed very positively. I value your comment for it came in the right time and with great momentum of understanding as evidenced by your circulating it enthusiastically. I hope the presentation inspires you with many great ideas and achievements. Believe me, dear Rod, words are fleeing me.
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  • Ali, I cannot believe that I missed this presentation the first time you published it. The ideas and visual presentation are superb. I'm especially enthused because of the direct link between the concepts of Delight/Pain ratio and Benefit/Cost ratio. The logic and theory behind these ratios are very powerful. In addition, I like your extremely insightful concept of 'Fixed' vs. 'Variable' Benefits and Costs. When I go through books or slides, I usually focus on extracting big ideas. Surely, you have presented many great ideas. However, your notion of Fixed vs. Variable vs. Adaptive Benefits and Costs is certainly among the biggest that I've come across. This Fixed-Variable-Adaptive (FVA) notion could lead to endless creative ideas and disruptive business models that generate business growth. I intend to explore the FVA notion in my own work. Finally, given that I'm obtaining such great benefits at zero cost, my delight is infinite at little or no pain. I could go on and on. But, I'm resting my case for infinite value and infinite customer happiness. Once again, kudos for a great presentation that I'm currently sharing on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. More people ought to read and know about such great ideas. Have a wonderful day!
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  • @ah_livia
    Great, dear ah_livia. Yes, you bring a new perspective. Your great comment triggered the idea of Time Benift/Time Cost. Does the reader get benefit in multiples of the time he/she spent reading? Truly, you are amazing ah_livia
    It just happened I am awake as it is 2 after midnight here. I am preparing my briefcase for I am travelling with the family to Maramariz in Turkey tomorrow. Meanwhile, I published two hours ago a new presentation using my old style. Which one do you prefer?
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Fixed versus variable

  1. 1. creative selling ideas
  2. 2. Fixed prices versus variable prices Fixed policy versus variable policyFixed opinion versus variable opinion Which One Would You Choose?
  3. 3. Some coffee shops you order, pay and get seated
  4. 4. The cost comes before the benefit
  5. 5. The cost comes before the benefit This is a fixed policy
  6. 6. The customer divides the benefit over cost If the benefit is very minor it magnifies
  7. 7. We made sure the add triggers peopleemotionally and prompts them to act.
  8. 8. The ad resulted inimportant increase of sales
  9. 9. The company realized an infinite benefit
  10. 10. We won the trust of the international firm.
  11. 11. Not surprising we handle all thefirm’s promotional activities
  12. 12. That is to say desire is theprecursor to acting
  13. 13. The client get something at zero cost
  14. 14. By the time he pays for the ads the customer has already reaped the benefits.
  15. 15. A variation of this policy is to charge a fixed percentage of the bill and the remaining amount will be paid by theclient in parallel to the benefit he gets.
  16. 16. The only condition is that people have to state why they were unhappy or partially satisfied.
  17. 17. Result : complaints improvedservices and more than 90% of clients pay the bill in full
  18. 18. Go where the pain is magnifiedThe benefit will be greatly appreciated
  19. 19. One example is my idea to a pharmaceuticalcompany to put dispensing machines filledwith tablets for headaches at places where people need them the most
  20. 20. Big pain with cheap tabletsThe benefit is great
  21. 21. It is not fixedor variable as much as it isadaptation to the needs of customers