Cameron P and Katy B Crime Scene Investigator Period 7

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  • 1. Crime Scene Investigator Cameron & Katy Intro to Law & Justice 7th period Image from Microsoft Clip Art
  • 2. Years of college!!! Local Colleges Trainingschooling training schooling High 2 year 4 year school training college/ University Image from Smart art
  • 3. 408 hours of Basic Police Academy 6-12 weeks Image from Microsoft Smart Art
  • 4. Georgia Police Academy Law Enforcement Training Center North Central Georgia Law Enforcement Academy • At leas 18 • High • be free years old. school from any • No diploma physical, criminal emotional record or mental conditions Image from Microsoft Smart Art
  • 5. Things I like about The money this career ObservingThe science the crime scene Taking pictures Seems fun to solve the crime Image from Microsoft Smart Art
  • 6. Things I don’t think I will like about this job… Being on my GettingThe long hours. feet all the frustrated with time. the crime Arguing with Disturbing people crimes Image from Microsoft Smart Art
  • 7. My Skills My skills My skills My skills Love Love I think Science doing this job hand-on is right activities for meNeeded Skills Good observing communication Most important skill skills Observing…because you have to be able to Good note Sketch crimes taking observe the crime before you draw any type of conclusion. Analyze fingerprints and bloodstains Image from Microsoft Smart Art
  • 8. How to move up on to payscale (promotions) Depends on your boss Experience/ good at Master’s what you do degree Image from Microsoft Smart Art
  • 9. Money!!! Have a higher degree in this field.Be experienced Image from Microsoft Smart Art
  • 10. Travelno Long hours Image from Microsoft Smart Art
  • 11. Hand-in-Hand Careers Image from Microsoft Smart Art Forensic Scientists Police Officer Fire Investigator Growing!!! 16.9% 2018- 5,330 2008- 4,560
  • 12. Works Cited“Related Careers.” Career Cruising. US Department of Labor, n.d.Web 18 Aug 2012. < Details.aspx? LoginID=3dodal96.adof-4cb7-afce-f3d8d17f606-7"Earnings." Career Cruising. N.p., n.d. Web. 20 Aug. 2012.<>."Education and Training." Career Cruising. N.p., n.d. Web. 20Aug. 2012.<>."Job Description." Career Cruising. N.p., n.d. Web. 20 Aug. 2012.<>."Working Conditions." Career Cruising. N.p., n.d. Web. 20 Aug.2012.<>."Georgia Public Safety Training Center." Georgia Public SafetyTraining Center. GPSTC, n.d. Web. 21 Aug. 2012.<>.
  • 13. SummaryCameron’s Katy’s I would still like to I think I wouldpursue this career. I think rather be a different typethis is a good career for of investigator onlyme because I love science, because I don’t like goingand hands-on activities. I from place to place. Ithink this is a cool career would rather stay at aand hope to see it in my certain workplace, so Ifuture. know where I will be for most of the day.