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  1. 1. Project work on Financial Management NTPC Prepared By:- Siddharth S. Kothari
  2. 2. NTPC Limited is the largest power generating company with 27,350 MW capacity as on March 31, 2008 of India. Its a public sector company, which was incorporated in the year 1975 to accelerate power development in the country as a wholly owned company of the Government of India. At present, Government of India holds 89.5% of the total equity shares of the company and the balance 10.5% is held by FIIs, Domestic Banks, Public and others. The company plans to double its capacity over the next five years and treble it by 2017. In addition to generation, NTPC also provides consultancy services to entities in the power domain.
  3. 3. Vision <ul><li>To be one of the world’s largest and best power utilities powering India’s growth </li></ul>
  4. 4. Core Values <ul><li>C ustomer focus </li></ul><ul><li>O rganizational pride </li></ul><ul><li>M utual respect and trust </li></ul><ul><li>I nitiative and speed </li></ul><ul><li>T otal quality </li></ul>
  5. 5. Sales Trend Analysis Sales Trend Analysis--73% 20% 18% 20%
  6. 6. Segment Wise Sales Ratio Generation--73% Others--78% 20% 16% 25% -2% 36% 35%
  7. 7. Cost Structure Analysis
  8. 8. Shareholding Pattern 2007
  9. 9. Cost Structure Analysis Fuel--6% Employee Renumeration--24% General,&Administrative & Expenses--0%
  10. 10. Fixed Assets Analysis 2006 2007
  11. 11. Investment Analysis 2007 2006
  12. 12. Working Capital Analysis Working Capital-308% 27% 90% 69%
  13. 13. Liquidity Ratio Current Ratio-93% Quick Ratio-98% Cash Ratio-2418% Current Assets is increasing at 68% Current Liability is decreasing at 13%
  14. 14. Leverage Ratio Quick Ratio-15% Debt Ratio--8% Capital Employed to Networth-25% Capital Employed is increasing at 43% Net Worth is increasing at 37%
  15. 15. Activity Ratio Working Capital Turnover--58% Fixed Assets Turnover-17% Current Assets Turnover Ratio-3% Total Assets Turnover Ratio-13% Net Assets Turnover Ratio-2% Capital Employed is increasing at 43% Net Worth is increasing at 37%
  16. 16. Activity Ratio Inventory Turnover Ratio-20% Debts Turnover--35% Sales is increasing at 73% Debtors is increasing at 167%
  17. 17. Activity Ratio Collection Period-55% Days of Inventory Holding--16% Inventory Turnover Ratio-20% Debts Turnover--35%
  18. 18. Profitability Ratio Gross Profit Margin--38% Net Profit Margin--25% Operating Expense Ratio--8% Cost of Goods Sold--7% Gross Profit & Net Profit is increasing at-8% & 30% Operating Expense is increasing at 32% Sales in increasing at 73%
  19. 19. Profitability Ratio Return On Investment--36% Return on Total Assets--29% Return on Net Assets--35% Return on Euity--5% Capital Employed is increasing at 43% Investment, Net Assets, Total Assets is increasing at 43%,178% & 43% resp. Net Worth is increasing at 37%
  20. 20. Profitability Ratio Earning Per Share-24% Dividend Per Share---57% Dividend Payout Ratio--65% PAT is increasing at 225%. Company is retaining profit
  21. 21. Profitability Ratio Earning Yield--25% Dividend Yield--67%
  22. 22. THANK YOU