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Turkey market report for mobile payment and NFC
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Turkey market report for mobile payment and NFC


these slides includes infromation collected from free web resources. I hope it will give you an insight regarding to the NFC and mobile payment potencial in Turkish market. we could expect Turkish …

these slides includes infromation collected from free web resources. I hope it will give you an insight regarding to the NFC and mobile payment potencial in Turkish market. we could expect Turkish Goverment will provide tax advantages for the mobile payment and NFC payments during 2011 and onwards

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  • 1. Turkey Market report for mobile payment and NFC Banks- operators and Legal constitutions which strongs theNFC business case in Turkey 23.05.2011 – Huseyin TUTER, htuter@yahoo.com
  • 2. Facts regarding to banking and mobile payment
    • Turkish banks already providing innovative solutions.- Integrated Banking with telecom services
    • It is obligatory for banks to pro vide secure access to the intnet banking. End one time used passwords are being delviered to endusers via sms messages during the authentication. Secure banking and telecom services already being integrated to meet the highest level of security standards in Turkey
    • Turkey has 46 billion of woring people.
      • 16-20 million of the working people are very rearly using the services related to the banking
      • 21 million people do have credit cards and 26% of all the payment done by credit cards in Turkey
    • It is expected during 2012 the mobile payment that has been done with mobile phones will reach up to 500 million TL (2 billion RNB)
      • Potencial customer for the mobile payment is people who do not want to use credit card and young people who do not have credit card yet.
      • 2 million electronic payment transaction done during last year. 40% of the transactions done for gaming 26% transactions done on social networks.
      • Mobile payment is expected to be grow 20% each month next year
    • Source: http://ekonomi.milliyet.com.tr/turkcell-mobil-cuzdani-ticari-kullanima-sunmayi-planliyor/ekonomi/sondakika/11.05.2010/1236494/default.htm
  • 3. Turkish banks already providing contactless payment solutions to the end users 1/2
    • Turkish banks already providing contactless payment solutions to the end users
    • A survey conducted by Visa Europe in the UK, Italy, Poland and Turkey in advance of the launch has found that 87% of iPhone users would be willing to attach an add-on to their phone in order to make mobile payments.
    • Source http://www.nearfieldcommunicationsworld.com/2011/01/31/35801/yapi-kredi-bank-and-turkcell-to-launch-nfc-payments-service-using-visa-iphone-add-on/
    • Garanti Bank pilot project: the contactless MasterCard PayPass credit card application is stored and enabled on the SIM card from G&D. The SIM card is linked to the NFC chip in the mobile device via the single wire protocol.Garanti Banks has over six million credit card customers in Turkey and back in summer 2006 implemented the MasterCard PayPass system based on contactless cards.
    • source: http://www.nfcnews.com/2008/01/17/g-d-to-supply-sim-cards-for-turkcell-and-garanti-bank-nfc-pilot-project ,
    • Bank Asya, Turkcell to deliver NFC payment solution for Turkish tolls: Turkish motorists will soon be able to pay for tolls via mobile phone thanks to Bank Asya and Turkcell, The new solution leverages Turkey’s exisiting toll solution, the KGS Card Pass system, as well as NFC-technology - however, customers are not required to have an NFC-enabled phone to use the system
    • Source: http:// www.nfcnews.com/2010/12/01/bank-asya-turkcell-to-deliver-nfc-payment-solution-for-turkish-tolls
    • The Avea SIMs will store a MasterCard PayPass application issued by Garanti. France-based smart card vendor Gemalto is providing the SIMs along with the flexible antenna product, called N-Flex. Subscribers wrap the antenna around their phone batteries. The product does not work in all phones. Avea said it was targeting 100,000 users the first year. Source http://www.nfctimes.com/news/turkcell-considering-contactless-m-payment-launch
    • c
  • 4. Turkish banks already providing contactless payment solutions to the end users 2/2 Necassary infrasturcture for NFC payments are already been complated . Turkey ‘s interbanking credit card center is already have the certificate for secure NFC service supplier which whole banking system in Turkey could benefit Source : http://www.zaman.com.tr/haber.do?haberno=1112609 Oytek Finance NFC Project : Oytek’s platform for supporting ID cards , e wallet, loyalty Access control applications is ready. Oytek is expecting NFC use cases will conquer most of the creadit card applications in close fututre. Source:http://www.abvizyonu.com/sirket-haberleri/oytekin-nfc-projesi.html Turkcell offers new mobile wallet service Turkcell: has introduced a new mobile wallet service based on NFC (Near Field Communication) technology. Named ‘Turkcell Cep-T Cuzdan,’ it enables customers with NFC-enabled mobile phones to turn their phones into a credit card, a toll pass card, or even a concert ticket.In order to benefit from this service, customers should subscribe to the service at Turkcell retail outlets and exchange their existing SIM card for an NFC-enabled one Source:http://wirelessfederation.com/news/74451-turkcell-offers-new-mobile-wallet-service-turkey/ Page
  • 5. Turkcell’s T10 external solution for providing NFC capability
    • Turkcell, Turkey’s largest mobile network operator, has already begun rolling out the new program, which will allow Cep-T Cüzdan subscribers to conduct contactless payments using Turkcell’s own branded T10 handset. OTI’s COPNI (Contactless Payment and NFC Insert) will be loaded onto each T10 phone to enable NFC functionality.
    • Source: http://www.nfcnews.com/2011/05/06/oti-turkcell-pilot-nfc-payments-in-turkey
    • NFC payments estimated to be around 30 million USD in year 2012
    • Every 1 of the 6 handset will be supporting NFC technology as of 2014
    • During 2012 payments done by handsets will be 500 million TL
  • 6. Goverment Focus - Turkish parlament tax council is also focusing on NFC payments Page Survey shows Mobil Yakın Ödememe ( NFC ) is getting more strategic importance at consumer base comparing to other mobile payment methods NFC is gaining importance Mobile payment methods   30% of the phones will be NFC enabled devices around the world as of 2012- accoding to the Turkish parlament tax council
  • 7. 1.4 billion mobile wallet users in year 2015 globally accoding to the Turkish parlament tax council Page Mobile wallet users Mobile finance services and transaction volume in different regions Africa and middle east Asia pasific India China and far east Eastern Europe Western Europe South america North america
  • 8. legal focus -TAX tax council report Summary of the report
    • Turkish parlament tax council is advising to motivate NFC and mobile payments in order to prevent tax leakage.
    • Report is stating with NFC and mobile payment 64 million GSM subscribers could be proceed transactions without credit card need.
    • Commodities and services will be offered with such new technologies will help to collect more tax and helps to prevent tax leakage.
    • It is high priority for goverment to deliver the legislations for operators to act as an intermediare for mobile payment and NFC. ( without need of creditcard billing to the customer invoice. Operators will work as financial instututions
    • Goverment will provide tax advantages for the mobile payment and NFC payments in the future