DHL Logistics - Enterprise Architecture


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DHL Logistics EA presented to the Leading Edge Forum

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DHL Logistics - Enterprise Architecture

  1. 1. LEF - Developing a Strategic Business/IT Architecture An Engagement Model for Enterprise Architecture Harry Strover, Director of Enterprise Architecture London, 19th November 2008
  2. 2. The scope of enterprise architecture Area Objectives Deliverables  Develop an Architecture Framework  High level business process, information, Architecture covering business & IT architecture IT product / domain & technology Framework &  Recommend adoption of enabling architectures Deliverables technologies  Guidelines, principles, policies &  Govern and share models standards  Communicate & educate  Architecture knowledge repository  Provide skills, tools and methods to  Project architecture scope Business enable business transformation  Target business operating models / Transformation projects to be successful architectures Enablement  Evolve existing portfolio of installed  Application architectures applications and products towards  Applicable principles, policies & strategic architecture targets standards  Governance for key / major projects to  Sign off / reviews of project Project reduce risk, increase flexibility and architectures Engagement minimize long term total cost of  Additional components of the ownership Architecture Framework  Other (as required by individual project)  Ensure that the IT Product Catalogue, Domain Strategy & Planning Committee Architecture IT Service Catalogue and the installed  Consolidated view of IT product Governance application portfolio are governed by roadmaps architecture policies, standards, and Architecture Forum principles  Approval for IT products & services DHL | November 2008 Page 2
  3. 3. Enterprise architecture’s position in the operating model Manage the Develop Products Sell to the Customer Deliver Solution Operate Solution Business and Services IT Strategy IT Account Management ÌT Project Support & Control Enterprise Architecture IT Product Catalogue IT Business IT Process & IT Project Delivery Development IT Business Processes Quality Mgmt. IT Product Removal IT Product IT Product Creation/ Enhancement Implementation IT Service Continual IT Service Operation Improvement IT Service IT Service Catalogue IT Service Transition Design IT Risk & Continuity Management IT Security Management IT Marketing & Communications IT HR Management IT Finance & Controlling DHL | November 2008 Page 3
  4. 4. Thank You! DHL | November 2008 Page 4
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  6. 6. Overview ●Enterprise Architecture practices should aim to ensure that the nature and timing of their involvement with other business and IT disciplines provides the greatest opportunity for success. ●Harry Strover proposes an Operating Model in which Enterprise Architects focus on proactive engagement in the development of new capabilities, seeking to make projects successful while simultaneously guiding the overall architecture of the enterprise. DHL | November 2008 Page 6
  7. 7. DHL Overview DHL’s parent company Deutsche Post World Net is the world’s leading logistics group. With revenues of more than €63 billion and 500,000 employees in more than 220 countries and territories it is one of the biggest employers worldwide.  Largest Courier and Express provider in  8 million customers Europe, Asia Pacific and Middle East /Africa  36 Hubs and 4,700 bases  Top 3 worldwide  350 aircraft, 72,000 vehicles  World’s No.1 in Warehousing, Distribution &  59 countries and territories Contract Logistics  2,500 logistics centers, warehouses, terminals DHL LOGISTICS  23million m2 storage capacity  World’s No.1 in Air and Ocean Freight  150 countries and territories  813 terminals & warehouses  4.4million t Air; 2.8miliion TEU Ocean  Europe’s No. 2 in Road Freight  30 countries and territories  160 terminals  2million full truck load movements  Cross-border solutions for business  Largest worldwide network for Mail mail, publication distribution, direct marketing and merchandise Distribution DHL | November 2008 Page 7
  8. 8. Why have an Architecture? Objective Deliver a well structured and integrated enterprise architecture landscape that reduces business complexity and increases flexibility of IT to support the achievement of division's business goals Scope Global - across all sectors and business units Description • Manage a comprehensive and rigorous integrated enterprise architecture to describe the current and/or future structure and behavior of DHL’s processes, information, applications, and technology, in order that these resources and knowledge align with the organization's core goals and strategic direction. • Rationalize the installed inventory of IT Products, IT Services and other applications and technology in order to optimize the total cost of ownership of IT within the organization. DHL | November 2008 Page 8
