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Published on|dia aims to strengthen market-driven collaboration between India and the rest of the world by lowering cultural and geographical barriers, building trust among the stakeholders and initiating a …|dia aims to strengthen market-driven collaboration between India and the rest of the world by lowering cultural and geographical barriers, building trust among the stakeholders and initiating a culture of exchange.

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 2. OVERVIEW Contents 01 02 03 04 05 06 Introduction Present Scenario The Big Idea The Execution Plan About Us Summary Vision ICT in India Network Value The Event Experience Contact Why hub.india? Mission Economic Scenario Steps Hub and Spokes Founders Goals Megatrend Methodology in a nut shell Stakeholders Crowdsourcing hub.india Summit Participants Prospective Speakers Potential Partners Potential Location
  • 3. 01 Introduction
  • 4. 01 INTRODUCTION The Vision By empowering it’s human potential and expanding international collaboration India will rise to become the world’s largest digital economy in 20 years.
  • 5. 01 INTRODUCTION The Mission To build a global community where leaders and professionals from all India-centric industry verticals discover, interact and advance their ideas towards business opportunities in the emerging digital world.
  • 6. 01 INTRODUCTION The Goal To provide an intellectual and innovative platform, which will bring people from around the world together focusing on inward and outward bound activities in India.
  • 7. 02 Present Scenario
  • 8. 02 PRESENT SCENARIO ICT in India India and the World FIRST level SECOND level THIRD level of operation of operation of operation Inward Indian Outward Activities Market Activities Efficiency Internationalization Re-integration & Cost-optimization & Localization • IT • Knowledge • BPO • Applications • KPO • Start-ups • R&D • Resources • R&D
  • 9. 02 PRESENT SCENARIO ICT in India Demographics 818 Mn Total Indian Population 250 Mn n Urban Population n Urban Literate Population Internet 205 Mn n Urban Computer Literates (Sept 2008, est.) Accessibility 85 Mn n Urban Active Internet Users (Sept 2008, est.) 42 Mn 568 Mn n Rural Population n Rural Literate Population n Rural Computer Literates 368 Mn (Sept 2008, est.) n Rural Active Internet Users 15.1 Mn (Sept 2008, est.) 3.3 Mn Source I-Cube 2008, e-Tech, IPLUE in Association with IAMAI, Internet in India.
  • 10. 02 PRESENT SCENARIO ICT in India Demographics II 3.1 Mn 17.9 Mn Internet users 23% 20% bend towards Youth 35% 41% 23% 27% 19% 12% 2001 2008 Source n School Going n College Going I-Cube 2008, e-Tech, IPLUE in Association n Young Adults n Senior Adults with IAMAI, Internet in India.
  • 11. 02 PRESENT SCENARIO ICT in India Demographics III 3.1 Mn 17.9 Mn 4% 8% Internet Access: 19% Different Premises 27% 33% 28% 44% 37% 2001 2008 Source n Cyber Cafe n Home/Other I-Cube 2008, e-Tech, IPLUE in Association n Office n School/College with IAMAI, Internet in India.
  • 12. 02 PRESENT SCENARIO ICT in India Demographics IV 9 Mn 50 Mn Internet 20% 30% Reachability 7% 15% 12% 21% 58% 37% 2001 2008 Source n Top 8 Metros n Other Metros I-Cube 2008, e-Tech, IPLUE in Association n 5-10 lakh towns n <500’000 towns with IAMAI, Internet in India.
