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Socks washer

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Portfolio idea 7_Socks washer

  1. 1. PROBLEM FRAMING To create a sock rack holder for users to provide them with a proper place to keep their socks and air dry their socks.
  2. 2. PRE-SURVEY
  3. 3. PURPOSE To understand how do the users handle their socks after wearing them. To find out if the features of the product will be attractive to the users. To find out if there is any other features that the users hope to have.
  4. 4. PRE-SURVEY (1)
  5. 5. PRE-SURVEY (2)
  6. 6. PRE-SURVEY (3)
  7. 7. PRE-SURVEY (4)
  8. 8. PRE-SURVEY (5)
  9. 9. PRE-SURVEY (6) Suggestions given: able to wash socks quickly. able to wash and dry the socks. Special compartment for keeping of socks. Clips for holding onto socks.
  10. 10. CONCLUSION DRAWN Most of the users surveyed washed their socks immediately after usage. Potential users will prefer a product that helps them to wash and dry the socks fast. Similar or related products are not available in the market other than a peg handle.
  12. 12. LIMITATIONS OF THE WASHINGMACHINE Mainly used to wash large amount of laundry. (will wash water if washing just a pair of socks.) Bulky, so not movable. Requires to separate clothes of different set of colours to different colour groupings. (prevent colour stains) Requires user to set the timing, washing action, temperature. (troublesome if users does not know the proper settings for different types of clothes.) Requires a suitable type of detergent for the washing machine.
  13. 13. DESIGN FOCUSUsers Product Convenient and easy  To overcome the for them to move limitations of a around and use it. washing machine. Do not need them to  Being convincing to remember procedures people as to why they before washing socks. will buy this product rather than using a washing machine.
  14. 14. TIPS TO WASH SOCKS (1)  Wash the socks together. (socks clips or bag)  Wash socks in warm or cold water (read label before washing as warm water can also spoil its stretch.)  Gentle wash to maintain elasticity. (soak socks in water and detergent for 10 minutes or go for machine wash.)  Avoid using brush to clean the socks.  Let socks air dry.http://www.boldsky.com/home-n-garden/improvement/2011/wash-maintain-socks-elasticity-291111.html
  15. 15. TIPS TO WASH SOCKS (2)  Use hands to gently wash the socks and maintain the fabric. (remove stains using some clothing bar or soap and rub the stains.)  Mild detergent to soak the socks. (makes it easy to wash them and get rid of stains.)  Never bleach the socks. (use fabric softener or else add few drops of white vinegar to maintain the quality of the fabric and keep them soft.)  Add baking soda or ammonia in water and rinse the socks. (kills the bacteria and removes dirt stains easily.)http://www.boldsky.com/home-n-garden/improvement/2011/wash-maintain-socks-elasticity-291111.html
  17. 17. DESIGN CONSIDERATIONS Does not require users to do any other actions than to put the socks into the machine or filling in the water. Easy to use (compared to using a washing machine) Able to help users to maintain the quality of the socks as long as possible after continuous washing (overcoming disadvantages of washing machine)
  18. 18. FOCUS FOR THE SOCKS WASHER Quick washing of socks. Remove bacteria and dirt. Maintaining the quality of the socks.
  19. 19. CHOOSING THE TIPS THAT CAN BEUSED Wash the socks together. (socks clips or bag) Use hands to gently wash the socks and maintain the fabric. Add baking soda or ammonia in water and rinse the socks. (kills the bacteria and removes dirt stains easily.) Let socks air dry.
  21. 21. IDEATION
  22. 22. IDEATION CONSIDERATIONS Users have to be able to detach the container to add in the water and also clear away the water. Users also be able to change the parts of it easily if there is something that is spoilt. Users do not need to keep watch over the machine.
  23. 23. CONCEPTUAL DRAWINGS Retractable sock holder stem. (up and down) Socks clips Removable container that contains the water used for washing.
  24. 24. CONCEPTUAL DRAWINGS Retractable sock holder stem “grows” when drying the socks.
  25. 25. LIMITATIONS OF CURRENT DESIGN Socks might drop into the water container if the clips’ grip are weakened. Socks will not dry fast as the water vapour that are evaporated will be absorbed by the socks again.
  26. 26. REFINED CONCEPTUAL DRAWINGS Movable sock holder stem. (rotates due to pole inside acting as ball bearing.) Socks clips Removable container that contains the water used for washing. (removes by sliding the container out)
  27. 27. REFINED CONCEPTUAL DRAWINGS Movable sock holder stem. (rotates due to pole inside acting as ball bearing.) Socks clips (seperated to each side to give socks more space to air dry. Removable tray to collect the water that was dripped from the socks.
  28. 28. REFINEMENTS TO THE CONCEPT Socks will be dried onto a removable tray instead of above the container. (chances of socks getting wet due to dropping is minimized) Opening up the space of hanging the socks so that the socks can be air dried faster.
  29. 29. IDEAS TO CONTAIN THE SOCKSContainers with pores Socks Clip
  30. 30. EVALUATION OF BOTHContainers with pores Socks clipEffective for washing socks. Effective for airing socks.(socks won’t run about when they (clipped and aired in open space)are in the container.)Cannot be clipped onto the stem. Can be clipped onto the stem due(weight) to it being light.Containers with pores will be placed inside the containers so thatthe socks will be lowered into the containers and washed while stillbeing clipped by the socks clips.Socks clips will be placed on the stem as it can clip onto the sockseffectively when it is being air dried.
  31. 31. FINAL LOOK
  32. 32. STEP 1 User needs to fill the container up with warm water (with/without baking soda) Slide the container out.
  33. 33. STEP 2 User hangs the socks Socks clips
  34. 34. STEP 3 User starts the machine Turn on the switch
  35. 35. STEP 4 Machine washes the socks (stem will retract down) Socks will be placed in the containers with it still clipped to the clips Water will be moving in a circular direction at a soft speed to wash the socks (using baking soda will be even more effective at removing dirt)
  36. 36. STEP 5 Socks will be air dried after washing for 10 mins Stem will turn the clips over and the clips will be separated to one side each to give space for socks to air dry. Detachable tray to collect water.
  37. 37. PROS AND CONSPros ConsHassle-free Catered to socks only.Fast wash. Some users might still prefer washing machineUsers do not need to always take Runs on power. (if certain partscare of it (just need to add water spoil then its not usable)or pour away water.)Users can just wash their sockswhenever they want.Easily replacable components.(containers, socks clips.)