CJK Generation Panels Coordination Review


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CJK Generation Panels Coordination Review

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CJK Generation Panels Coordination Review

  1. 1. CJK GP Coordination Review CDNC/CGP Shanghai Meeting Kenny Huang, Ph.D. 黃勝雄博士 Member, CDNC / CGP Member, Board of Directors, TWNIC huangksh@gmail.com 2014.May
  2. 2. Unified LGR for The Root Zone 2 Integration Panel X Generation Panel Z Generation Panel Unified LGR for the Root Zone Merge Y Generation Panel
  3. 3. CJK GP Proposal@ICANN48 3 Integration Panel C (Chinese) Generation Panel J (Japanese) Generation Panel K (Korean) Generation Panel CJK Generation Panel Highlights Transparency : open process Accountability : commitment & responsibility
  4. 4. ICANN/IP Proposal 4 Integration Panel C (Chinese) Generation Panel J (Japanese) Generation Panel K (Korean) Generation Panel CJK Coordination CommitteeHighlights Flexibility Invisible to the community Undetermined tasks and responsibility
  5. 5. Status Quo : Ad Hoc Model 5 Integration Panel C (Chinese) Generation Panel J (Japanese) Generation Panel K (Korean) Generation Panel Non-institutionalized Process
  6. 6. Variants Disposition Scenario 6 (Asmus Freytag, 2014.03.14)
  7. 7. CGP Current Tasks • defines which labels – are permissible for Traditional/Simplified Chinese scripts – have variants labels – work is almost done through reuse of CDNC tables / IANA IDN repository • assigns dispositions for variant labels – dispositions: • allocate • block – using new XML format for LGR – dispositions can be done via CDNC practices 7
  8. 8. Computation for Generating Variant Labels 8 Function Combination(Str) F <= first codepoint of Str SStr <= Substring of Str, without the first code point NSC <= {} If SStr is empty then for each V in (Variants of code point F) NSC = NSC set-union (the string with the code point V) End of Loop Else SubCom = Combination(SStr) For each V in (Variants of code point F) For each SC in SubCom NSC = NSC set-union (the string with the first code point V followed by the string SC) End of Loop End of Loop Endif Return NSC RFC3743
  9. 9. Housekeeping Code for Converting XML Label Generation Rules 9 while (!feof($file_handle)) { $line = fgets($file_handle); $arr=explode(";",$line); echo "&ltchar cp="".$arr[0].""&gt<br>"; echo "&ltvar cp="".$arr[1]."" disp="t-preferred" /&gt<br>"; if(count($arr)>2){ $var=$arr[2]; if(strstr($var,",U")) { $var2=explode(",U",$var); $v2size=count($var2); echo "&ltvar cp="".$var2[0]."" disp="block" /&gt<br>"; for($i=1;$i<$v2size;$i++){ echo "&ltvar cp="U".$var2[$i]."" disp="block" /&gt<br>"; } }else echo "&ltvar cp="".$var."" disp="block" /&gt<br>"; } echo "&lt/char&gt<br><br>"; } <char cp="U+3473(0)"> <var cp="U+3473(0)" disp="t-preferred" /> <var cp="U+3447(1,3) " disp="block" /> </char> <char cp="U+4337(0)"> <var cp="U+7D2C(1,3,9)" disp="t-preferred" /> <var cp="U+7D2C(1,3,9)" disp="block" /> <var cp="U+7EF8(1,3,4)" disp="block" /> <var cp="U+7DA2(1,3,4,8,9) " disp="block" /> </char> <char cp="U+43AC(0)"> <var cp="U+43B1(1,3)" disp="t-preferred" /> <var cp="U+43B1(1,3) " disp="block" /> </char> IANA IDN Repository t-preferred variant labels with block disposition
  10. 10. Overlap Chinese, Japanese, Korean • Integrated Root Zone LGR – single definition of variant – per-script disposition of variants • Variants may be allocatable in one script, blocked in another • LGR Mandatory – Chinese, Japanese, Korean Generation Panels need to coordinate on definition of variants – CGP, JGP, KGP proposals must not conflict • CJK overlap rules – Is RFC3743 good enough to manage CJK overlap ? – If not, what components are missing? – create rules on the fly or go back to IETF 10
  11. 11. 11《中日韓共同常用八百漢字表》 Case for CJK Overlap Language language preferred variants; variants dispositions SC u8001;u8002 block (rule1) TC u8001;u8002 block (rule1) JP u8001; none (rule2) KR 老 U8001 Integrate ? Integrated Root Zone Label Generation Rules Rejected Generation Panel F T
  12. 12. Potential Conflict Strategies 12 ID Strategy Pros Cons Rank 1 Adopt X Abandon Rcjk Permit X No label rule 2 Adopt X Intersection ∩ (Rcjk) Permit X Permit ∩(variants/disp) Rules changed (without CJK conflict) 3 Adopt X Union ∪(Rcjk) Permit X Permit ∪(variants/disp) Rules changed with CJK conflict 4 Abandon X and Rcjk No conflict Label not available CJK overlap C: rule Rc J : rule Rj K: rule Rk
  13. 13. Solve the Problem • CJK coordination – Inconsistent commitment – Conflict strategies discussion – ICANN intervention / facilitation? • Implement CGP plan as scheduled – Cross the bridge when coming to it ? 13
  14. 14. 14