  • 13. 02 PRESENT SCENARIO ICT in India The Rise of the Internet Growth of Internet in India • 55.5 million claimed users • 50% of population under 25 years • 1250 local language sites (2008) • Rise in online advertising: US$ 47.3 million (2007) to US$ 70.5 million (2008)
  • 14. 02 PRESENT SCENARIO ICT in India The Rise of the Internet II Internet Access Points • 36% growth of PC owners p.a. • 25% increase of internet subscribers p.a. • Primary Access Point: with Cyber Café, Home and Office • 300 million mobile phone subscribers in 2008 500 million expected by 2010 accessible on disparate devises
  • 15. 02 PRESENT SCENARIO ICT in India The Rise of the Internet III Internet Usage • 91% E-Mail • 76% General Information Search • 49% Educational Information Search • 46% Text Chat • 41% Online Gaming e-Commerce applications like Bill Payment, Ticket Booking etc… are gaining popularity
  • 16. 02 PRESENT SCENARIO Economic Scenario India and the World 7th Largest Economy Expected to become one of the top 3 in the next 20 years. Despite financial downturn, India will keep its high growth rate. Source I-Cube 2008, e-Tech, IPLUE in Association with IAMAI, Internet in India.
  • 17. 02 PRESENT SCENARIO Economic Scenario Comparative Country GDP Growth 2007 GDP Growth 2008 Expected GDP Growth 2009 Expected GDP Growth 2010 Growth Rates China 11.9 9.0 5.5 7.5 in Asia Hong Kong 6.4 3.0 (1.7) (0.4) India 9.0 6.6 5.3 7.5 Indonesia 6.3 5.8 2.2 3.1 Korea 5.0 3.5 (1.7) 0.7 Malaysia 6.3 5.3 (1.2) 0.6 Philippines 7.2 3.8 1.2 0.7 Singapore 7.7 2.0 (2.6) (1.3) Taiwan 5.7 1.9 (2.7) (1.2) Thailand 4.9 3.4 (1.4) 0.5 Vietnam 8.5 6.0 3.5 3.0 Source Eye on Asian Economies, CLSA Asia-Pacific Markets 1Q09 Eric Fishwick, December 2008
  • 18. 02 PRESENT SCENARIO Economic Scenario India and the Economic Meltdown Robust Growth Due to structural as well as cyclical factors India should still have a GDP growth in the future and will be the first major economy to recover the financial downturn.
  • 19. 02 PRESENT SCENARIO Economic Scenario India and the Economic Outlook Insulated Economy India still offers the only truly endogenous cycle in Asia. Its inward looking economy offers more insulation from an external slowdown than countries in the Pacific Rim and its more service driven economy should suffer a less extreme business cycle.
  • 20. 02 PRESENT SCENARIO Economic Scenario India and the Economic Outlook II IT Education Cities like Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai and Hyderabad have been literally transformed into IT cities. A new orientation in education had taken place in India – leading to its position as the country with most IT graduates worldwide.
  • 21. 02 PRESENT SCENARIO Megatrend Outsourcing to Crowdsourcing Crowdsourcing Crowdsourcing is the act of taking a job traditionally performed by a designated agent (usually an employee), and outsourcing it to an undefined, generally large group of people or community in the form of an open call. Jeff Howe, WIRED magazine, 2006
  • 22. 02 PRESENT SCENARIO Crowdsourcing: Case Study I Procter & Gamble What From R&D to C&D, Managing Across Borders Why Launched of a new line of printed Pringles with missing Technology Technologies RTC North (network of European scientists), Innocentive (crowdsource research networks), YourEncore (crowdsource research networks) Savings 40% of the company’s new innovations now come from outside P&G, 45% of the initiatives in product development portfolio have key elements that were discovered externally, R&D productivity increased by nearly 60%, innovation success rate have doubled, R&D investment as a percentage of sales is down from 4.8% in 2000 to 3.4% today.
