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Treat guests to your eHome as you would treat guests to your physical home

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  • @Beerli
    Sally, I want to thank you for enriching the discussion with your personal experience. I felt the bitterness in your words even though this hppened sometime ago.
    I fully agree that respect is a must at any time. Teachers, for example, should make students feel at home. That shall make great positive results.
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  • Yes, it is about building enduring relationships and that has to be founded on something worthwhile and good. For a while enduring relationships were bypassed but businesses have realised the folly of that. This is an analogy which works because it's about treating people with respect . The don't make assumptions is spot on. I've taken my business elsewhere with a car company because I was sent a very rude letter. Long story but bottom line? I bought my new car elsewhere and I won't be going back to the company which behaved so rudely and that after a service fiasco. Has never happened before and won't happen again. I feel like sending the offending company your slide presentation!! I am not surprised it's doing well.
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  • @kanelori
    Lori, thanks and thanks again
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  • Hi Ali, as I said on Twitter, I love this deck. I feel the same as Rod King does about it, and about you too. :-) Congratulations!
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  • There is no greater support to the title of this presentation than the comments of my great friends. These commentd care and share great passions. There is nothing I can add to them. They are great as they are. Dear @juaomaya you asked me what else you could add. My answer is you do not need to add passion to a cup that is full to the brim with passion.
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Care and share

  1. 1. Social networking with customers goesthrough consecutive phases Conclude Connect Attract
  2. 2. Blending the free phases will makeyour efforts futile
  3. 3. I thought of a metaphor to ease the understanding ofthe presentation Can you think of one before proceeding? ?
  4. 4. How about treating visitors asguests to your eHome (website, blogor whatever?
  5. 5. Treat guests of yourvirtual home as you would treat them in your “physical” home
  6. 6. Apply the same concepts to yourvirtual home guests
  7. 7. Physical Home Virtual HomeWarm Invitation Applicable ApplicableWarm Welcoming Applicable ApplicableShow them around Applicable ApplicablePlentiful Varieties Applicable ApplicableComfortable Bed Applicable Comfortable stayFrequent Nice Gestures Applicable Offer frequent gifts The best presents are those which come in small packagesFill their Time Applicable ApplicableProvide Homemade Physical articles Articles as posts andArticles the likeNever Give the Guest you Applicable Highly applicableInvited him to Benefitfrom Him
  8. 8. social-media-marketing-strategy.html Social media is ultimately about relationships. If you approach social media with sales as your end goal, your audience will notice and, most likely, you will be ignored.
  9. 9. How to make guest feel at home? It may seem like a challenge to make your guests feel at home, but the key is a little hospitality, a welcoming persona, and if you want, a few extra touches here and there to make your guests feel special. Here are our tips for being the perfect host for your overnight guests.
  10. 10. Beware of Assumptions
  11. 11. What Social Consumers Want From Brands (And What TheyActually Get From Marketers) [INFOGRAPHIC]Did you know that while more than three-quarters (76 percent) ofmarketers feel that they know what their consumers want, onlyabout one-third (34 percent) have actually asked
  12. 12. Remember All advertising actions need toresult in a positive conversationwith the customer. Else he/sheshall never show up again
  13. 13. Make sure the sentiments (notonly the short-term emotions)are right by measurementAgain, Don’t Assume
  14. 14. When sentiments are negative, trustis low and business with customersbecome difficult
  15. 15. A famous example is showing a Dell computer burning on the net. Sentiments became very negative Don’t make offers to angry customers. Neutralize their negativity first
  16. 16. A guest who leaves your home in a negative sentiment is unlikely to visit you again before comforting him/her Do the same to your dissatisfied virtual visitors
  17. 17. monitoring/sentiment-analysis/ Sentiment analysis means better targeted marketing, faster detection of opportunities and threats, brand-reputation protection, and the ultimate aim, profit. Profit realization Increased Targeted customer marketingengagement Brand boosting Uncovering of and protection opportunities
  18. 18. Social Media Marketing: Mind Your MannersIts true you will not find a list of dos anddonts when it comes to social mediamarketing, but you must mind your mannersin order for your efforts in social marketing tobe successful. Social mediamarketing is aboutinteraction, interaction createsrelationships and thoserelationships open up theopportunity for you to share information…