Selling ppc and social media


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Selling ppc and social media

  1. 1. Selling PPC & Social Media June 29, 2011
  2. 2. Top PPC Platforms • Highest Search Volume, over 90% of clicks • Highest competition • Best display and retargeting network • Lower search volume than Adwords, but trying to hold on to their market (e.g., recently started allowing bidding on branded terms) • Generally less competitive than Adwords • Usually a supplement to an Adwords campaignWe always start with Google because of the tools and size of the network. Yahoo and Bing are added as budget permits.
  3. 3. Bidding on Keywords• The most common bidding option is Cost-per-click (CPC). CPC bids determine the amount youre willing to pay for each time someone clicks on your ad when it shows on Google, Bing/Yahoo.• Your actual costs will likely be less than the bids you choose. You usually end up paying less than the CPC amount you set.• In general, a higher CPC bid can allow your ad to show at a higher position on the page.
  4. 4. PPC Budget• Initially determining budget can be tricky. You will get questions like: – How much does it take to “own” my keywords? – How many searches are there for “keyword” x in my market? How much do they cost per click? – If I pay $4, will I always be in the first position.• Flip the conversation around to get a better understanding of expectations – How many customers do you need from this program? (Example: 10 new customers) – How many calls does it take to get a customer? (Example: I close 50% of calls) – That means you’ll need 20 calls. The average service business website converts at between 5% and 10%. You’ll need 200 clicks (assume 10%). – If you get a cost per click estimate of $4, then this customer would need an $800 budget
  5. 5. ExampleLead Generation Model for XYZ CoScenario $5 CPC $7 CPC $10 CPC1.5% Conversion $ 333.335% Conversion $ 100 $ 140 $ 2008% Conversion $ 63 $ 88 $ 12510% Conversion $ 50 $ 70 $ 10012.5% Conversion $ 40 $ 56 $ 80Budgets Based on Lead Volume $50 / lead $87.50 / lead $100 / lead 10 500 875 1000 20 1000 1750 2000 30 1500 2625 3000 40 2000 3500 4000 50 2500 4375 5000
  6. 6. Are Any of Your Clients Good Candidates for PPC?A small business with a low budget can certainly have success with PPC.Things to consider:• Are people searching on Google for products/services offered by your client? – Use Google keyword tool and traffic estimator. Run test on relevant keywords and find search volume and estimated costs• Just about any business can find targets on the Google Display Network – Ads are shown on targeted websites across the Google Display network – Not keyword driven – Can be used for branding – Can be used to “blast” a message (get the word out about a special event)
  7. 7. How Can a Small-Budget Business Compete?• Use keyword tool to find “long-tail” versions of relevant keywords; Example: – Keyword “mover” is highly competitive – find “long-tail” keywords like local mover, mover in 22181 (local zip code), mover in DC, tend to be less competitive/expensive.• Use the Google Display Network – Clicks are usually far less expensive than on Google Search – Target websites, audiences and topics across the Google Network – Ads can be text, image, video, or rich media format• Experiment with a remarketing campaign on Google Display Network – Visitors that leave your site without taking any action will see your ad on various sites as they navigate the web – prompts pre-qualified customers to keep your products/services in mind and return to your website when they’re ready to take action.
  8. 8. PPC Selling PointsLet your clients know that you offervery flexible PPC campaigns and:• Adwords Certified Analysts running campaigns• Your client identifies the goal (click or conversion). Our analysts are scored on meeting your goal• All data is reported in your dashboard – Total spend – Number of goals completed (web forms and phone calls) – Details about keywords – Notes from your analyst• If needed, you can provide call to action focused landing pages
  9. 9. Social Media PPC• Facebook PPC Ads are set to target people who “like” specific Facebook pages (not all FB pages are eligible for ad targeting)• Like traditional PPC, you set budget and max. CPC• Clicks send traffic to your Facebook page or website
  10. 10. Selling Social Media Packages• Many businesses want to get involved with social media but don’t have the time or expertise to run a campaign – let you clients know that you offer Social Media Services.• We will set up and manage a Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter• We write one blog post per week. Distribute it via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other RSS enabled services.• Find related articles and share on selected networks• For Twitter we look for potential prospects to build followers• Client can put Facebook, Twitter or other logo on their website to drive traffic to the page.• Facebook PPC campaign can also drive traffic to client’s Facebook page (or website).