  • 23. 02 PRESENT SCENARIO Crowdsourcing: Case Study II The Boeing Company What Preparing a model of the 787 Dreamliner, Boeing enlisted 100 of its suppliers to help design the plane Why In order to meet aggressive deadlines, stay within their tight budget, and meet their strict quality-control requirements, Boeing company has decided to let her suppliers design many of the product’s most critical components. Technologies Sophisticated Database Software, (shared plans online), Real Time Chatting, Accessing and Revising each other’s designs, Real-Time Simulations Savings Major assembly now takes place in about three days as opposed to two months (LEGO assembly), $70.9 revenue
  • 24. 02 PRESENT SCENARIO Crowdsourcing: Case Study III IBM What IBM deploys Web 2.0 collaborative solutions for a greener world Why Better collaboration and improved decision making for its employees and ability to realize cost savings and carbon emissions through green IT solutions Technologies IBM Lotus Sametime , IBM Lotus Notes and Domino, IBM WebSphere Portal, IBM Lotus Mashups , IBM Lotus Connections , IBM Lotus Quickr 8.1 Savings US$16 million per year in phone costs, US$97 million has been slashed from travel budgets, US$2.8 million in annual energy costs, leading data compression technologies reduce disk storage, network traffic, and backup costs
  • 25. 02 PRESENT SCENARIO Crowdsourcing: Other Case Studies Change in Business & Innovation Processes O’Reilly Media – Crowdsourcing in Sales reporting: - Readers were asked and incentivized to analyze and report the placement in their local bookstore. - O’Reilly saved the expense of sending professional market researchers from store to store. Chipotle Mexican Grill – Crowdsourcing in advertising: - Instead of creating TV-spots, the add budget of 50t USD was put up as prize money for the most popular home made video about the restaurant. - Chipotle received millions of USD of free advertisement and over 17.3ms hits on Myspace and Youtube within three weeks. Threadless – Crowdsourcing in product design and selection: - Customer participation in T-shirt design allows Threadless to serve the Long Tail with over 1000 different designs per week. - Every item is profitable as the company doesn’t pay any fixed expenses for the designers.
  • 26. 03 The Big Idea
  • 27. 03 THE BIG IDEA Network Value Innovation Creation through the platform Technology of an innovative place where A positive evolution in the revenues members can find, exchange of the platform means a positive and evolve new business ideas and influence in the investments in the processes platform for the community. This Content: will have a positive influence on the Investment Editorial quality of information generated Growth Driven Editorial: through the platform Users Driven Blog: information generated through the founders and future partners (bloggers, affiliates, boards) on experiences, case studies, best In a second step the platform will practices, market analysis, start produce premium services (target up presentations, interviews market analysis, connections to (text and videos). targeted networks, evaluation), Clicks/ROI: Summit: keynotes, workshops and generate money transactions for Ads Community results, panels, interviews on site, the community and itself harnessing Premiumship Growth newsletter the generated information Transactions User Generated: The growth in the community means Comments, profile database, a significant numbers of visits and presentation of start ups, user clicks on the the web site which generated solutions, summit related Through information density grows more data can be is an opportunity to generate revenue information, market analysis harnessed and spread through the platform and different attracting interesting ads for the database, case studies, experiences, channels (Xing, Linkedin, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter…) community (related to interest) contacts which attract more members
  • 28. 03 THE BIG IDEA Steps Bring People Together Build a Participative Platform Harness Crowd Data Share Best-Practices and Build Trust Create Market Transparency Market-driven Approach • Public Private Partnership • New Public Management Level Playing Fields Address the Long Tail • Outsourcing • Semantic Web
  • 29. 03 THE BIG IDEA Methodology in a nut shell Unconference An unconference is a conference where the content of the sessions are created and managed by the participants, generally day-to-day during the course of the event, rather than by one or more organizers in advance of the event”
  • 30. 03 THE BIG IDEA hub.india Summit An Innovative Platform Hub.india blends classic conference methodology with unconference session formats.
  • 31. 03 THE BIG IDEA hub.india Summit What the Summit offers you Individual participation in the Summit will create the following values: Validation of concepts and business ideas Meet new customers, partners and suppliers Contact community and improve communication Learning from first-hand experiences Build an India-centric global network Getting and staying on top of technological opportunities Creating and harnessing the community-information
  • 32. 03 THE BIG IDEA hub.india Summit Summit Participation Benefits Virtual Participant Physical Participant Follow and contribute through the Face-2-face networking with clients, hub.india platform suppliers and partners Creating and harnessing community First-hand experience and interaction information with leaders Creating and harnessing community information
  • 33. 03 THE BIG IDEA hub.india Summit What the Summit offers you hub.india not only facilitates the community, but also creates added-value by developing content from the summit sessions and participation of the community members. hub.india is currently designing value-creating partnership opportunties. Please contact hub.india for more information or to suggest your own partnership value offering.
