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The pitch
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The pitch


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor

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  • 1. THE PITCH
  • 2. GENRE: HORROR  Horror films are designed to create strong emotions such as fear and dread from the audience. I’m very familiar with this feeling and I have watched many horror films over the years. Therefore I have chosen this genre for my project which is to create a film trailer and by incorporating my horror film knowledge so I would know the codes and connotations of a horror film.
  • 3. SUB GENRE  The sub genre I have associated my film trailer with is slasher horror. Many of the elements slasher horror includes such as the final girl will be included in my film trailer.
  • 4. NARRATIVE Equilibrium-8 year's ago Sidney and Charles Wells were murdered by an unknown killer, who has been stalking nine year old Skye Wells now 8 years later the unknown killer has escaped from jail.  Disequilibrium-The main protagonist learns from a close friend of hers that he has escaped and she is then paranoid and she believes that she is being followed by him.  New Equilibrium- This is when everything dramatically changes. Skye killed parents due to her mental issues. She ends up in a mental hospital and she imagines this whole situation. 
  • 6. TARGET AUDIENCE: PROFILE Gender: Both Male & Female  Age: 15-25   My target audience is 15-25, aimed at both male and female’s as they are more likely to relate the characters in my film trailer as they are roughly around the same age.
  • 7. CHARACTER PROFILE: MAIN PROTAGINST Skye is the main protagonist and she is played by Asma Khan who auditioned for the role last month. Asma Khan is currently 17 year’s old therefore she could relate to the teenage audience.
  • 8. Unkown character. The stalker will be shown in the film trailer but I want to keep my viewers guessing.
  • 9. Detective is played by Brian Medina, who is been in many plays.
  • 10. INSPIRATION  I have used some inspiration from some films as they can help me create my film trailer
  • 11. SOUND  I will be using both non diegetic and diegetic sounds.  But I will be using two instrumental music.
  • 12. CAMERA SHOTS AND USE  Establishing Shot- the beginning of the film trailer will show an establishing shot of the main protagonist's home for the audience to relate to the character.  Close Up’s- to show the characters facial expressions. I will be using a variety of close up shots.  Two Shot- used in the cafe scene which is where two people are in the shot.  Long shot- of the running scene and is used to show the surroundings.  Medium Shot- to show the dead body.  A variety of other shots will be used in my film trailer, but these are the main ones I’m focusing on
  • 13. COSTUMES AND MAKE- UP  Skye: Jeff Rendell's aka Stalker:  Dark Black Blazer  White Jeans  Shirt  Makeup:  The stalker will have a large scar on their chin, we will be using paint and makeup do this. Trench coat Dark Black Boots
  • 14. TEXT AND VOICEOVER  I will be using voiceover’s in my film trailer of which Skye and the killer speak:  “My life is somewhat ordinary now...”  “SKYE, SKYE, SKYE”(Whispers)  “He’s back”