  9. 9. The Enterprise Architecture Framework is a classification tool for the definition, governance and control of key principles, policies, standards, service levels and models that describe the enterprise's current state and roadmaps towards future states. Market Represents business vision, operational goals, market and competitive drivers, Market commercial relationships that define architectural principles and shape architectural roadmap Business Business Structures requirements and practices within organizational, process, and information management architectural areas Commercialized IT Products & Commericalized IT Products and Services aligned to business operations and managed by domain Services IT Products and Services Enabling Technology focus areas where DHL is deciding its own destiny and actively controlling Technologies architecture, engineering, and to varying degrees, the operation of the infrastructure Technologies Technology Services Enabling Utility Technology focus areas describing infrastructure that is usually supplier-managed & Technologies Technologies more commodity in nature. While control is retained and still critical to business Utility continuity, there may be less detailed specification of how a service is to be implemented. Corresponding infrastructure may be managed exclusively through SLAs DHL | November 2008 Page 9
  10. 10. DHL Logistics Enterprise Architecture Framework Level 2 View Geographical Logistics Solutions Trading Party Brand Architecture Market Sector / Solution Products Industry Sets Solutions Organization Architecture Business Process Architecture Business Information Architecture Business Process Process Business Capability Organization Decomposition Flows Services IT Product Catalogue Commercialized Management Management IT Products & Information Support Network Operations Customer Global Logistics Services Security Service Management Functions Management Solutions Composite IT Service Catalogue Information Services Application Technologies Identity & Technology Services Enabling Process Technology Lifecycle Access Mgmt Services Data Integration Content Portal Mgmt Services Services Search Services Services Services Mgmt Services Technologies Desktop & Collaboration Network & Infrastructure Shared Utility Hosting Services Technologies Communications DHL | November 2008 Page 10
  11. 11. DHL Logistics Enterprise Architecture Framework Level 3 View Business Geographical Logistics Solutions Catalogue Trading Party Brand Information Service Architecture Relationship Security Products Solution Sets Sector / Industry Solutions DHL Market Management Site / Location Country A`ir I2M Healthcare/Life Tech/Aero Customer Supplier Contact DHL Exel DHL Global Exel User Supply Chain Forwarding Region Trade Lane Ocean SPL Consumer/ Engineering/ Competitor Partner Organization DPWN Data & Warehousing ISC / CPM Retail/Fashion Manufact/Auto Reg. Authority DHL Freight DHL Express Information Organization Architecture Business Process Architecture Business Business Capability Organization Information Process Decomposition Process Business Architecture Skills BUs Manage the Biz Sell to Cust Flows Services Order-to-Cash Definitions Business Experience Functions Define Products Operate Taxonomy Support the Enterprise Procure-to-Pay Orchestrations Resources Roles/ Info Management (e.g. Human) Responsibilities Strategy Applications & System IT Service IT Product Catalogue Development Management Business Customer Commercialized IT Products & Information Management Support Functions Network Operations Customer Mgmt Global Logistics Solutions Services Business Intelligence HR IT Air PU&D Sales Cust Mgmt Suite Cust Trans Sols Value Add Sols Portals & Collaboration Corporate Finance & Ocean Carrier Prcmt Marketing Service Centre Materials Mgt Master Data Management Communications Controlling Road Compliance Visibility & Event Integration Mgt Customer Information Mgt Procurement X-dock Ntwrk Plg/Op Management Solutions IT Security Management Composite IT Service Catalogue Process Data Services Integration Information Services Portal Identity&Access Technology Application Technology Services Services Services Management Management Lifecycle Analysis/Reporting Search Content Services Mgmt Services Security Technologies Services Technology Services Bus Process Integration User ID & Access Identity Disaster Infrastructure Enabling Deployment Data Access Document Web Content Registry/ Management Backbone Interface Management Management Recovery Search Broker Management Management Repository Monitoring Data Storage Business Rules B2B Doc Workflow Compliance Integration Physical Role Utilization Requiremnts Mgmt Data Mgmt Integration Search Engine Components Realization Management Billing Business Events Print Output Assemble Master Data Mgmt ETL eLearning Administration Interaction Federation Mgmt Management Test Geographical Info Access Mgmt Service Desk Network & Communications Hosting Infrastructure Security Technologies Desktop & Collaboration Technologies Implementation Shared Services User Devices Email Groupware Network Services Internet Gateway Voice Platforms Data Backup / Utility Application Server Desktop Desktop Directory Portal MAN/WAN Remote B to B Extranet Services Wintel Servers Centre Recovery Security Access Service Toolsets Services Collaboration LAN Wireless & RF Fixed Midrange Servers Storage DBMS Network Blackberry Services System Toolsets User Productivity Video Conference VPN Mobile Mainframe Security Perimeter Devices Format Key DHL | November 2008 Example Page 11