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Characteristics, processes, elements, different approaches of Assessment Center

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  • Assessment Center

    1. 1. Excellence through Culture, Talent, and Change Assessment Center How to select the right and to develop the best TALENT by Daisy Zheng & Dr. Hora Tjitra Hangzhou, November 2008
    2. 2. Excellence through Culture, Talent and Change • Tjitra & associates is a management consultancy founded by Dr. Tjitra with offices in Hangzhou and Hong Kong. Our work focuses on the CULTURE, TALENT and CHANGE. • In the last twelve years, Dr. Tjitra and his team have collected International project experiences at the global, regional and national level in the US, Europe and Asia with senior leaders from over forty countries. • A team of multilingual psychologist are dedicated to strive for excellence and provide tailor-made service solutions. We devote ourselves in ensuring sustainable business results by understanding the exact needs and situation of our clients. Assessment Center_Version 1.0/2008-12 2
    3. 3. Excellence through Culture, Talent and Change Agenda 1 Different Approaches in Talent Assessment 4 2 Characteristics, Processes and Elements of Assessment Center 8 3 About Us 13 Assessment Center_Version 1.0/2008-12 3
    4. 4. Excellence through Culture, Talent and Change Different approaches in Talent Assessment • Assessment Center is considered as one the selection and development tools with the highest validity, esp. in predicting the leadership quality and career success Assessment Center_Version 1.0/2008-12 4
    5. 5. Excellence through Culture, Talent and Change Human Resource Hiring Process Hiring Process Management Scheduling HR-Marketing Retrieval Assessment On-Boarding • Defining the staff • Building up an • Advertising the • Pre- • Contract needs of the image of the job position in assessment: negotiations company company via target talent phone interview several channels pool / market • Status report • Scheduling • Main recruitment • Organizing • Administrating assessment: • Contract resource incl. events for the applicant Interview, signing and on- budget, time, company data Assessment boarding etc. marketing systematically Center • Classifying the • Doing candidate • Checking online fields of activity relationship application management questionnaire Assessment Center_Version 1.0/2008-12 5
    6. 6. Excellence through Culture, Talent and Change High Potential Talent Development Process • Identifying key • Development of • Identifying • Evaluating the indicators for pre- assessment tools development process and screening roadmap including validity of each • Reviewing • Conducting channels, stage candidates’ working Assessment resources, and performance and Center methods • Collecting feedback bio profile and behavior • Identify key • Implementing changes of the • Selecting qualified strengths and action plan and participants candidates and challenges; continuously sending reviewing provide feedback assessment invitation letter Pre-Screening Development Assessment Evaluation & Invitation Program Management Development Program Assessment Center_Version 1.0/2008-12 6
    7. 7. Excellence through Culture, Talent and Change Application of Assessment Methods • Predictive validity of different selection tools: • Application of different methods: Training Predictiv Working Performance e Validity Performance Method China UK Cognitive ability test + Structured interview 0.63 (N=1255) (N=843) Cognitive ability test Cognitive ability test 0.56 + Work sample 0.60 Resume 86% 92% Work sample 0.54 Cognitive ability test 0.51 Work sample 50% 80% Structured interview 0.51 Unstructured Personality assessment 0.40 49% - interview Interview 0.35 Personal profile 0.35 Telephone 38% 61% Responsibility 0.31 Responsibility 0.31 interview Recommendation 0.26 Structured 37% 86% interview Education experience 0.20 Working experience 0.18 Cognitive ability 36% 72% tests Education experience 0.10 Personality assessment 24% 56% Handwriting 0.02 (Recruitment, retention and turnover. Annual survey report,CIPD, 2007) (Average validity of selection tools, Schmidt & Hunter, 1998) • No single method of selection is perfect. Assessment • More than one ability or competence is needed to achieve success. Center Assessment Center_Version 1.0/2008-12 7
    8. 8. Excellence through Culture, Talent and Change Assessment Center: Characteristics, Process, and Tools Assessment Center_Version 1.0/2008-12 8
    9. 9. Excellence through Culture, Talent and Change Assessment Center What is Assessment Center? • Assessment Center is a process that involves several managerial selection techniques. It is widely used as means of staff selection, promotion, and development. Why organizations like to use Assessment Center? • Assessment Center has been found successful at predicting long-term career success. • Candidate perceptions of Assessment Center exercises are highly job related, which enhances legal defensibility and organizational attractiveness. Different types of Assessment Center Selection Development • Objective: - Selection purpose Objective Discover talent Transform talent - Development purpose Feedback Limited and often Individual feedback & • Participant: & Follow-Up not include Development activity - Individual - single candidate for one specific position or Ownership Organization Participant development purpose of Result - Group - a group of candidate Selection decision Feedback & Personal together in one assessment event, Expected Result (pass/fail) development planning often with the purpose of high potential talent pool Phase / Stage End of a recruitment or Start of a learning process selection process Assessment Center_Version 1.0/2008-12 9
