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eResources - Partnering with Your Public Library (pt. 1)
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eResources - Partnering with Your Public Library (pt. 1)


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This is a time of great change in the publishing world. Four of the "big six" won't sell ebooks to libraries at all, and two have unsustainable models. So, Douglas County Libraries went their own …

This is a time of great change in the publishing world. Four of the "big six" won't sell ebooks to libraries at all, and two have unsustainable models. So, Douglas County Libraries went their own direction to find a way to purchase content that their patrons desire, while encouraging publishers to work with libraries. They have signed contracts with over a dozen publishers, and are working with many more. Learn more about the way they took control of their eContent, and provided new ways to discover and utilize this collection.

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  • Reader reviews – public or private.
  • Recommendations are made to you in 2 ways: Anonymized and Personalized. The anonymized recommendations are based on Most Popular, Highest Rated and personalized recommendations are based on your checkout history, holds list, saved searches and other lists that you might have in your account.
  • Display Name for when you are logged in and with your reviewsOpt-in to show recommendations
  • Search Search and it keeps history of your searches so you can use for future references when needed.
  • For the first time in over two decades, we are actually seeing a decline in the growth of circulation in almost all categories. The exception? Digital downloads.
  • Kindle still has the highest Hardware Marketshare though declining with the advent of the iPad and Nook. However, Amazon generates 58 percent of e-book sales, followed by Barnes & Noble’s 27 percent, Apple Inc. at 9 percent. Last month Bloomberg quoted a Goldman Sachs’ report that Amazon has 58% of e-book sales, Barnes & Noble 27%, Apple 9% and Borders 7%. Whatever the real number clearly Amazon remains the leading ebook vendor and its continuing refusal to support library lending locks libraries out of the most popular format from the vendor with the best title selection and the lowest prices.
  • Apps for simple browsing, checkout and Reading
  • Transcript

    • 1. eResources:Partnering With Your Public LibraryHutch TibbettsDigital Resources Librarian
    • 2. Catalog Integration
    • 3. Search results
    • 4. Search results: Facets
    • 5. Full Record Display
    • 6. Features: Holdings summary
    • 7. Features: Facets
    • 8. DCL VuFind Relevancy RankingImplementation
    • 9. Features: Seamless ratings
    • 10. List displaysWhenlogged in
    • 11. Reading History
    • 12. Customized Theme
    • 13. Holds Management
    • 14. Custom DCL Features
    • 15. Reviews
    • 16. Recommendation engine
    • 17. Recommendations
    • 18. Recommendations
    • 19. Go Deeper
    • 20. Bookcart Functionality
    • 21. Self Service Profile Management
    • 22. Saving Search History
    • 23. Materials Request/ILL
    • 24. VuFind as a Delivery System for eBooks
    • 25. DCL Trends in Print Circulation900000800000700000600000 2010 2011500000400000300000 Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
    • 26. DCL Trends in eBook Circulation 18000 16000 14000 12000 10000 2010 8000 2011 6000 4000 2000 0 Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
    • 27. eReader Marketshare 8% 8%8% Amazon 50% B&N Sony 26% Apple Others
    • 28. eBook challenges• Addressing issues• DCL eBook strategy
    • 29. DCL eBook Content Distribution Platform
    • 30. DCL eBook Content Distribution Platform
    • 31. Protection Schemes• No Usage Restrictions• Single Usage Restrictions• Adobe Content Server (ADEPT DRM)
    • 32. Administration of eContent• Adding eContent• Applying protection• Adding covers
    • 33. Overdrive Integration
    • 34. eBook checkout
    • 35. eBook checkout
    • 36. eBook checkout
    • 37. Freegal Integration
    • 38. Freegal Integration
    • 39. Freegal Integration
    • 40. Gale Integration
    • 41. 3M Integration
    • 42. 3M Integration
    • 43. 3M Integration
    • 44. Full Text Indexing
    • 45. FRBRizing
    • 46. My eContent Page
    • 47. Purchase Links
    • 48. VuFind Mobile Theme
    • 49. HTML5 Online Viewer
    • 50. DCL eReader App: iDCL Reader
    • 51. DCL eReader App in Action