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Kay Nou


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A slideshow illustrating the past, present, and future of the Hearts Together for Haiti Kay Nou project.

A slideshow illustrating the past, present, and future of the Hearts Together for Haiti Kay Nou project.

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  • Transcript

    • 1. Kay Nou After the Earthquake: Hope for another group of girls Espwa fè viv * Hope makes you live
    • 2. Prisca lost her family in the earthquake. She is at-risk of becoming a restavec.
    • 3. Restavec: a child who lives with another family, not as a foster child, but as their servant.
    • 4. Restavecs are either orphans, or come from extremely poor families that cannot afford to take care of them.
    • 5. Restavecs are up before dawn and go to bed after most of the children are asleep. They prepare the family meals, fetch water, clean the inside and outside of the house, do laundry, and empty bedpans, getting no pay for any of their activities.
    • 6. Restavecs are hungry, and are usually unable to attend school, or enjoy their childhood.
    • 7. RESTAVEC
    • 8. Haiti, 2009 (before the earthquake): about 225,000 children were restavecs
    • 9. Because of the increased number of orphans, the situation is expected to worsen.
    • 10. The situation is worse for females, who may otherwise have no other choice but prostitution.
    • 11. According to Pan-American Development Foundation, restavecs - mostly young girls - suffer sexual, psychological, and physical abuse while toiling away in hardship.
    • 12. They recommend educating the poor and expanding shelters for girls, who make up an estimated two-thirds of the restavec population.
    • 13. The Kay Nou (Our House) home for girls
    • 14. Charité, the house mother in Labadie, Haiti
    • 15. The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) recommends reuniting restavecs with their biological families whenever possible.
    • 16. We have also done this with a group of girls
    • 17. The girls at the Kay Nou house
    • 18. THE GOALS OF KAY NOU To provide another option for children who may otherwise be forced into the restavec system
    • 19. Provide a group of girls with the basic needs of shelter, clothing, nutrition, medical care and sanitation
    • 20. Allow opportunities for the girls to actively participate in the program through crafts and gardening.
    • 21. Support the emotional needs of the girls, and establish an arts and music therapy program.
    • 22. Give each child an opportunity to complete their education, ultimately allowing them to become self-sufficient, employed adults.
    • 23. Create the same opportunities for other children, as resources allow.
    • 24. The convent in Haiti, with whom we will collaborate, Soeurs de St. Jean Evangeliste
    • 25. Jumann & Jo Barbosa, the future house mother and father
    • 26. Angela at her First Communion, which she had requested
    • 27.