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This talk was presented at Marketing Kingdom, Zagreb, 15 March 2013.
#Kingdom13 - feedback and reactions.

Ideas on Social & Innovation Waves
Socia is whatever we want it to be. Some of the greatest marketing minds are even themselves at odds for how to tackle social... yet it's all quite simple. It has to be.
We also look at the history of innovation, from early water power and printing to the industrial revolution and now digital. The cycles of innovation has accelerated with this Fifth Wave - the digital evolution.

We also talk of the highly recommended book - Crossing the Chasm - from Geoffrey Moore, where companies can learn how to cross their own business canyons.. to translate their traditional businesses into more enduring C21st entities online.

Touching on changes in media too, from the reversal of the traditional broadcasting model to more consumer-held models, we now need to feed consumers branded and crucially unbranded stories, which they can use within their own networks and groups.

Other topics we need to engage more in for social include better attention to what consumers and audiences are already saying. Responsiveness will win the day with more demonstrable engagement from the winning brands being increasingly recognized the mainstream public. Social media will continue to be a fore-runner in customer care and service, even cross and up-selling too.

Revisiting some important fundamentals in marketing and management, this talk also engages C-suite level debate on issues and opportunities affecting the industries of advertising, digital and public relations, as they increasingly converge and messages become no longer tied to particular channels.

Overall talk length: 45mins, interactive.

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Marketing: Life & The Like Economy

  1. 1. Life and theLike EconomyBuilding Brands Dobro& Loving Consumers jutro@HubertGrealishMarketing Kingdom MPERA CONSULTINGZagreb, 15 March 2013 STRATEGIC MEDIA & MARKETING
  2. 2. “Social Media is like Some ideas on Socialteen sex, everybodywants it yet no one “Marketing is no longer aboutknows how. When the stuff that you make, butfinally happens, there’s about the stories you tell.”surprise it’s not better.” – Seth Godin- Overheard remarksretweeted by AvinashKausfik, Google’s analyticsevangelist “Future of online.. offline?” “What used to be cigarette “The minute news hits the wires, it breaks could turn into ‘social becomes a conversation. It’s just a media breaks’ as long as there is question of how high [the] volume [of] a clear signal and IT isn’t looking.” that conversation will become.” – Doug – David Armano Frisbie “New marketing is about “A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is – it is the relationships, not the what consumers tell each other it is.” – Scott Cook medium.” – Ben Grossman “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” – Albert Einstein.
  3. 3. Items I Like - Building Brands & Business Opinions matter Brand Paradigms Broadcast Reversal Opportunities for you? Find your Voice…!
  4. 4. Innovation Waves water power steam electricity petrochemicals digital networks textiles rail chemicals electronics software iron steel internal- aviation new media combustion Globalized engine communities 1785 1845 1900 1950 1990 2020 first wave second wave third wave fourth wave fifth wave Schumpeter’s waves accelerate
  5. 5. New Modern brand building …Brand Old NewParadigms Messages Static Conversations Dynamic Saying Doing Look & Feel Experience Posing Authenticity Simplicity Depth Touch points Engagement Audience Community Transactional Relationship Based Top-down Meaningful experience Referencing John Grant, The Brand Innovation Manifesto (2011/12)
  6. 6. Listen Good Know your customersEngage Me Share their interestsPersonally Consumer conversations are already taking place… Seek them out and join in. Not all content needs branding – think topically. Unbranded content has a role too.
  7. 7. ‘Crossing the (Digital) Chasm…’ How? Geoffrey Moore’s – Crossing the Chasm (book)
  8. 8. Digital spends up two thirds Study – E-consultancy Mar 2013
  9. 9. Social MediaEngagementIntensity and wayof using social mediadiffers greatlyper country.
  10. 10. Social Media is aplatformNot a solutionConversations already taking place ….Brand talked aboutanywhere, so join in.Lead don’t force.Changing how youcommunicate
  11. 11. How we ‘Think’ we decide  LOSS AVERSION – we avoid risk   MONEY ILLUSION - Loyalty has a value 2% People more motivated by fear of a pay cut is unfair, yet only a 2% rise in income loss than hope of a gain. where there’s been 4% inflation, is considered fair!  CONTROL – pick your numbers   REACTANCE – reverse psychology eg  DENOMINATION EFFECT - penny wise ‘warning’  ISSUES ANCHORING - Logic gets lost   POST-PURCHASE RATIONALISATION  People will overlook product problems to justify their purchase decision.   BANDWAGON EFFECT – Peer influence It’s time to engage mindsets not ‘demographics’
  12. 12. “Consumer demographicsBroadcast have overtakenReversal conventional branding efforts, redefining the media landscape.” Shift of power from publisher to public Consumers humanising media
  13. 13. People reactmost to people…Yet marketers still speak of ‘advertising’
  14. 14. So…Talk to me,Personally!Build your companyaround social
  15. 15. Know your customers and ‘their’Listen Good interestsEngage MeIn My world
  16. 16. Trust: Somewhat or CompletelyBrands dowell withword ofmouth…How to takeit Social? Source: The Nielsen Company. Global survey of over 25,000 consumers online across more than 50 markets.
  17. 17. Seek your Centurions… Take a Twitter 100 Find the influencers and connectors Give them a truthful and valuable message they can share Incentivize
  18. 18. ConsumersWant toEngage &Feedback…Ask them to.
  19. 19. Content.It’s YourStory  Intelligent Network - Reid Hoffman, LinkedIn  Set Values and Live by Them  Regularly update narratives  Keep talking… be responsive  Relax some rules
  20. 20. Brand  Corporations: Allow personalities to breath.Implications  Consumers: Activists react faster than Corps& Opps?  Small Biz: Never lost the human touch  It’s emotional: Make me laugh, make me cry!  Campaigns: Global campaigns act local  Word of Mouth: Feed it - fast  Intelligent Network Use: Best channel for you?  Curated Content: Such as @TATE!
  21. 21. Current  Mobile social – Instagram, Tumblr and esp Pinterest 41% of consumersHot Spots share branded content (35% Instagram)  Mobile (Search/Social media) 50+% of internet use via mobile device. Trend: 53+% keen to mobile purchase.  Live experience – Continued value in real brands activations at events.
  22. 22. Content.  Intelligent Network - what can you supply your company networks withIt’s Your to speak about on your behalf.Story  Regularly update narratives  Keep talking and testing. Finish what you start.  Relax certain rules. Develop brand personas. Be human.
  23. 23. Brand  Corporates: Allow personalities to breath.Implications  Consumers: Activists react faster than Corps.Beyond the  SMBs: Never lost the human touch.Likes!   Emotionally engage: Make me laugh, make me cry!  Campaigns: Global campaigns need to be tailored.  Word of Mouth: Best live feedback you’ll ever get.  Curated Content: Need for new media editors. And….  MOBILE  SHARING …
  24. 24.  Hubspot – think tank reportsUseful  Harvard Business Review – CaseSites… studies, expert opinion pieces, business &marketing insights.  Econsultancy – reports and trends MARKETING BUDGETS 2013 ReportIt’s all in hand…
  25. 25. Imati veliki vikend! Idemo @HubertGrealish socijalne!