  • 34. 04 The Execution Plan
  • 35. 04 THE EXECUTION PLAN The Event Experience • Keynote speeches • Panel discussions by internationally • Open stage talks acclaimed experts and community INFORMATION PARTICIPATION sessions EMPOWERMENT ENGAGEMENT • Networking activities • Problem-solving workshops • Cross-cultural • Entrepreneurial competition learning sessions in co-operation with local partners
  • 36. 04 THE EXECUTION PLAN Hub and Spokes ICT MARKETING hub.india Platform & HEALTHCARE Summit will launch with POLITICS a limited number of spokes & POLICY and more spokes will evolve. hub.india FINANCIAL COMMUNITY Spokes are influenced by user and community SERVICES & SUMMIT RETAIL interaction. ENTERTAINMENT TRAVEL & TOURISM EDUCATION
  • 37. 04 THE EXECUTION PLAN Hub and Spokes ICT Spokes will be looked at from MARKETING various contexts such as: • Addressing the Long Tail • Bottom of the Pyramid HEALTHCARE • Designing Identities POLITICS • Development Strategies & POLICY • Entrepreneurship hub.india • Infrastructure • Knowledge FINANCIAL COMMUNITY • Manufacturing SERVICES & SUMMIT • Mobile Devices RETAIL • Public Private Partnership • Regulation • Semantic Web ENTERTAINMENT • Security TRAVEL & TOURISM • Social Media EDUCATION • Sustainability
  • 38. 04 THE EXECUTION PLAN Stakeholders Meet the world’s innovative and influential decision makers in academia, business, government, and non-profit organizations. Representatives include Indian and International Top Management (CIO, CTO) of MNCs as well as freshly founded Start-ups from numerous industry verticals. Among the entrepreneurs we target business leaders and activists seeking the social impact.
  • 39. 04 THE EXECUTION PLAN Participants
  • 41. 04 THE EXECUTION PLAN Potential Partners Logo NASSCOM Logo IAMAI CII IBEF Logo TIES Logo HEADSTART Logo PROTO.IN and many more...
  • 42. 04 THE EXECUTION PLAN Potential Location 1st priority IIT Campus Mumbai 2nd priority ISB Campus Hyderabad 3rd priority IIM-B Campus Bangalore Criteria: Cost structure, Campus support, Infrastructure, Accessibility
  • 43. 05 About Us
  • 44. 05 ABOUT US | FOUNDERS Eric Ledergerber Education M.A. (final term) Marketing, Communication Services HSG, B.A. HSG Experience • Managed regions for the web2.0 sites and • Worked at several Indian Economic Summits • Executive Member of the Public Relations Committee of the University St. Gallen Student Association Residencies Facebook, and Xing (Eric Ashok Ledergerber)
  • 45. 05 ABOUT US | FOUNDERS Sébastien Lambercy Education M.A. Information, Media and Technology Management HSG, B.A. HSG Experience • Coached the International Design Thinking Course of the University of Stanford and the University of St. Gallen • President of the Parliament and President of the Script Commission of the University of St. Gallen Residencies Facebook, Linkedin, and Xing (Sebastien Lambercy), Twitter (slambercy)
  • 46. 05 ABOUT US | FOUNDERS Philip Sunil Urech Education B.A. (final term) International Affairs HSG Experience • Initiated the first Swiss daily video streaming show as Media Producer for Swisscontent • Founded the film production agency Wiseguys • Co-ordinated Hans Blix’s nuclear weapons-free world campaign at WFUNA Residencies Facebook, Linkedin, and Xing (Philip Urech), Twitter (philipurech)
  • 47. 06 Summary
  • 48. 06 SUMMARY Why hub.india? Creation of a community through the website Knowledge on digital technolgies and possible integration in businesses generated through the event - both for participants and the community following the event live (or later) on the internet Connection within the community Knowledge generated through community (articles, blogs etc…) and through connections