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Korona.POS Cloud Presentation


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An all-in-one system can engage with your customers help you retain existing ones plus accept PayPal, NFC, QR Codes, with traditional cash/credit/check at the point of sale.

An all-in-one system can engage with your customers help you retain existing ones plus accept PayPal, NFC, QR Codes, with traditional cash/credit/check at the point of sale.

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. © 2013 by COMBASE USA, Inc.
  • 2. Grow your business Optimize profits Expand competitiveness With KORONA.pos Cloud you can: GROW 2012 2013 2014 2015 © 2013 by COMBASE USA, Inc.
  • 4. ONE SYSTEM THREE SOLUTIONS SHOP | GASTRO | TICKET With a unified system, all areas of your business will actually work hand-in- hand to grow your overall revenue. © 2013 by COMBASE USA, Inc.
  • 5. CLOUD-BASED SCALE Easily add new terminals at any time, from anywhere. Unlimited number of products, users and other master data. UPGRADES Always use the latest version of the software. No additional fees or headache. AFFORDABLE Software as a service (SaaS) pricing model significantly reduces capital expenditure as well as creating flexible options for seasonal operations. Easy to set up and easy to use. No complex servers to manage or intensive training necessary. MANAGEABLE © 2013 by COMBASE USA, Inc.
  • 6. CLOUD-BASED CONVENIENT Get real- time reports and statistics on your business anywhere you need them- in the office, on the go, or at home. COMPETITIVE Relevant statistics that are easy to understand provide the insights you need to effectively manage your business. SECURE Storing your data in the cloud is safer than you may think. Professionally managed servers with multiple backups, not to mention a lot more processing power. Fully functional on and offline through locally installed and run terminals, that simply sync their data whenever the connection is available. RELIABLE © 2013 by COMBASE USA, Inc.
  • 7. REAL-TIME REPORTS With a customizable dashboard and real-time reporting, it's easy to keep track of business from anywhere, no matter how many locations or different units you want to compare. © 2013 by COMBASE USA, Inc.
  • 8. TAILORED Customized layouts that are tailored to your business equals more efficiency at the terminal, translating into happier customers and more successful employees. Create as many layouts as you need to suit all of your needs. © 2013 by COMBASE USA, Inc.
  • 9. TAILORED Tailor each terminal for its unique purpose, whether it be ticket sales, merchandise, food service or any combination thereof. Every terminal can be unique in form and function. © 2013 by COMBASE USA, Inc.
  • 10. SECURITY KORONA point of sale solutions come with several features that greatly increase the security of the system, which extend beyond the ability to assign detailed user permissions. These features, which range from manager insights to function control at the registers, can help reduce theft and fraud. © 2013 by COMBASE USA, Inc.
  • 11. INVENTORY Maintain optimum inventory levels with increased efficiency and accuracy. Improve your ordering process with integrated vendor orders and dispatch notifications. Keep track of inventory across multiple locations. © 2013 by COMBASE USA, Inc.
  • 12. TICKETING Create and print a variety of tickets and passes. Connect to industry leading printers or print right from your receipt printer. Flexible ticket pricing structures allow you to create the structure that best suits the needs of your event or organization. Supports a wide variety of input including magnetic stripe and RFID chips. © 2013 by COMBASE USA, Inc.
  • 13. ENTRY CONTROL KORONA.pos Cloud integrates with highly advanced access control systems, making it possible to assign permissions and completely monitor passage. Use advanced turnstiles or simple mobile devices to validate tickets and control entry. © 2013 by COMBASE USA, Inc.
  • 14. MOBILE Originally designed for ordering at the table in restaurants, now functions also as a great tool for line busting as well as many other uses. Utilize our mobile apps for iOS devices to extend the functionality of your table-top point of sale. © 2013 by COMBASE USA, Inc.
  • 15. PAYMENTS Integrated, secure and versatile. All integrated payment methods utilize end-to-end encryption and tokenization, keeping the point of sale from handling sensitive cardholder data and reducing the risk of a data security breach at the merchant level. Payment methods keep shifting and so do customer demands. Accept any type of payment and keep ahead of the competition. © 2013 by COMBASE USA, Inc.
  • 16. REACH & LOYALTY By integrating a social media marketing platform, such as Friendsbonus by COMBASE, with your POS, you can expand your reach, draw in new customers and make bigger fans of your current customers. © 2013 by COMBASE USA, Inc.
  • 17. EXCHANGE Built in interface to easily sync data with your favorite management systems, such as QuickBooks and SAP. © 2013 by COMBASE USA, Inc.
  • 18. VERSATILE • Museums • Stadiums • Zoos • Family Entertainment Centers • Theaters • Amusement parks • Convenience stores • General retail • Restaurants • Concessions • Cafes • And so much more... Handling multiple verticals in one solution makes the KORONA.pos Cloud a great solution for many venues. © 2013 by COMBASE USA, Inc. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Get in touch and ask if Korona can work in your desired vertical.
  • 19. COMBASE 18 Founded in Dresden, Germany 18 years ago. Began by providing custom software solutions. First POS software combined retail and hospitality. Ticketing was added later, forming a truly one of a kind solution. 45 45 + employees and still growing. With over 40% in a development role, there is still a very strong emphasis on innovation and continued development; a deeply embedded characteristic of the company culture. 6 Over 5000 installations in 6 countries in Europe and now available in the USA. Many customers from our founding days are with us still today. A Brief Bio © 2013 by COMBASE USA, Inc.
  • 20. KORONA.POS CLOUD Shop Gastro Ticket Versatile Secure Innovative Affordable Integrated Mobile Convenient Effective © 2013 by COMBASE USA, Inc.
  • 21. © 2013 by COMBASE USA, Inc. 718.723.0849 Capital Bankcard of New York Hiawatha Colbert