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PPT wiki uses in the LMC

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Taylor fox wiki

  1. 1. What is a wiki?  “A Wiki is a Website that you and a group of people you permit can create and edit as easily as typing plain text. Wikis are fantastic tools for collaborative writing. Each student and/or team of students can have their own page.”  http://www.schoollibraryjournal.com/article/CA6277799.html
  2. 2. Getting Started  Most Wiki sites are free although there are fees associated with addition features like exclusive environments, unlimited Wikis, and storage space.  Many Wikis are designed specifically for use in schools.  Anyone with an email account is able to set up or join a Wiki.  Wikis have a variety of privacy setting. Members need to be invited by the Wiki Organizer to participate or request permission to join.
  3. 3. School Library Wikis in Use  3RD graders in my Field Experience are currently setting up a Sports Trivia Wiki. Each group used World Book Online to research a different baseball team. After researching they came up with a trivia question to post onto the Wiki. The Wiki allows for students in the 4 different classrooms to share their information in one centralized location. Students will have access to different questions for each of the ten teams.  The home page of a Wiki can serve as an instructional page and pages can be added with additional topics.  The Wiki’s ability to hyperlink and embed also allows informational resources to become centralized. I hyperlinked World Book online to each team page allowing students direct access to the encyclopedia as they answer the trivia questions in their notebooks.  http://franklinbaseball.wikispaces.com Sharing Ideas:
  4. 4. School Library Wikis in Use  Wiki can be used for research projects. This Wiki was set up by middle school students from North Hampton School. Its purpose is to teach people about the crisis in Darfur and ways they can help spread awareness and promote peace. As well as provide information on how students at NHS are getting involved.  http://savedarfurnhs.wetpaint.com Research Projects:
  5. 5. School Library Wikis in Use  Wikis can be used for book discussions. This high school Wiki is used to manage Battle of the Books. There are pages for students to keep track of the books they have read, carry on discussions about BOB they are reading and make suggestion for BOB 2012.  http://2011bob.wikispaces.com/Book+suggestions+for+2012+Battl Book Discussions:
  6. 6. But Wikis Aren’t Just For Students……..  As a School Librarian you can use a Wiki as your Library Webpage. You can use them to help organize your library. Wikis allow YOU freedom to access and change information without waiting for a webmaster.  http://wellesleyhighschoollibrary.wikispaces.com/  http://wikisineducation.wetpaint.com/page/Middle+Schoolers+love They allow you to organize………..
  7. 7.  You can create a digital learning commons with the classroom teachers, keeping tabs on a collaborative project and discussing collaborative resources.  http://rhsalibrarylearningcommons.wikispaces.com/New+Books  http://wikisineducation.wetpaint.com/page/Teacher+Peer+Wikis They allow you to collaborate with classroom teachers…. But Wikis Aren’t Just For Students……..
  8. 8. But Wikis Aren’t Just For Students……..  Wikis are a place for school librarians to share information and activities they use in their LMC.  http://elementarylibraryroutines.wikispaces.com  http://teacherlibrarianwiki.pbworks.com/w/page/19823570/Front They allow the freedom to communicate with other School Librarians…….
  9. 9. Wiki Websites Wikis Designed for Education  http://www.wikispaces.com/content/for/teachers  http://wikisineducation.wetpaint. com/  http://pbworks.com/content/edu +overview General Wikis  http://www.wikicities.com  http://www.seedwiki.com  http://www.wiki.com
  10. 10. Recommended Readings  Molen, Kendra. "Wee Wikis: Implementing the Use of Wikis with Elementary Students." Library Media Connection 27.4 (2009): 57-58. Professional Development Collection. EBSCO. Web. 25 Mar. 2011.  Oatman, Eric. "Make Way for Wikis." School Library Journal. 1 Nov. 2005. Web. 25 Mar. 2011. http://www.schoollibraryjournal.com/article/CA6277799. html.  Ramig, Renee. “Online Tools for Research—Elementary and Middle School Style.” Multimedia & Internet @ Schools 17.5 (2010):15-17.  "TeachersFirst: Wiki Walk-Through." Teachers First. Web. 25 Mar. 2011.http://www.teachersfirst.com/content/wiki/
  11. 11. Works Cited  Oatman, Eric. "Make Way for Wikis." School Library Journal. 1 Nov. 2005. Web. 25 Mar. 2011. <http://www.schoollibraryjournal.com/article/CA627779 9.html>.