Ads dispersal


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This presentation uses the metaphor of plant seeds dispersal to disperse ads in emulative ways

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Ads dispersal

  1. 1. Ads Dispersal Ali Anani Phenomena Communications
  2. 2. Dispersal MetaphorDispersal may remind you of fruits andseeds dispersal
  3. 3. Plants Have a Goal Plants need to disperse their seeds to flourish
  4. 4. Emulation of PlantsCan we disperse ads theway plants disperse their seeds?
  5. 5. Plants Need a Structure to Serve their Goals The three-layered structure of seeds suggests to have a three- layered ads structure
  6. 6. Plants Disperse Using Different Hook Mechanisms By sticking the seeds to passing animals. The animals move away and in the process carry the seeds to different locations
  7. 7. Plants Have Hidden Agenda For example, the cashew has a sweet and juicy stem but a toxic seed, so monkeys eat the fleshy stem and discard the seed
  8. 8. Wind Carrying Seeds Light seeds or seeds with parachute like structure travel long distances to travel and flourish
  9. 9. Water Carrying Seeds Plants use water as well as a channel to disperse its seeds long distances away
  10. 10. Water Carrying Seeds-2Plants such as Pond Irisgrow in or nearfreshwater. The seed podsbreak open when theyripen. Those which fallinto the water float away.
  11. 11. Water Carrying Seeds-3Plants such as Pond Irisgrow in or nearfreshwater. The seed podsbreak open when theyripen. Those which fallinto the water float away.
  12. 12. Water Carrying Seeds-4Seeds have adaptedstructures to float onwater such as having afoamy structure, coatingthat keeps the seedsafloat and having lightfibrous structures
  13. 13. Seeds Explosion Fruits like balsam burst with a sudden jerk and disperse the seeds by an explosive mechanism
  14. 14. Wind Carrying Seeds-2 Some seeds spin like helicopters as theyfall from the tree, providing a longer time for dispersal by wind
  15. 15. Dispersing Ads Seeds Ads must have a goal to achieve. The structure of the ad and its channel of distribution determines the content of the ad
  16. 16. Hooks of Ads Readers have limited times. Therefore, successful ads will have to have excellent hooks to be noticed.
  17. 17. Hooks of Ads- 2 Curiosity hooks will keep eyes close to the ad
  18. 18. Hooks of Ads- 2 Interesting colors hooks will keep eyes close to the ad
  19. 19. Hooks of Ads- 3 Eye-catching hooks will keep eyes close to the ad
  20. 20. Hooks of Ads- 4 Use catching-expressions hook
  21. 21. Inverted Mouths and Funnels The best source of customers is customers Hook the readers of your ad so that you may get distribution through word of mouth and the inverted funnel
  22. 22. The New MediaIf you wish the wind to blow awaythe seeds of your ad, then make it light. Heavy ads with many megabytes will not have the proper structure for such media
  23. 23. Use Technology to Explode Your Ad You may make your ad explode to disperse its seed like popcorn erupts at high altitudes. This works as a hook and for ad distribution Images are better at hooking people than a well-written headline because images are easier to store and recall
  24. 24. The New Ad Channels Allow for Producing Foamed Images Like Foamed Seeds Sony Filming Foam in Miami
  25. 25. Social Media Social media is the new media for distributing ads through influencers and bridging agents. It is the wind that blows your seeds of ads if they have the proper structure
  26. 26. Chains Are No More Chains Twitter, Facebook, LinkedI n and many other winds are only a click away. These are the e-words-of- mouth.
  27. 27. Conclusion Seeds are your traffic lights to creative ads