Holden Dayoub Period 3 Police Officer


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Holden Dayoub Period 3 Police Officer

  1. 1. Law and Justice Career By: Holden Dayoub 3rd period Intro to Law and Justice 8/16/2012 Police OfficerImage from Microsoft Clipart
  2. 2. High School diploma required EducationSecondary EducationrecommendedTo get a degree in criminaljustice it takes a 4-year degreeMacon State College-http://www.maconstate.edu/Dalton State College-http://www.daltonstate.edu/Middle Georgia College-http://www.mgc.edu/
  3. 3. Police Training Training required to be • Must go to a police academy and a police officer graduate. Hours required • A total of 404 mandate training and to graduate the an additional 365 hours to graduate academy the Gwinnett Police academyImage From Microsoft Clipart
  4. 4. Police Academy Richmond County Academy Atlanta Police Academy Gwinnett Police Academy 21 years of age Must be a high school graduate of GED Valid Georgia Driver’s LicenseImage from Microsoft Clipart
  5. 5. Tasks Of A Officer Interviews Witnesses Respond to assualts Patrols Responds and the to 911 Calls domestic disputes Streets Investigate Criminal ActivityImage from Microsoft Clipart
  6. 6. Negatives Complaints Lots of being filed Paperwork against you Stressful and physically Long hours tiring Work shifts include weekendsImage from Microsoft Clipart
  7. 7. Characteristics Of a Officer Able to Wise Fit Handle Stress Problem- Cunning Solving Skills The most important I am able to feature in a deal with police officer stress and must be his/her pressure in tense ability to cope situations with pressureImage from Microsoft Word
  8. 8. Ladder For Promotion Police Experienced Sergeant Officer Officer • Must be on • Must be • Must be on the force for hired the force for 3 years at least 2 • Must pass years promotion testImage from Microsoft Clipart
  9. 9. To be promoted to the highest position which is Wages captain, you must have experience and must pass multiple promotion test. Experienced Entry Wage is Medium wage wage is $31,930 or is $37,290 or $45,770 or $15.35 $17.93 $22.01Image from Microsoft Clipart
  10. 10. Work hours Requires long 12 days for hours from 7 being out sick a.m. to 8 p.m. and 12 for off- days and work on weekends.Image from Microsoft clipart
  11. 11. Growth • The growth rate for Georgia Growth police officers is 8.6% Related • Crime Scene Careers Investigator/Detective/SheriffImage from Microsoft Clipart
  12. 12. Work CitedWorks Cited"Error Page." GenericError. Career Cruiser, n.d. Web.17 Aug. 2012.<https://www.careercruising.com/Careers/JobDetails.aspx?LoginID=ffaee71f-d036-4adf-a7bc-f725f5ae346d->.Goldfield, Jan. "How to Become a Police Officer inGeorgia." EHow. Demand Media, 16 July 2008. Web.16 Aug. 2012.<http://www.ehow.com/how_4441264_become-police-officer-georgia.html>."Gwinnett County, GA: Home." Gwinnett County, GA:Home. N.p., n.d. Web. 17 Aug. 2012.<http://www.gwinnettcounty.com/portal/gwinnett/Home>.
  13. 13. Summary Based upon my research of a Georgia policeofficer, I have conclude that I want to pursue a career. Ithink this because the fact of bringing justice to crimemakes me feel like I have contributed to the world inthe best way I can. I expect to get out of this career a good job witha decent income to support a family and start a life formyself. I do hope that because the growth rate is goodin Georgia that I can get a job doing this.