    10. 10. Excellence through Culture, Talent and Change Assessment Center process starts by having the right understanding of the critical success and fit factors • Understanding corporate culture • Analyzing job’s roles and responsibilities 1 • Identifying the right competence model • Exploring job success profile • Specifying assessment tools (develop eligible tools and materials if necessary) 2 • Identifying assessors (1 chairman + 1 psychologist + 1 administrator + * assessors) • Training for the assessors, role players, (and observers) • Conducting assessment center 3 • Assessor (+ observer) conference • The assessment center for selection - Deliver selection report 4 • The assessment center for development: - Deliver development report and feedback - Facilitate development action planning Assessment Center_Version 1.0/2008-12 10
    11. 11. Excellence through Culture, Talent and Change The application of multiple methods and different tools gives a better picture of the candidate • Teamwork, problem solving • Use “live” case with the focus on candidate’s executive thought and and decision making in the action, which is independent of the complex and dynamic situation cognitive ability/complexity Computer Based Simulation Business Simulation • Observe candidate’s behaviors relevant to work • Attempt to analyze a performance Psychometric person/group in terms of Interview Candidate(s) fundamental psychological • Have an in-depth Test characteristics, such as understanding of candidate’s ability or personality motivation profile Role Play Group Exercises • Candidate play the assigned • Candidates work together (in role usually in the one-to-one different forms) to make situation, which reflects more decisions about work-related interpersonal skills situations and scenarios Assessment Center_Version 1.0/2008-12 11
    12. 12. Excellence through Culture, Talent and Change Matrix of Qualification Requirements w ric ie te l In ica rv et th log at s om on ie r n rv io ul es ay io w ep o si te av c p st ch -d ch m in Pl is u us In eh Si us In sy D ro Te y e Ps ol P B B G R Integrity Individual traits Stress Tolerance Leadership Managerial skills People Development Problem Analysis Decision making skills Strategic Perspective Interpersonal Sensitivity Interpersonal skills Teamwork Work Motivation Motivational behaviors Commitment This type of activity is particularly well-suited to generating this behavior This type of activity normally elicits behavioral evidence of this criterion Assessment Center_Version 1.0/2008-12 12
    13. 13. Excellence through Culture, Talent and Change About Us Assessment Center_Version 1.0/2008-12 13
    14. 14. Excellence through Culture, Talent and Change Consultant Profile - Hora Tjitra, Ph.D. Professional Background Dr. Tjitra has performed international management consultancy, training, assessment, coaching and research in Asia and Europe. His working areas are focused on intercultural management as well as human resource, organizational and strategic development. Prior coming to China, he used to live and work in Germany for fourteen years and was responsible for the global diversity as well as Asian business and management development practices of leading HR consulting companies in Germany. In addition to his consulting works, he held a position as associate professor for applied psychology at the Zhejiang University (China). Education and Professional Qualification Dr.-Phil. in cross-cultural psychology and strategic management from the University of Regensburg (Germany) Dipl.-psych. in organizational behavior and HR management from the Technical University of Braunschweig (Germany) Certification in Hogan Assessment System (China/US), Strategic Management from McKinsey&Co (Italy/Germany) and HR Management from INSEAD (Singapore/ France) Executive Director and Senior Consultant Language and other qualification He is fluent in Indonesian, German, English, and can communicate in Chinese and • Intercultural Qualification, Training is a member of the International Academy for Intercultural Research and and Consulting International Association for Cross-Cultural Psychology. • Executive Assessment and Coaching • Talent Development and Management References / Sample Clients International project experiences for top and middle management at the global and • Strategic Change and Organizational national level in over ten countries in Europe and Asia. Development SAP, Saint-Gobain, Barco, Ameco Beijing, SCHOTT, Siemens, BASF, DHL, Telkom Indonesia, etc. Assessment Center_Version 1.0/2008-12 14
    15. 15. Excellence through Culture, Talent and Change Contact Address and Associates Hong Kong Office: Hangzhou Office: Success Commercial Building, 6/F, Room A Guangyin Plaza, Suite 812 245 - 251 Hennesy Road, Wanchai 42 Fengqi Road, Hangzhou 310010 HONG KONG P.R. CHINA Contact Person: Daisy Zheng 245-251 42 6 A Phone +86 571 8763 1203 812 Fax +86 571 8763 1210 Phone +852 2585 8064 Phone +86 571 8763 1203 Email: Fax +852 2802 1803 Fax +86 571 8763 1210 Assessment Center_Version 1.0/2008-12 15